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  • International Theatrical Version
  • US Theatrical Version
Release: Oct 27, 2014 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
In the last few years, French director and screenplay writer Luc Besson was a reliable supplier of non-sophicasted but entertaining and fast-paced action thriller such as Taken or Lockout. It seems as if at least one of his new productions is screened in movie theaters every year. In 2014, it is 3 Days to Kill with Kevin Costner insread of Liam Neeson as elderly actor who would like to prove himself in the action genre again. The huge success that made Neeson the go-to-guy for action thrillers overnight probably won't be repeated by Costner because the concept of 3 Days to Kill is less straight. Besides the chase of a supervillain and his crew Costner is being forced into, a huge part of the story tells about him trying to get closer to his wife and teenage daughter after being away for decades due to his job at the CIA. Now, he has a desease and tries to make up for it.

Apart from the Extended Cut that is 5 minutes longer, there's an unexpected third version of the film. We noticed a certain runtime difference between the US theatrical version and the international one (e.g. on the German and French Blu-ray) that couln't be explained by differing logos at the beginning. We then compared those two versions and did indeed find differences. They are not censorship-related, which is good news. One could, however, ask what relevance they have since the joke with the doorstopper is quite solid and removing it in the international version means that the scene makes less sense. The other change with the photographs later doesn't have any impact on the story further on and can be called redundant, as well.

4 differences, consisting of
3 additional scenes
1 scene with alternate material

Comparison between the international theatrical version (e.g. on the German Blu-ray by Universum Film) and the US theatrical version (PG-13) (included in the US DVD/Blu-ray set by 20th Century Fox).

The US theatrical version runs 51.72 seconds longer than the international theatrical version.
Additional Scene
0:28:43: The US theatrical version shows how Ethan stops and picks up the doorstopper before continuing his walk towards the room with the gangsters.
7.92 sec.

Additional Scene
0:29:21: The men get closer to the door and open fire. The man being strangulated struggles to open the door and when he finally manages to do so, the dead guard can be seen leaning at the other side of the door, dropping the doorstopper that rolls into the room. The gangsters think that it's some sort of grenade and jump for cover. When one of the men runs towards another door and gets punched by Ethan, the international version is back again, as well.
21.48 sec.

Additional Scene
0:29:41: Vivi walks through the hallway with a smile on her face. Change of scene to the room where the previous action took place. One of the gangsters gets down from his chair and picks up the "grenade" in order to take a closer look at it. When he recognizes what it is and tells his colleague, he gets shot immediately. The other one surrenders to the approaching Ethan who eventually knocks him out with a strike of his gun.
32.76 sec.

Alternate Material
0:58:16: Both versions differ in a small detail. When Ethan discovers that the gangster has a picture of Ethan in his jacket, he looks at it and the scene ends. In the international version, there are also pictures of Zoe and Christine.
The international theatrical version runs 10.44 sec. longer

US Theatrical VersionInternational Theatrical Version