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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Dec 31, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut R-Rated Version (German DVD / FSK 18) and the uncut Unrated Verison (German VHS / FSK 18)

- 11 cuts
- Length difference: 271.6 sec (= 4:32 min)

A few minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec have not been listed in the comparison.

Even though he is not being listed in the credits, Roger Corman was at least a teensy bit involved in the production of Saigon Commandos from 1987. Instead of wild jungle action, the movie mostly shows police work in the streets of Saigon. Nonetheless, it is just one of many DTV Vietnam actioners released in the mid 80s. Certainly not a genre highlight but still a nice little flick for genre fans.

The R-Rated Version lacks approx. 4.5 minutes and besides the "common MPAA cuts" (in this case killing a few kids and slitting a throat), a few more plot scenes are missing - mostly in the big finale during the shootout in the jungle. Things like further footage of the chopper do not make the movie better but those cuts were not exactly required either.

There is no exclusive footage in either of the versions and considering that, the R-Rated Version should be considered cut resp. should not be considered an official version. The R-Rated Version is still watchable but the Unrated Version is definately the better choice.

Time index refers to
R-Rated (German DVD in PAL) / Unrated (German VHS in PAL)

The German VHS starts with a Medusa Communications Ltd. logo.

15 sec

19:23 / 19:38-19:39

Lang gets his throat slit a bit longer.

1 sec

28:37-28:38 / 28:53

Jump-cut on the VHS: Tim puts back the weapon slightly earlier.

+ 1 sec

36:38 / 36:53-37:05

Exterior shot of the vehicle plus the cop swears to Mark that his people would not let the mob get to his car.

11.7 sec

36:48 / 37:15-37:30

Two more shots of the protest. The narrator explains it was a sad day for freedom when their American brothers were allowed to treat them that way.

15.7 sec

42:16 / 42:58-43:02

After the second shot, a part of the attack on the school is missing: A kid gets hit, further kids are running around in fear and a further shot hits another boy.

3.8 sec

43:29 / 44:15-46:51

Stryker and the others get in a chopper to get to the jungle. Having arrived there, the scene starts earlier as well: First a tracking shot, followed by some sneaking around and preparations for attacking Charlie - while the R-Rated instantaneously starts with the action. Last but not least, the beginning of the shootout is missing.

156.3 sec (= 2:36 min)

44:11 / 47:33-48:04

More shooting plus a wounded guy gets carted off/patched up. When the action has stopped, they keep moving.

31.1 sec

45:31 / 49:24-49:40

Further shots of the chopper plus Charlie is spreading out on the ground.

15.8 sec

45:52 / 50:01-50:17

More shootouts plus the chopper in between.

16.2 sec

46:07 / 50:32-50:43

Tracking shots and shots being fired out of the chopper.

10.8 sec

46:35 / 51:11-51:14

Stryker secures somebody on the ground.

3.2 sec

48:39 / 53:19-53:25

Charlie on the ground one more time plus the chopper takes off.

5.9 sec