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Release: Jul 17, 2011 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Since the huge success of High School Musical the Disney Channel is quite successful with producing its "Original Movies" - mostly including a lot of music. Be it movies like Camp Rock or Lemonade Mouth with Bridgit Mendler (of Good Luck Charlie fame). It's about 5 pupils who get to know each other during detention and decide to form a band. After their first concert they become a mouthpiece for the pupils and gain popularity.

The movie itself is a solid Disney-production: colorful, virtuous, innocent. Still, it's a nice little flick and actually includes quite a few catchy songs. In the USA, Lemonade Mouth sparked 5.7 million viewers. To be able to incentivize them to buy the DVD, the producers released an Extended Edition which includes 1 new scene. However, the edit is pretty sloppy, the new scene follows after the end credits.

Comparison between the shortened TV version (taken from German TV) and the Extended Edition released Disney.

The Extended Edition includes 1 extension with an overall runtime of 5:15 minutes.
1:42:17 minutes
Just before the credits start, the TV version fades out. The end credits are not shown.

1:43:17 minutes
During a longer fade to black the assistant director counts down to one and then you see the band during an interview with the TV magazine "Music Scene". The host Moxie Morris starts the show and begins with the interview. She asks how the band was able to become as successful as they are and she wants to know if the life of the band members changed. She asks Charlie if there's something special in his life but he says no. Then she asks Mo and Scott about their relationship. Mo tries to block the question because her father is in the audience and doesn't know about it. Therefore, Olivia tries to save her by saying that she's Scott's girlfriend but then suddenly corrects herself by saying that she actually is Wen's girlfriend. He's quite surprised because the two of them didn't actually say that they're a couple. Subsequently Stella says that her life changed quite a bit but that they all know that they belong together. At the end of the interview they perform their new song "Highwire".
5:15 minutes

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