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original title: Daai sau cha ji neui


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 16, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
John Fok - son of a triad boss - was kidnapped. Fok has to pay 80 million dollars as ransom money, otherwise his son will die. They want to exclude the police from that case but the kindergarten informs the authorities of the kid's disappearance. Therefore, Maruen Szeto and her troop want to help them.
At the beginning, Fok and his family are unenthusiastic because of the help from the police - and even some cops do not really understand why they want to help the triads.

Lady Cop and Papa Crook was planned to be released in Asia in the middle of 2008, however, the movie dashed against the Chinese authorities. Therefore, the movie's release was postponed to the end of 2008.
The authorities were not amused because the gangsterboss could escape unscathed - so the producers had to alter the ending of the movie.

When the movie was released on DVD, they also released a Director's Cut of the movie that included the original ending of the movie which does enhance the movie - but overall, it still is not better because of the original ending.
Theatrical Version: 01:24:35
Director's Cut: 01:24:35

During Maureen's phone call (to tell John [Eason Chan] that his son is in a safe place) the dialogue has been changed.
In the Theatrical Version, Maureen says that uncle Wing is behind everything and that he should be arrested. In the Director's Cut, however, she just talks about his arrest.

Theatrical Version:
John Fok: „Hello?“
Maureen Szeto: „We found your son. We arrested your Uncle Wing. He kidnapped your son.“

Director's Cut:
John Fok: „Hello?“
Maureen: „We found your son, the Police made an arrest.“

No difference in time.

Theatrical Version: 01:24:43
Director's Cut: 01:24:43

Subsequent to that you in both versions see Zhao Tianhe approaching the triad boss. In the Director's Cut John asks Maureen who dirves towards him. Maureen says that it's Tony (Zhao's codename).

John Fok: „Someone is driving towards me, who is that?“
Maureen: „Tony.“

5 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:25:05
Director's Cut: 01:25:10

The following confrontation between the two of them differs severely.

Theatrical Version:
John slowly turns around and you hear Zhao Tianhe (Dong Yong) saying that he's under arrest.

Zhao Tianhe: „John Fok. You're under arrest.“

Theatrical Version: 17.5 sec

Director's Cut:
In the Director’s Cut, John tries to bribe Zhao, but the latter does not go into it. He just tries to apply cuffs.

Zhao Tianhe: „John Fok. You're under arrest, put that down. Raise your hands.“
John Fok: „The money is ready, lower your weapon.“
Zhao Tianhe: „Police. Do you understand? Raise your hands.“
John Fok: „Brand new $1.000 notes. Crisp and sharp. Try it.“
Zhao Tianhe: „I'm a Police officer.“
John Fok: „No problem. $80 millions. Count it.“
Zhao Tianhe: „10 years after the handover, you still don't understand Putonghua. Give me your hand. Your hand.“

Zhao now stands next to John. He hears the motor of a boat and looks up. Fok uses that moment to trigger the cartridge inside the moneybags - the paint leaks out of it. Zhao is surprised and John is able to run off. He runs to the boat where Horace Horace (Ricky Chan) already waits for him.

Meanwhile, Zhao's colleagues arrived at the beach and run towards the chief who is more than mad and says that they should not let John and Horace get away. However, it's already too late, they boat away from the beach.

Polizisten: „Boss! Boss! Are you alright?“
Zhao Tianhe: „Call the Marine Police.“
Polizist: „Go after him. Hurry.“
Zhao Tianhe: „Don't let them get away.“

Subsequently the movie cuts to John's house where the police pulls up stakes. Maureen (Sammi Cheng) bids good bye to Yammy Fok (Michelle Ye). Little Jimmy (Buzz Chung) comes to them and asks if his father will come home today. His mother says yes and Maureen leaves.

Maureen: „Be careful.“
Yammy: „Don't worry, it's not the first time. But you must be careful during the first 3 months. I'll tell John to call when he get's back.“
Jimmy: „Is Daddy coming home today?“
Yammy: „Yes, he'll be right back.“
Jimmy: „I gotta share my adventure story with him.“
Maureen: „I have to go.“
Yammy: „So long.“

When Maureen almost arrived at the door, John enters and walks to his son.

