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Police Academy 6: City Under Siege


  • German DVD
Release: Jun 02, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Running time of the British version: 1:19:53 (1:17:06 without ending credits)
Running time of the uncut version: 1:20:24 (1:17:37 without ending credits)
Time indexes derive from the uncut version.

- 1 cut: 31,64 seconds

Comparison between the cut VHS from Warner Home Video (BBFC PG) and the uncut German DVD from Warner Home Video (FSK 12).


A wave of robberies washes over the city. To get ahold of the situation Commander Lassard and his men are put on the case, much to the disapproval of Captain Harris. Lassards nephew suspects a mole inside the organisation but before they can act the group is framed for the robberies and suspended, forcing them to investigate on their own.


Police Academy 6 (1989) was, until the godawful seventh part came along, the lowest point the series could have reached. Since the first four movies were all fairly cheap and marketable the producers wanted to milk the cashcow as best as they could by producing three more sequels.
Director Peter Bonerz did an average job spreading the gags across the whole movie but one recognizes that it has all been done before and the gags are not as fresh as they used to be.
Actors like Bubba Smith, Michael Winslow and David Graf are playing their parts as best as the stale script allows them to without their pack leader Steve Guttenberg whose character did the main part in ensureing the series success. All in all below average, yet pure gold compared to what was going to follow.


In cinemas as well as on VHS the British version was missing a scene in which a nunchuck was used. To cover this up, moments of Lassard and Fackler in a pool hall had to go as well.
The later released BBFC PG-DVD is uncut.

Anmerkung: Master errors, Jump-Cuts and other shortenings/extensions below 0,5 seconds are not listed.
While Lassard and Fackler are descending the stairs to the pool hall some thugs are throwing some weapons (including nunchucks and a brass knuckle) behind the counter. Lassard says that the pool hall has changed quite a bit and asks one of the patrons to have a look at some photofit pictures. the patron suggests a game of pool before getting to work an Lassard agrees happily. Facklers face indicates that he doesn't consider this a good idea until he himself is "convinced" to a game of pool.
31,64 seconds