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  • BBFC 15
  • R-Rated
Release: May 19, 2014 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Young Donny Berger is living the dream of any schoolboy. As a thirteen-year-old, he starts having an affair with his attractive teacher Mary Beth McGarricle. Unfortunately, their relationship doesn't remain a secret for long and Ms. McGarricle is being sentenced to 30 years. For their son, Donny's father gets preliminary custody.

As an adult, Donny is in big trouble. He owes the state $43,000. If he can't come up with it in a few days, he is going to jail. Perfect that he gets an offer from a TV studio. They offer $50,000 if a camera team can film him and his son Todd visiting Mary Beth in penitentiary in Massachusetts. Too bad that Todd has broken off contact with his dad years ago and that he is getting married soon. But that doesn't stop Donny from showing up on his doorstep the day before his wedding day and turn his life and the lifes of the other guests upside down.

This comedy flick offers as much class as it can be expected from an Adam Sandler movie: pubertal gags, slapstick and a lot of poop jokes. More interesting is the fact that the movie has been censored in many European countries. Some pedophile-glorifying scenes have been removed but one can only speculate why the harmless scene with Donny asking his son some "Axe" body spray. Copyright problems is the probably the answer.

Compared are the UK Blu-ray (BBFC 15) and the US Blu-ray (R-Rated).

BBFC 15: 107:54 min (plus end credits)
R-Rated: 109:29 min (plus end credits)

1 minute and 35 seconds are missing.
Extended Scene US Version:
Young Donny is having an affair with his teacher Mary Beth McGarricle. When the affair is made public on a school event, the UK Version lacks a detail.

5 sec

Donny: "My dad's gonna kick my ass."

Extended Scene US Version:
In the UK Version, the following shot of the cheering crowd lacks the sports teacher nodding respectfully and also the shot of Donny appearing behind the piano, buttoning his pants.

4 sec

Censored Audio Track UK Version:
In court, Mary Beth is being quoted differently.

no difference

US Version

Judge: "I would fuck that kid again and again."

UK Version

Judge: "I would fuck that stud again and again."

Extended Scene US Version:
Due to his problem with the IRS, Donny has an appointment with his attorney Jim Nancy. When he mentions to Donny that he owes $43,000 to the state, Donny freaks out and tosse a chair against the wall. A short subsequent scene is missing as well.

26 sec

Nance: "Don't screw up my Tom Brady poster. It's my favorite one. Look at that jawline. Just the right amount of scruff."
Donny: "I'm sorry! I'm just freaking out here! I don't got 43 grand!"
Nance: "Well, look, hey, good news. Monday's Memorial Day, so you don't need to get the money till Tuesday."
Donny: "All right. That'll give me time to sell my diamond Lamborghini!"
Nance: "Hey, hey, hey! You're killing me, man! Don't mess with the genius."

Extended Scene US Version:
Donny's son Todd, his bride Jamie, his future in-laws Gerald and Helen are invited to his boss Steve Spirou. Steve's mother Delores casually mentions that she had worked as model for bathing suits at Woolworth. Gerald confirms that she still cuts a fine figure. Todd's short rash comment is missing.

6 sec

Todd: "Yeah, I can see where Steve got his rocking bod."
Delores: "Oh, why, thank you."

Extended Scene US Version:
Donny surpringly shows up at Spirou's house. Jamie opens the door and gets a wedding gift from Donny. A short indication of where Donny bought the gift is missing.

5 sec

Donny: "Spencer's Gifts never fucking fails me. I want to meet Mr. Spencer one day and say 'Thanks, motherfucker, for all the laughs.'"

Extended Scene US Version:
Todd confront his father Donny in a seperate room. Subsequently, right before Jamie yells that further wedding guests have arrived, the scene with Donny asking for some "Axe" body spray has been removed.

18 sec

Donny: "Do you have any Axe body spray?"
Todd: "No, Donny, I don't have any Axe body spray. Because I'm not a fucking douche bag."
Donny: "That's a douche bag thing? When did that become a douche bag thing?"

Extended Scene US Version:
At the following garden party, Donny is entertaining the people with his stories. Todd is embarrassed by it and he says Donny better go to bed. A short comment by Delores is missing.

2 sec

Delores: "Yeah, oh, fiddlesnatch."

Extended Scene US Version:
When the guys are telling their sins of their youth, the part where Gerald tells his is missing.

9 sec

Gerald: "I actually stole my middle school librarian's glasses to wear while I masturbated. What is that about?"

Extended Scene US Version:
Donny apologizesto Vanilla Ice for the incident. In the US Version, one gets to know some more details.

18 sec

Donny: "I want to be honest with you, too. I never did knock boots with your mother."
Vanilla Ice: "No?"
Donny: "No. I think she whacked me off outside the pants. But I didn't finish. Vanny, I didn't finish. I couldn't."
Vanilla Ice: "Yeah? Oh, Mom."
Donny: "Yeah."
Vanilla Ice: "You know, she did like to fuck."
Donny: "That's fucking... Look at him. Back to it. Fuck, yeah."

The US Version contains a 2-second-longer black screen after the end credits..