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original title: Astérix et Cléopâtre


  • Dutch Version
  • Uncut Version
Release: Apr 22, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Dutch Version and the uncut German Version (both included on the DVD by Atlas Verlag)

- 2 cuts
- Cut length: 13.6 sec

Unfortunately, all of the German DVDs by Kinowelt lack one short scene, while the rare DVD by Atlas Verlag contains the uncut version with the German audio track.

Additionally, this DVD contains a second movie file, which only features a Dutch audio track. The picture quality is a little bit better and the scene which is missing on the Kinowelt DVD is also included here.
But a slight difference in running time seemed a bit odd, so this version had to be checked more closely. And indeed, some further mini cuts could be found. Interestingly enough, the short scene at the beginning with Numerobis and Miraculix is also one of those which fell victim to these cuts; whereas for the Kinowelt DVD, it was taken from another master with a worse picture quality and reinserted into the movie.

Running time indications are in the order Dutch Version / German Version
The first production note is different.

Dutch Version (Atlas DVD)German Version (Atlas DVD)


The opening credits are in French in the German/French version, while they are in English in the Dutch version.

Dutch Version (Atlas DVD)German Version (Atlas DVD)

03:32 / 03:32:03:40

At the end of the credits it should zoom in on the last animation, where some colors and other details are different (the transition from the drawn comic book pages to the actual movie, so to speak); after that, the movie begins with a tracking shot.
The Dutch version skips this part; it just fades to black after the zoom and it sets in again with the "normal" animation, with which the actual movie begins.

8.2 sec

08:44 / 08:52-08:58

Numerobis: "Mein Freund, ich finde es schön, dass wir uns wiedersehen!" ("My friend, it is a pleasure to see you again!")
Miraculix turns to the audience: "Der spricht wie ein Dichter..." ("He talks like a poet...")

5.5 sec

At the end, the Dutch version shows a logo of the distributor. The German version has a longer black screen instead.