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Release: Oct 11, 2015 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The action comedy Spy is already the third cooperation between director Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy who has already become a constant in the comedy genre. She is capable of playing the lead, as proven in Bridesmaids which was also her breakthrough. Reducing her to her "big bones", which she uses to her advantage incredibly well, would be shallow because that is not the point when it comes to delivering punchlines. Certainly, a lot of gags are based on her body - also in Spy - but there is so much more that makes this movie a well-made and funny genre flick. Jason Statham as snooty sidekick is a real highlight and apart from that, the dialogues and the little things are what makes this movie so good.

With a length of approx. 2 hours, the Theatrical Version, which can draw on unlimited resources due to its R-rating, is rather long. Nonetheless, there is an Extended Cut with approx. 10 more minutes. Those who enjoyed the Theatrical Version will have fun with the Extended Cut as well, even though nothing significant has been added and the rants might be tiring to some. The Theatrical Version would do the trick just fine but why not watching the Extended Cut, since it is available on the Blu-ray anyway.

Taking a closer look at the violence in Spy, it probably makes one rub their eyes in disbelief. The bloody shootings are numerous and other scenes are rather violent as well. Regarding that issue, the Theatrical Version does not lack anything. However, there are things like penis pictures that are new in the Extended Cut.

Compared are te Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Extended Cut (Unrated) (both available on the German Blu-ray by 20th Century Fox).

39 differences, divided as follows:
32 extended scenes
2 additional scenes
2 scenes with alternate footage
3 extended scenes with alternate footage

The Extended Cut is 593.72 seconds resp. approx. 9 minutes 54 seconds longer than the Theatrical Version.
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Extended Scene
0:11:01: Susan attempts to cover up her for that kind of restaurant inappropriate laughter by speaking in high terms of Fine's humor. He returns the favor, then they drink to another successful mission and to be being a good team.
16.92 sec

Extended Scene with Alternate Footage
0:11:44: Susan reacts differently to the muffin necklace. In the Theatrical Version, she just says how wonderful it was. In the Extended Cut, Fine points out how much she liked cake. She explains she did not eat it but she would bake it. And now, according to Fine, she could wear it. Susam keeps acting and says she did not have a thing for jewelry anyway and speaks in high terms of the gift again.
Extended Version 12.16 sec longer

Extended Scene
0:12:21: Susan describes her imaginary kids with Fine more detailled in the Extended Cut. They all had good jobs, baby-blue eyes and full lips.
4.92 sec

Extended Scene
0:12:50: A nobly dressed woman looks at Susan and she moderates that as of the woman was jealous of the marvelous necklace.
2.24 sec

Extended Scene
0:13:05: Fine impersonates how clumsy Susan would act as an agent on a mission. She would rather shoot herself in the head instead of the terrorist. Susan plays along and makes a joke that she would make a cake for the terrorist.
16.6 sec

Additional Scene
0:15:43: New scene in the Extended Cut. After the briefing, Susan mentions Rayna's house, which Fine is supposed to infiltrate on his next mission, to him. It was just too easy, she smelled a trap. Fine is not worried though. Then he yanks her chain again by saying she had to stop going on those missions because after all, they were in love. Susan melts away but it turns out quickly that he was just joking and she dabbles in damage control. Then, they part company at the elevator. In the next scene with Susan and Nancy sitting at the table, the beginning of their conversation is about that thing with Fine. The Theatrical Version is back in the game when Susan calls her life a disaster.
85.4 sec

Extended Scene
0:17:34: Nancy tries to cheer up Susan by holding a napkin in front of the face and making a face in order to cheer Susan up. She does that three times and always with the same face. It does not knock Susan's socks off though.
25.4 sec

Extended Scene
0:20:00: Karen corrects Susan and Nancy during Capri's speech.
4.04 sec

Extended Scene
0:20.12: According to Karen, yachts are not that amazing either. Glamorous, yes, but other than that... the worst.
4 sec

Extended Scene
0:26:50: Ford also asks Susan mockingly what she was about to do, taking one of her cats as sidekick? Susan is outraged by the assumption she had a cat (obviously, she does not want to be seen as crazy cat lady)
3.84 sec

Extended Scene
0:26:58: More puffing up in front of Ford. First, he gets straightened out by Elaine because he addressed her with the wrong name. Then he says that after his naturalization, he had sworn an oath to protect the country and avenge the colleagues. The two other agents do not have any recollection of such an oath but that does not stop Ford.
23.24 sec

Extended Scene
0:34:00: Another agent gets praised for how he was steering the floating scooter by the designer. He then farts. This extended scene is completely superfluous.
7.84 sec

Extended Scene
0:36:47: Nancy spots a mouse on her monitor.
2.76 sec

Extended Scene
0:36:57: And another mouse.
2.92 sec

Extended Scene
0:38:37: Ford claims he had seen the couple that raised in a van that exploded.
3.8 sec

Extended Scene with Alternate Footage
0:47:36: Before Susan topples over backwards, she is mumbling in the Extended Version. While looking at the body with puke all over it, she wonders why she ate the stew.
Extended Version 2.72 sec longer

Extended Scene
0:48:15: When Susan finds the penis pics on the dead gangster's camera, the scene is more revealing in the Extended Cut. The penis is shorter twice plus a few exclusive pics are missing in the Theatrical Version.
4.16 sec

Extended Scene
0:48:49: Even in presence of his boss, the gangster Susan took out tried to take a picture of his wiener. And when Susan is transmitting everything via contact linse camera to HQ, the camera screen freezes.
17.04 sec

Extended Scene
0:53:43: In the Extended Cut, Susan wishes Aldo luck with hitting on other women. He warns her that the gangsters they are about to face are dangerous because they would wipe out entire families.
7.48 sec

Extended Scene
1:04:52: Susan's absurd description of her demands to the wine are much more detailled in the Extended Cut.
19.8 sec

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