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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jun 20, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Roughale - external link: IMDB
The comparison is between the Theatrical Version and the Extended Version (both can be found on the UK DVD by Universal)

- 41 differing scenes, including
* 22 scenes with alternative material
* 2 scenes, where only the theatrical version is longer

- Difference: 324 sec (= 5:24 min)

The Film

Paul is a British-American co-production, in which the known nerd heroes from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were brought together with the director of Superbad, Greg Mottola. The title-giving role of the alien, who must defend himself from mysterious pursuers, was dubbed by the well-known comedian Seth Rogen, who played in many successful comedies, including Superbad. On his escape, the alien meets comic book nerds Graeme (Pegg) and Clive (Frost). Towards the end there is a short appearance of Sigourney Weaver as female bad guy, but she leaves a rather weak impression.

The result of this combination is a harmless and nice comedy, which mainly profits from various film quotes and hints to famous films of the science fiction genre, which should particularly be liked by the fans of the genre. But the film also loses its focus on the basics. The blows against the Christian world view are amusing, but all in all the film is, despite its sum of used swear words, rather suitable for families. By the way, his film is not the third part of the Blood and Ice Cream (Cornetto) Trilogy, despite the fact that both Pegg and Frost are acting together in it!

The Extended Version

For the home release, an approximately 5 minute longer version has been created, which is rather not worth much excitement. The various differences are all rather unspectacular and can be regarded as filling material. The shorter scenes in the theatrical version make sense mostly. Only a few acceptable extra jokes were added by the changes (Clive's shopping instructions or the nicked quote by Paul, coming together through extended scenes at the beginning and at the end of the film). Additionally, some characters are described a little deeper (Ruth's eye had not been medically treated because of the strong religiousness of her father). With many of these changes, some short moments of the theatrical release get lost - the term "alternative material" should not be taken too seriously, as it is often just an unspectacular different shot leading into the next scene.

Since the UK release of the film, as well as the US release announced for an August release, are containing both versions, it can be seen as advantage, not to have to spend more money for the extended version.

The running time is provided in the following format:
Theatrical Version in PAL / Extended Version in PAL
Only the Theatrical Version is longer
04:24-04:27 / 04:24

The Theatrical Version as a longer scene and Clive also says: "And Sebastian Rico is a wonderful protagonist."
After that, Adam Shadowchild can be seen insignificantly earlier.

+ 3,2 sec

Alternative material
04:33-04:39 / 04:30-04:39

Only in the Extended Version, Clive explains for what he has received the price: "For best science fiction short story by a male under 16."

Due to this change, a few shots in the following seconds differ insignificantly and have the same dialogue, additional material just appears for the extra sentence in the Extended Version.

Extended 3,4 sec longer

Alternative material
04:51-04:52 / 04:51-05:07

The Theatrical Version shows a shot of a security guy ordering people to move on.

The Extended Version has a longer dialogue and the security guy's order is said off-screen.

Clive: "I'm hoping to complete it soon. I'm just having a bit of trouble with the ending."
Adam comments: "Well, a wise man said, 'You have to spin a good yarn before you can weave a great dream.'"
Graeme: "Who said that?"
Adam: "I did. I just said that."

Extended Version 15,1 sec longer

Alternative material
04:57-04:58 / 05:12-05:13

The Theatrical Version is longer by one shot at the point, when the two go away. The Extended Version therefor has the close-up shot of Adam a little earlier.

no running time difference

Alternative material
06:49-06:52 / 07:04-07:07

The porter asks the same, but different shots are shown ("What do you mean, aliens?").
The Theatrical Version shows him much closer.

no running time difference

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Alternative material
06:59-07:00 / 07:14-07:15

The shot is longer in the Theatrical Version, the Extended Version shows the following close-up (Graeme moves away the map to protect it from the pizza grease) a little earlier.

no running time difference

07:01-07:06 / 07:16-08:13

The take is longer at first in the Theatrical Version, when Clive gives the porter a tip and the porter says: "Have a nice honeymoon."
A small grin is shown as response and the scene is over - the following scene starts half a second earlier in the Extended Version.

The Extended Version shows our heroes lying in bed next to each other with the map spread on the bed and a dialogue was added. After this, the next morning also starts a little earlier.

