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Deep River

artist: Utada Hikaru


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Dec 04, 2013 - Author: Aozora - Translator: DaxRider123

Comparison between the shortened TV version and the uncut DVD version. DEEP RIVER is the title track of the same-named album by Utada Hikaru which was released on june 19th, 2002. For the third single clip collection which was released on september 30th, 2002 they released a promo-video for the song DEEP RIVER. Before the actual music video starts there's a longer intro where Utada reads out a poem. You don't hear music, just the poem and some outdoors-sounds.

1 cut = 2 minutes und 26 seconds
00:00.00 - 00:02:26
2 minutes und 26 seconds

Translation of the Poem:

Two Mirrors are pointed at each other,
one reflects the other with a sound.

When I meet someone who looks like me,
I get the feeling that I make exactly this sound.

Kids as well as adults,
Like to look at themselves in the mirror,
Fascinated by their reflection.

But when you forget that it's a mirror,
A silent emptiness will overwhelm you,
And you will remember the emptiness.

I am a mirror.

I will bring those who look back
To a place the light can't reach,
I won't reach out to them,
Instead I will try to stay with them,
Then we will have the same view.

If you're able to emphatize with someone's pain,
Pain can transform into something good,
I know that.

Neither the sadness disappears,
Nor does the world change a bit.

But to see my world turned upside down,
Really was a new perspective.

Everybody's searching for someone who looks like oneself,
No matter how much you hate each other,
You can always love someone who looks like you.

There's no love in admiration and adoration.


The thing humans will love the most in their lives,
Are persons who look most likely to them,
Their children.

I am a child.

Since I believe that I'm on the right way,
I don't think of everything I had to abandon,
Everything I had to leave behind,
As a sacrifice.

Heaven closes its eyes.