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Zombie Creeping Flesh

original title: Virus


  • UK VHS (Merlin / VCL)
  • Austrian DVD
Release: Nov 22, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Sebbe - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK VHS by Merlin/VCL and the uncut Austrian DVD by Filmix Distribution / XT Video.

There are missing 14 minutes and 31,5 seconds within 23 scenes.

For its UK theatrical release this zombie flick was heavily cut. Apparently one reason for that was the overlong runtime, so several scenes containing plot were removed. Apart from that some scenes were removed due to violence. This or a pretty similar version was then the basis for the first video edition by Merlin/VCL, which was later put on the list of video nasties. It's a so-called Pre Cert Video (from Pre Certification), a version which wasn't approved by the BBFC. Two years later, in 1985, the film was removed from the list again. An uncut version was released some years later on VHS and DVD by Vipco (BBFC 18).
2 min.
The scientist carries out a test in the presence of the professor.
20 sec.

2 min.
A tracking shot on some working scientists.
28 sec.

7 min.
The two corpse-eating zombies are shown longer. There are also some cuts to the horrified professor.
12 sec.

10 min.
The complete scene of the elite unit surrounding the house with the terrorists and the hostages in it is missing. Some elite unit members enter the house and shoot the terrorists. Scene change to the jungle: Some skulls are shown.
8 min. and 36 sec.

12 min.
The guy surprises Josie and films her. They also talk.
36 sec.

18 min.
The zombie boy, eating a piece of flesh, is shown once more.
3 sec.

19 min.
The zombie boy gets shot.
3 sec.

20 min.
The scene where they keep shooting at him is shorter in the UK version.
2 sec.

25 min.
The guy sitting in the jeep is shown.
2 sec.

26 min.
Another longer scene is missing at this point. Josie goes into the village of the natives and there she watches the butchering of a snake and the embalmment of a corpse.
3 min. and 11 sec.

34 min.
A zombie rips out a piece of flesh from the leg of a woman.
3 sec.

34 min.
The zombie keeps gnawing on the piece of flesh.
3 sec.

34 min.
Now some zombies eating body parts are shown.
4 sec.

45 min.
A bloody head shot is missing.
1 sec.

46 min.
Another head shot is missing.
1 sec.

53 min.
The cat comes out of the belly of the zombie woman.
7 sec.

56 min.
The scene of the zombies getting shot is longer.
8 sec.

56 min.
Again some zombies get shot. Then the zombie standing at the window is killed by a head shot.
8 sec.

60 min.
The camera zooms in on the burning zombie.
3 sec.

71 min.
A zombie head is smashed to pieces.
1 sec.

77 min.
A zombie rips out Josie's tongue. Then the zombie rams his hand with the tongue in her mouth and squashes out her eyes from inside.
12 sec.

80 min.
The woman in the park gets eaten by a zombie. There are missing several shots in the UK version.
3 sec.

80 min.
Some further shots are missing.
4,5 sec.