Clive: "We should turn in. We got an early start in the morning."
Graeme: "Yeah. What do you think you're gonna dream about?"
Clive: "Oh, the open road. High adventure. That kind of thing. You?"
Graeme: "Wonder Woman."
Clive: "Please don't..."
Graeme: "Okay."
They think about going to sleep, Clive says: "You ready?"
Graeme: "Yeah."
Clive: "Okay. And..."
They count and reach for the light switches "Three, two, one."

The next morning, they are standing in front of the hotel and are talking.
Graeme: "What an amazing Con."
Clive: "That, my friend, was just the beginning."
A man from the hotel gets out of a small car, comes over and hands them a car key, saying: "Here you go."
Graeme tells him: "That's not ours."
The man puzzles: "No?"
Clive: "No. That's ours."
The caravan is approaching and the two walk over to it, looking very satisfied.
The man gets his money dropped out of the window of the small car, landing at his feet and he says: "Fucking orcs!"

Extended Version 51,8 sec longer

08:28 / 09:35-10:14

The dialogue with the waitress is significantly longer and a extra joke from her is included.

Clive: "Do you get a lot of UFO types around here?"
Waitress: "Some."
Clive: "Do you believe?"
Waitress: "Oh, yes, I do. Been a lot of strange happenings in these parts. Ah, it'd be a shame if we were the only souls in the universe.
Clive: "Well, probability alone suggests not. You know, there are 200 billion galaxies in the observable universe."
Waitress: "Oh. Makes you think, doesn't it?"
Both ask simultaneously: "What?"
Waitress: "Where is everybody?"
Both become thoughtful after this and the waitress awakes them from that state with: "Boo! Gotcha."

39,4 sec

Alternative material
11:25-11:27 / 13:11-13:26

In the Extended Version Clive extends the description of his imagination: "It just hovers over us and then all the coins in our pockets go magnetic, and then we get sunburned. Then it just goes up really quickly."
He imitates a space ship and then tells Graeme to smile for the camera.

In the Theatrical Version Clive's "Smile!" can only be heared during a shot of Graeme.

Extended Version 12,2 sec longer

Alternative material
15:54-15:57 / 17:53-18:06

To Paul's "I'm speaking English, you fucking idiot!" Graeme responds in the Extended Version in an additional shot: "That's not nice."
Paul admits: "That was mean. Look, I'm little tense. I was just involved in a major car crash."
Graeme: "That was your fault."
Paul: "I can't reach the pedals. My legs are too little. I had to use the parking brake, okay? I'm sorry. You're in shock right now."

In the Theatrical Version Paul only says the last sentence: "I'm sorry. You're in shock right now."
But a different shot of Graeme was used.

Extended Version 10,4 sec longer

Alternative material
20:56-21:04 / 23:05-23:21

In the Theatrical Version the two FBI agents only joke for a short moment in front of the door of the caravan.

O'Reilly: "Way to go, Dirty Harry!"
Haggard: "You caught that?"
O'Reilly: "Did I catch it? Oh, my God. Like a cold, I caught it."

The Extended Version has an alternative, longer take.

O'Reilly: "Way to go, Dirty Harry!"
Haggard, a little insecure: "That was all right, right?"
O'Reilly: "All right? That was great energy, man."
Haggard: "Yeah. It was."
O'Reilly: "That's it... is right. it was like... Not...
Haggard: "I thought it was okay."
O'Reilly: "No, you're thinking about it too much."
Haggard: "You think so? Mmm-hmm."
O'Reilly: "Oh, God. They were shaking in their boots."

Extended Version 7,6 sec longer

21:30 / 23:47-23:49

The shot is a little longer: O'Reilly takes out a torch as well and continues the joke: "Hmm. Your balls are gone."

2,6 sec

24:29 / 26:48-26:52

The shot is longer again and O'Reilly repeats Zoil's order: "We gotta take down that roadblock. It didn't work."
Haggard: "I'm standing right next to you."

21,4 sec

Alternative mateial
25:25-25:26 / 27:48-27:54

In the Theatrical Version, Clive says in a new shot: "Put it all back."

The Extended Version shows the preceding shot a little longer, adds an alternative take next, but does not want to part with some of the collected stuff: "Put it all back. Except the donuts and the chocolate milk. And the burritos, Cheetos and Fritos."

Extended Version 5,1 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Alternative material
25:27-25:28 / 27:55-27:58

In the Theatrical Version, the shot is a little longer, when Clive says "Just hurry up".
The Extended Version shows the following shot a little earlier, but Clive says a little friendlier: "Just hurry up, please."

