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The Last House On The Left


Gamera: The Complete Collection

Dead Pit

Order: 1886, The


Japanese Trailer
Region: Japan

International Trailer
Region: Worldwide

Release: Mar 22, 2015 - Author: Once - Translator: DaxRider123

Even though there is - as of yet - no clear information about the Japanese Version, the "Conspiracy Trailer" already offers a little foretaste of what might be missing. After all, some of the violent scenes are different or were exchanged with more harmless sequences.

This report only includes differences that result from violence / censorship within the trailer.

While the uncensored trailer shows a headshot as well as a shot of a grenade that is being held in a hand (including the consequential explosion), the censoresd Japanese trailer only shows a rather harmless shooting of an enemy.

Japanese TrailerInternational Trailer

Only the uncensored trailer shows an enemie losing his head.

Japanese TrailerInternational Trailer

More harmless scene in the censored Japanese trailer: The severed legs are only included in the uncensored trailer.

Japanese TrailerInternational Trailer