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Police Academy 6: City Under Siege


  • German DVD
Release: Jun 02, 2010 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the cut BBFC PG VHS by Warner and the uncut FSK 12 DVD by Warner

- 1 cut
- Duration: 31.6 sec

Note: Short jump cuts, master errors and other changes without censorship relevance were not considered.

Police Academy 6 was already released cut in theaters in the UK. Also on VHS only a censored BBFC PG version was released at first. Only the later DVD, again with a BBFC PG rating, was finally released uncut in the UK. The censorship reason was due to a nunchaku that was seen in the scene. In Germany, the film has always been released uncut.
Just before Lassard and Fackler enter the pool hall, the gangsters hide various weapons behind the counter, including a nunchaku. After a short comment about the change of the store, Lassard asks one of the billiard players to look at Identikit pictures. Before work, the latter would like to play billiards, which Lassard happily accepts and puts into practice. Fackler follows only hesitantly and after some insistence.
31.6 sec