Extended Version 0,9 sec longer

Alternative material
29:47-29:55 / 32:17-32:29

The Theatrical Vesion shows Zoil longer and he says: "Negative. Just a couple of nerds on the lam from Comic-Con." being completely onscreen.
Cut directly into Haggard's car, showing how he accidentally can listen into Zoil's radio conversation with the boss (= The Big Guy) saying: "Something doesn't feel right. I think he had help on the inside."

The Extended Version shows Haggard, sitting down in his car. Zoil's sentence can only be heard.
Next a short shot of the Big Guy's hand is shown, angrily shoving off an alien puppet from her desk, saying: "My sister's kid went to that. Little manga faggot."
Next, the same sentence as in the Theatrical Version, but with a different shot of Haggard becoming alert.

Extended Version 4,8 sec longer

30:00 / 32:34-32:36

The following shot of Haggard starts a little earlier in the Extended Version...

1,6 sec

30:07 / 32:43-32:44

...and is a little longer at the end. This gives the scene a little more time to add a "Good." from the boss to be added to the audio track.

1,1 sec

31:17 / 33:54-34:02

Graeme repeats Clive's suggested sentence in the same shot: "We're just a couple of regular guys on a tour of the less touristy side of the American Midwest."
Ruth eplies: "How exciting.
Graeme: "I know."

8,6 sec

35:52 / 38:37-38:42

Ruth is shown earlier from the front and she asks: "Oh, was everything okay?"
Graeme: "Yes it was. It was very nice. The best. Ever."
Clive: "Yes, thank you. Adequate."

5,2 sec

Alternative material
36:38-36:39 / 39:28-39:39

The Extended Version has more dialogue about the creation of the world, right at the start of the conversation.

Ruth: "God created the Earth in six days, and on the seventh day he rested."
Paul cynically remarks from the off: "Really?"
Graeme tries to save the situation: "Or it could be God. You don't know, do you? It's up in the air."

Die Theatrical Version is insignificantly longer at the end and at the beginning of this scene (no pictures).

Extended Version 9,2 sec longer

36:53 / 39:53-40:02

A little more discussion with Paul, who is still hiding inside the lavatory.

Paul: "Oh, don't give me that old irreducible complexity crap."
Ruth: "Something as intricate as that does not just occur without the intervention of a guiding hand."

9 sec

Audio track

The audio track in the following scene had to be changed slightly to fit the preceding scene, but the pictures stay the same.

Theatrical Version: "It didn't just come into being."
Extended Version: "It didn't just occur!"

Picture for reference

36:57 / 40:06

The just mentioned shot is also a moment longer in the Extended Version and the following shot of Ruth starts a few frames earlier.

0,7 sec

Alternative material
37:02-37:08 / 40:11-40:19

In the Theatrical Version, Paul responds with a questioning repeat of the word "Blasphemy?", in the Extended Version he only says: "Oh, yeah."
Both versions use different shots of Grame and Clive.
The Extended Version shows Ruth a little earlier after this.

Extended Version 1,4 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

41:15 / 44:26-44:32

The photograph is shown insignificantly longer and then a little more about her childhood is revealed.

Zoil asks (about the eye): "Didn't want to take her to a doctor for that?"
Ruth's father: "The good Lord is the only doctor she'll ever need."
Zoil: "Copy that."

5,8 sec

41:39 / 44:56-45:17

The agents leave the house, adding a little dialogue.

Zoil: "Thank you very, very much for your time, sir."
Ruth's father: "Promise me you'll kill that thing, Mr. Zoil. Kill it for what it is."
Zoil: "We're gonna do our best."
Ruth's father: "I've seen its eyes. It's evil. Godspeed, Mr. Zoil."
He hugs him, Zoil says: "First 48 are crucial."

21,2 sec

Alternative material
44:16-44:17 / 47:54-48:08

Ruth is starting to bitch a bit earlier in the Extended Version: "So, everything that I have been told my whole life is just a big fat lie. Do you know how that feels?"
Graeme: "Just because your truth isn't a true truth doesn't mean that there is no truth, Ruth."
Ruth: "That's easy for you to say."
Graeme: "It's really not."

The Theatrical Version shows the following scene a little earlier instead (no pictures).

Extended Version 14 sec longer

Alternative material
50:49-50:52 / 54:40-55:00

In the Theatrical Version the hillbilly says in a different shot: "What's the rush? I got a friend down here that would love to meet you." his friend agrees.

The Extended Version provides more dialogue, Ruth is allowed to defend herself verbally.

