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Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


  • BBFC PG Extended DVD
  • German Extended DVD
Release: Dec 20, 2009 - Author: Bravia - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut English DVD by Warner Home Video (BBFC PG) has been compared to the uncensored German DVD by Warner Home Video (FSK 12).

Runtime of the Uncut Exten. Version: 148:50 Min (with credits)
Runtime of the UK Extended Version: 148:24 Min (with credits)

14 cuts = 26,52 Sec
The opening scene in the tortue chamber in Jerusalem misses the shots of a screaming man, as well as the entire subplot that deals with him getting prepared by force to get his right hand cut off.
13,52 Sec

As the Sheriff of Nottingham takes his cousin's life with a sword, the shot of the penetrating blade has been removed.
0,64 Sec

During the mass execution, all shots of Little John's son, who is hanging from the gallows while Robin of Locksley is trying to free him from the cord with his bow, have been removed.

  • 2:07:57,20 / 1,16 Sec
  • 2:07:59,40 / 0,96 Sec
  • 2:08:05,00 / 0,76 Sec
  • 2:08:09,08 / 1,00 Sec
  • 2:08:13,48 / 0,44 Sec
  • 2:08:16,48 / 0,56 Sec
  • 2:08:18,08 / 1,08 Sec
  • 2:08:20,28 / 0,60 Sec

After the boy was saved, the executioner frantically tries to carry out the other sentences and kicks away the pedestals the people are standing on. This isn't shown in the English version, as well.
1,48 Sec

A subsequent view showing a man and a woman danglingly grasping was removed from the film, too.
1,28 Sec

Again, a long shot of the two persons is missing.
1,12 Sec

During the tentative forced wedding, the Sheriff spreading Lady Marian's legs with a foot-technique to manage to get the two into a basic sexual stance has been removed.
1,92 Sec