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Death Race: Inferno


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 20, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Almost two years after the DTV sequel Death Race 2, the third one is coming up. In Death Race: Inferno, the story of the solid second one is being circulated. The race takes place in South Africa now and there's a new villain as well. The visual appeal is on the level of the second one.
Aside from the Unrated Version, a censored R-Rated Version (Rated R for violence and language throughout and sexual content) has been released in the US, too. Contrary to Death Race 2, the R-Rated doesn't only lack some trivial nudity footage but also (and mostly) footage with violent content. This doesn't seem to be most widespread version but video store customers better keep their eyes peeled.

Compared are the R-Rated and the Unrated Version (both available on the US-DVD by Sony Pictures).

10 differences in total. In detail:
4 cuts due to violent content
4 scenes with alternate footage
1 extended scene in the R-Rated
1 additional scene

The Unrated Version is 36.08 seconds longer than the R-Rated.
Alternate Footage
0:23:14: When the lady gets beheaded with a shovel, the cg blood has been removed for the R-Rated. Furthermore, the image of the severed head rolling across the scenery has been replaced by a shot of the perp for the R-Rated. The martial noise in the background is still audible.
no difference


0:23:16: Now, the R-Rated lacks the shot of the beheaded torso tilting backwards while blood splatters out of the neck.
1.48 sec

0:24:28: Close-up of the hook penetrating the warrior's chin and sticking out of the mouth.
0.6 sec

Alternate Footage
0:24:29: The R-Rated contains an extended shot of the audience in the cage. This alteration is a cover-up for the removed scene of the metal object being removed from the woman's jaw.
no difference

Alternate Footage
0:24:31: When the woman goes down, different takes have been used. The R-Rated doesn't show her entire face and the cleavage stays clean. In the Unrated Version on the other hand, she goes down on her knees slower plus there's much more blood.
The Unrated Version is 0.28 sec longer


Alternate Footage
0:24:35: When the woman realizes that her sister is dead, a shot of a severed head from a former confrontation follows. This is shorter in the R-Rated. As compensation, the R-Rated contains an exclusive shot of the woman holding her sister in her arms. Because of that, the R-Rated Version is longer.
The R-Rated Version is 2.4 sec longer


0:43:55: The close-up of exploding Pretty Boy is entirely missing. Quite bloody by the way.
2.88 sec

0:43:59: More body parts are flying around. It starts later in the R-Rated.
1.52 sec

Extended Scene in the R-Rated Version
R-Rated: 0:43:59: As compensation, the end of it is longer in the R-Rated.
+ 2.36 sec

Additional Scene
0:52:17: Katrina in the shower. She's completely naked.
34.08 sec