The hillbilly starts in different shots: "Oh. I got a friend down here that would love to meet you."
The friend agrees, Ruth replies: "Well, as much as I would like to meet your penises, I'm in a hurry, so excuse me."
The guys say:
- "Now, this won't take long, sugar."
- "Nope. Won't take long at all."
Ruth says, earlier in the same shot, at which the Theatrical Version picks up: "Well, since you're both being so romantic, maybe I could give it just a quick hello."

Extended Version 16,4 sec longer

Alternative material
50:53-50:54 / 55:01-55:02

When Ruth kicks, the shot is insignificantly longer in the Theatrical Version, due to continuity reasons, a different shot was used.
The Theatrical Version cuts in with the rest of the shot from the Extended Version, the scene is only shown from the one perspective.

Kinofassung 0,2 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

50:55 / 55:03-55:06

The poor guy says confused in the Extended Version: "Now, why would you even..."
Ruth punches him into the genitals and he also goes down in pain, saying: "Ow! My balls!"

2,8 sec

Alternative material
61:51-61:53 / 66:02-66:12

The Extended Version provides a longer dialogue, before Zoil says goodbye.

Zoil: "Where are you coming from?"
Ruth: "Austin."
Zoil: "Good town."
Ruth: "Yeah, it is. They have a lot of bats."
Zoil: "Sorry? What'd you say?"

The following scene with the same content differs due to continuity reasons.

Extended Version 8,8 sec longer

Theatrical VesionExtended Version

62:04 / 66:23-66:29

Ruth is shown a little longer inside the caravan, Graeme comes to the door (in connection with the screen shot we'd like to point out the very nice feature Simon's silly faces from the Extra Features on the DVD) both say simultaneously: "You are not gonna believe this."
He enters the caravan with her.

5,6 sec

66:34 / 70:59-71:04

The boys are shown a little earlier inside the fireworks shop.

Graeme picks up an item and asks: "What about this one?"
Clive: "No, too small."
Graeme: "Really?"
Clive: "Yeah, too small."
He puts it back.

5,4 sec

Alternative material
70:21-70:25 / 74:51-75:02

Tara is shown in close-up a little longer, the following shot from another perspective also starts a little earlier.
For the cut over to Clive, Graeme and Ruth in between, an alternative par of the shot has been used (in the Extended Version Clive looks rather indifferent).

Tara says more in the Extended Version, the part marked in bold is missing in the Theatrical Version:
"They told me it was a meteor that squashed little Paul. They took me away and they did tests. They said it was for cosmic radiation, that I was concussed, hallucinating."

Extended Version 6,3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

Alternative material
70:39-70:42 / 75:16-75:27

In the Extended Version Tara says: "Pop tried to understand, but he would just smile and say, 'There there, Tara.'"

The Theatrical Version shows Paul a little longer and Tara a little earlier instead (no pictures) - her other comment has been moved a bit, starting at the same shot.

Extended Version 7,9 sec longer

Only longer in the Theatrical Version
70:45-70:46 / 75:30

The Theatrical Version shows Clive a little earlier.

+ 0,7 sec

81:49 / 86:33-86:42

The Big Guy (Sigourney Weaver) additionally says: "Seeing as how I'm the one holding all the cards. And when l say 'cards', I of course mean big fucking gun. Very big gun."
The heroes look appalled.

9,3 sec

Alternative material
81:58-82:00 / 86:51-87:05

The Extended Version shows more discussion during the boss's speech.

The Big Guy: "Shit, I'd shoot you now if I didn't get off on the idea of your being hog-tied and pissed on in Guantanamo Bay."
Graeme: "They've shut Guantanamo Bay."
The Big Guy: "Did they? Be honest with yourselves."

The Theatrical Version shows a different shot of our heroes.

Extended Version 11,8 sec longer

86:39 / 91:44-91:47

When Graeme and Ruth are kissing, Paul says in a new shot: "Well, what do you know? The geek shall inherit the Earth."

3,1 sec

Alternative material
89:02-89:03 / 94:10-94:27

In the Extended Version, Paul comments about Clive's book: "You know, as I always say, 'You have to spin a good yarn before you can weave a great dream.'"
Graeme: "That's what Adam Shadowchild said."
Paul: "That asshole! He stole that from me."
Graeme: "Huh. He was a bit of an asshole, actually."
Clive: "Yeah, he was."

The following scene starts a little earlier in the Theatrical Version (no pictures).

Extended Version 15,8 sec longer