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  • Hungarian DVD / BBFC 18
  • German DVD
Release: Jan 24, 2010 - Author: NUR DIE RUHE - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
The Director
Before entering the movie buisness, Larry Clark was a well-known photographer; one of his early works called Teenage Lust (1982) also was about the (sex)life of teenagers. The main topic of his cinematic work are are youths while coming of age who (have to) deal with sex and violence.
It all began with Kids (1995), followed by Bully (2001), Teenage Caveman (2002), Ken Park (2002), and Wassup Rockers (2005), and peaked in "Impaled", his contribution to the short film collection Destricted (2006) where male youths are casted to be a part of a porno film.

The Movie
Kids was and still is a highly controversial movie. On the one hand, Kids can be annoying or even repulsive, on the other hand it can make the viewer more attentive and of course shock the audience. Actually, there is not too much action in this movie: Jenny (Chloë Sevigny) wanders around New York to find Telly (Leo Fitzpatrick) because she has very important news for him. Meanwhile we see other youths talking to each other or having "fun" with each other. But what the audience gets to see/know during this Odyssey all the more severe: irreverence, theft, brutal violence, sex, rape, excessive drug consumption,... And all this involves minors.
Clark's narrative style is rather radical, by accompanying the characters as if it was a documentary the viewer gets a much more intense and realistic impression of the events.

Different Versions
- Rating in Hungary
In Hungary, there doesn't seem to be an institution like BBFC or MPAA that passes or declines ratings. Bans of movies also don't exist. Therefore, most of the movies are released uncut in Hungary. There only is a shortened version, if the foreign master which the DVD is based on is also shortened or censored. The ratings written on the DVD covers seem to be made by the lables themselves. As far as is known by us there exist the following ratings: 0, 12, 16, 18 and X; the latter is rarely assigned to movies (some examples are Dawn Of The Dead, Cannibal Holocaust, Hostel 2, Pathology or Faces Of Death). Nevertheless it is no problem to get all different versions in supermarkets or stores.

- Hungarian DVD
It is a moral certainty that the Hungarian DVD is based on the UK DVD released by Momentum. To get a rating, both the the theatrical version and the DVD version had to be shortened. Only then the BBFC rated the movie BBFC-18. The Hungarian DVD's cover does not show a movie rating.

Without credits: 5 differences = -34 sec.
Including credits: 6 differences = +121 sec.

Time designations always refer to the shortened version.
On the UK DVD we see the "Shining Excalibur" logo at the beginning of the movie.
+8 sec.

Some more additional seconds in the shortened version because of a black screen after the overlay "A Film by Larry Clark".
+9 sec.

The first few seconds of the movie (when the minor Nick gets kissed on his chest and belly by an also minor girl) were cut out. The UK DVD continues when the two are cuddling.
-9 sec.

While Capser continues penetrating Jenny, the movie cuts to a sleeping boy. In the foreground and only fuzzy we can see Caspers back. To make this cut more fluent, some seconds before and after it are also missing to get a sort of continuity.
-33 sec.

In the uncut version there is a camera panning, again from Casper and Jenny to the sleeping boy. Then follows a short black screen.
The shortened version directly fades in the black screen instead of showing the camera panning.
-9 sec.

Gekürzt (5 Sek.)Uncut (14 sec.)

On the DVD we can see the whole closing credits. The German TV version only shows a short board with 6 scenes from the movie with some music put under it.
+155 sec.

DVD (170 sec.)German TV (15 sec.)