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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Nov 06, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Dead in Tombstone is a solid direct-to-video production that luckily doesn't show that it was made on a small budget. The inevitable Danny Trejo might not be too picky when choosing most of his roles but this is a film that manages to entertain until the end even though it probably won't win an innovation award. Mickey Rourke makes a somewhat odd impression because he seems rather bored and was dubbed with a different voice in most of his scenes. Apart from that, the bodycount is high, there's plenty of violence and a little western feeling surfaces here and there. The US get the film in two different cuts. The "R"-rated version omits two graphic moments of violence and avoids female nudity by using appropriate alternate material. Since the DVD and Blu-ray have the Unrated on board, as well, that shouldn't bother too many viewers.

Comparison between the R-Rated and the Unrated (both included in the US Blu-ray/DVD combo set by Universal Pictures)

6 differences, consisting of
4 scenes with alternate material
1 extended scene in the UR
1 extended scene in the R-Rated

The UR runs 0.4 seconds longer than the R-Rated.
0:15:25: A man is shot in the head during the shootout at the Sheriff's house and a gaping hole can be seen in his head. Calathea looks through it.
3.96 sec.

R-Rated: 0:15:28: The man tries to calm Calathea down and tells her not to move. He and his boys would handle the situation.
- 3.56 sec.

Alternate Material
0:27:18: The UR shows Cavanaugh having a good time with barebreasted women while the R-Rated shows more of the dancing scene.
No time difference


Alternate Material
0:28:16: Again how Cavanaugh is surrounded by semi-nude women. The R-Rated has them, too, but they have clothes on here.
No time difference


Alternate Material
0:36:36: The R-Rated shows a distant shot of the man falling to the ground while blood flies through the air and Ramos can be seen a little longer. The UR has Ramos shorter and then a close-up of the destroyed skull followed by Guerrero standing behind the cannon.
No time difference


Alternate Material
0:59:42: The UR delivers a barebreasted woman running and screaming and a couple also feels disturbed in the middle of their loveplay by the gunshots. The R-Rated shows more destruction of the saloon interior instead.
No time difference


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