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Faces of Death 4


  • BBFC 18
  • German VHS
Release: Aug 22, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
There is a total of 243,32 seconds missing in 1 cut.
Running time of the cut version w/o ending credits: 1:26:43 (PAL).
Running time of the uncut version w/o ending credit: 1:30:48 (PAL).

Running time designations refer to the uncut version.


Dr. Francis B. Gross, pathologist and commentator of the first three parts of the Faces of Death series, is dead. His friend and neurosurgeon Dr Louis Flellis steps up to present a series of death scenes, accidents and other footage in order to document them.


Faces of Death IV (1990) is the probably hardest of the series and dwarfs its predecessors in terms of exploitation and cruelty. This time, it is not Dr Francis B. Gross (Michael Carr), but Dr Louis Flellis (involuntarily funny by James B. Schwartz) who gives his both macabre and at times unbearable moral commentary. The movie starts pretty hard with e.g. a cremation and various deadly accidents, but towards the end the movie gets pretty boring because the scenes are more and more unspectacular. Despite the pretty high fake/real ratio, the movie is pretty shocking due to good special effects. However, the sometimes forced intention to make the viewer believe the movie to be true results in some ridiculous moments.


Despite the "Uncut" tag on the british DVD reissue from 2006, the complete pig slaughtering scene has been cut. It is probable that the first issue is cut as well because the complete disc set released by Screen in 2009 also contains the censorship. The cut was probably necessary due to "The Cinematograph Films (Animal) Act 1937", which forbids cruelty against animals. The remaining running time difference is a result of the added product information included in the UK version and some tiny mastering mistakes, which will not by covered by this comparison.

Comparison between the cut DVD by Screen Entertainment (BBFC 18) and the uncut VHS by Madison Video (not rated).
The German VHS slowly fades to the pig slaughter scene. Here, the animals are being killed with a gun before their throat is slitopen so they can bleed out. The pigs are then being cleaned and their intestines are removed. The Dr is talking from the off, he states that the organs are used as well because they resemble human ones and can be researched or even used to produce insulin.

243,32 seconds

Mastering mistakes below 0,5 seconds have not been mentioned.