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original title: Orinoco: Prigioniere del sesso


  • Softcore Version
  • Hardcore Version
Release: Apr 18, 2015 - Author: mds51 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Hardcore Version (HC) and the Softcore Version (SC).

Both of the versions can be found on the Danish DVD by Another World Entertainment. The SC is being played automatically, but the HC can be selected in the extras as "Extended Version".
It has to be mentioned that the additional footage is of definitely of worse quality in both audio and video. The basis was probably a rather used tape, which is why the HC is often quite dark, grainy and lacks saturation. The SC, on the other hand, features a quite good video quality. The aspect ratio is also slightly different, the picture seems to be slightly zoomed in quite often, the upper and lower parts are then missing.

This comparison will not display any explicit images.
All of the running time designations refer to the the Hardcore Version.
The violence level in the two versions is identical.
The missing 6 scenes are adding up to 501,37 sec.
00:00 Min.
During the first shots, the HC shows the title and some credit overlays.
The SC shows the same pictures without the overlays, they can be seen after about 16 sec. In Italian. The following opening credits are different as well, but the footage shown is always the same.
Not included in the time difference.

Hardcore Version:Softcore Version:

05:43 Min.
The HC explicitly shows the female warden pleasuring the male one with her hand.

05:52 Min.
The HC first shows some exclusive non-explicit scenes, then some explicit sexual intercourse.

Hardcore Version:

22:30 Min.
There is an explicit scene between one of the wardens, the "General", and one female prisoner. He reaches around from behind her and touches her vagina, then he pleasures her orally.
He kisses her body and licks her breasts, she opens his trousers and reaches for his penis. They kiss, then the penetration starts.

The SC only shows him kissing her body and breasts. (Running time of the SC: 36,04s) [The quality of the scene is better than in the HC].
Running time difference without the identical footage: 110,80s

Hardcore Version:

40:23 Min.
One of the prisoners is sitting there with a partially open blouse and smokes a pipe, she can then be seen going down her body with it and pleasuring herself with her other hand. There are cuts to her very pleased face, her masturbation intensifies with every cut back to her genitals. She also uses the pipe for pleasure and eventually pushes it into her vagina.

In the SC, the can be seen going down her body with her pipe, but the scene ends when the passes by her breasts.

Hardcore Version:

77:40 Min.
While a group is trying to flee and start a revolution, a warden and a prisoner are having sex in the warden's hut.
The HC shows the two sitting naked on he bed, he is holding a glass of wine in his hand. He first pours some over her breasts and the rest over his own. The woman then starts kissing him and licking his chest. He strokes her hair from the head to her back, shortly afterwards she starts giving him a blowjob. There are several shots of this, among them one of his obviously pleased face. Then they cuddle before he is putting her next to himself on the bed and kisses her breasts. At the same time, he starts pleasuring her manually, she writhes in pleasure. He turns on his back and pulls her on top of himself. They kiss and after some more foreplay the penetration begins.

The SC only shows her lying on top of him cuddling, then he turns around and caresses her breasts. He can afterwards be seen lying on his back and pulling her on top of him. (Altogether 65,72s) [The quality of the identical footage is a lot better in the SC.]
Difference in running time:

Hardcore Version:

92:25 Min.
In the HC the final song continues after the "FINE" overlay, only a black screen can be seen.
In the SC the song suddenly stops after "FINE", a black screen can be seen for two seconds.