John Fok: „Jimmy!“
Jimmy: „Daddy!“

Maureen leaves the house and John follows her. He thanks her and Maureen tells him about uncle Wing.

John Fok: „Madam. Thanks.“
Maureen: „We arrested your Uncle Wing. He kidnapped your son and tipped off the Mainland Police. Jimmy had the fever and his son is dead. He's been after your business for years.“

Overall length of these sequences [Director's Cut]: 155 sec

Theatrical Version: 01:29:01
Director's Cut: 01:31:22

The Theatrical Version ends with a happy shot of Michael and Maureen in the park.

The Director's Cut shows a short epilogue.
Three months later, Michael and Maureen sit at home and do some antenatal exercises. The TV is running in the background and reports of uncle Wing's death. They show an image of the gangster who stole Michael's cell phone. Michael recognizes him and Maureen looks at the screen.

Newscaster: „A riot broke out at the Stanley prison. A 60-year old inmate was killed by other inmates during a clan conflict, when he was hit by a brick.“
Michael: „That's him. He took my phone. I'd recognize him anywhere.“

Then follows a cut to the gangster's house. Maureen visits the family and brings gifts for Jimmy and his sister.

John Fok: „Hey Fat Lady. This is Auntie Maureen.“
Maureen: „Maureen will do.“
Jimmy: „Hi there.“
Maureen: „Good boy. This is for you. The teddy is for your sister.“
John Fok: „Say thank you.“
Jimmy: „Thank you.“

Subsequent to that, they enter John's bureau where he tells Maureen that he stopped smuggling. He will soon be a real oil baron and plans to buy Chelsea. Then he wants to make Maureen a present but she doesn't really want to have it. Therefore, John has to persuade her to take it.

John Fok: „Boy or girl?“
Maureen: „That's none of your business.“
John Fok: „Don't be testy. you'll give birth to a little tyrant.“
Maureen: „No one is worse than you.“
John Fok: „Don't say that. I quit the smuggling business. I'm into stocks trading. I bought China petroleum stocks. More profitable than bootlegged diesel. I'll buy it out later and be a real oil king. Buy up Chelsea and hire Mourinho.“
Maureen: „I saw on the news, your uncle is dead.“
John Fok: „We visited him several times. But he refused to see us. He's family, I won't hold a grudge. Now that he's dead My wife is still crying today. He's her uncle after all. Forget it. Now that you're here, I got you a present. The special edition you've been longing for.“
Maureen: „ICAC will hang me.“
John Fok: „Try it on, you're my best friend.“
Maureen: „Don't.“
John Fok: „Come on.“

Maureen leaves the Foks' house and John again stresses that she should keep the bag. His wife calls for him to make a family picutre. Maureen watches them and then leaves.

John Fok: „Just take it.“
Yammy: „John, come over for the family photo. Come on.“

Back at the police station the main players of operation Jackie have their first personal meeting. The chief inspector introduces them to each other.
Maureen wants to shake hands with Zhao but the latter points out that he has some paint on his hand and therefore refuses to shake hands. He still has some problems with the fact that they were helping a gagnster.

Hauptinspekteur: „Maureen, this is Captain Zhao Tianhe. He brought back the ransom money.“
Maureen: „Tony.“
Zhao Tianhe: „Pardon the dirty hand.“

Maureen tells Zhao to follow her and they walk to a monitor. On it, you see John's apartment and you can hear him talking. Maureen hid a camera inside the childrens' presents.

John Fok: „Oil price is up to $140 USD a barrel lately. Factory owners in the Pearl Delta are worried. Their industries rely heavily on oil. Suppliers are cutting supply to raise prices. I think we should sell more. I spoke to the oil company. They'll give us more discount. Uncle Fok, tell the clients not to worry. Ron, you'll have a tighter schedule. Horace, give them a hand...“

Zhao is happy and now shakes hands with Maureen - even though she hesitates for a short moment. The Director's Cut ends with a shot of John Fok.

Zhao Tianhe: „Happy delivery.“
John Fok: „...for the sake of Inflation. True, everything is dearer now. Massage therapy is getting expensive too. I didn't notice that though.“

Overall length of these scenes: 242 sec