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Release: Aug 11, 2010 - Author: Jason - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
The for a TV production quite gory horror action movie "Full Eclipse", starring Mario Van Peebles, Bruce Payne and Patsy Kensit, was produced by the US Pay-TV network HBO and was released in the States as both a R-Rated and an Unrated version. These two versions could be bought on VHS, newer DVD releases only contain the uncut movie (despite having an R-Rating). The uncut version was released in other countries as well.

As is usual for a cut down R-Rated version, the cuts are quite small but numerous. Almost every cut to a gory shot wound was removed, the same applies to any depictions of drug abuse or sexual intercourse and any swear words like "Fuck" (and its variants l "fucking", "Motherfucker!" etc.), "Shit", "Dickhead", "Prick", which have been overdubbed with more harmless insults. Because the latter changes are ver many and distributed over the whole movie, they will not be presented in detail here in order not to lengthen this report unnecessarily.

The picture of the US DVD is rather bad, especially in dark scenes it is quite grainy. The R-Rated VHS also features a blue color filter which was not applied in the DVD version. The picture of the VHS is also generally darker.

R-Rated VHS:Unrated DVD:

Running time designations refer to the cut version.
The remaining running time difference is a result of the rounding of the cut lengths to whole or half seconds.
61 cut scenes = 3 min. 46 sec.
1 Alternative shot
1 Sound effect removed
The hostage is being hot: two shots of gory hits are missing.
The R-Rated version shows a back shot of a man flying backwards instead, this was included in the Unrated later.
2 sec.

A closer shot of the backwards flying man with many wounds is missing.
0,5 sec.

Jim is being hit twice beforehand.
1,5 sec.

The hostage-taker is being hit quite often, the R-Rated does not start before he hits the ground.
5 sec.

The shot captor falls down to the ground, Max lands next to him. There is a shot of a scared woman crawling around.
2,5 sec.

Max stands up, jumps towards another gangster and shoots him (bloody hits).
5,5 sec.

The last kidnapper is being hit in a closer shot, Max continues firing.
1,5 sec.

A short close-up of gangster being hit is missing, the following shot of the gagnster hitting the counter also does not start before the shooting ends.
1 sec.

A camera pan along the dead gangster is missin.
15 sec.

Three shots of the air vent, in which the shot Jim is lying, are missing, blood is dripping out of the wholes.
7 sec.

The shot starts earlier, the bullets hit the man.
0,5 sec.

The shot of the hit passers-by is a tiny bit longer.
A few frames

Two shots of the bloodily hit passers-by are missing.
2,5 sec.

Max longer shoots at the car driving away.
3 sec.

The beginning of the shot is a bit shorter, the moment of the hit cannot be seen.
A few frames

The passer-by is being hit multiple times.
1 sec.

Ditto, from another angle.
0,5 sec.

The shot starts earlier, the motorcycle driver is being hit.
1 sec.

Jim is being hit.
0,5 sec.

A shot of an arm being hit is missing.
A few frames.

Jim is being hit more often.
1 sec.

Jim puts the muzzle of his gun in his mouth and cocks it.
2,5 sec.

When Jim is shooting himself, a close-up and the beginning of the following shot are missing.
1 sec.

Ramon injects himself the drug.
3,5 sec.

The shot starts earlier, Casey also uses the drug.
1,5 sec.

Alternative shot
In the R-Rated the corpse of the woman is covered witha blanket, in the Unrated she is lying naked on the stretcher. The shot of the Unrated version starts a bit earlier.
A few frames

R-Rated VHS:Unrated DVD:

The beginning of the shot is missing, the physician starts to work on Jim's head earlier.
1 sec.

He gets the silver bullet out of the wound in a close-up.
4 sec.

The beginning of the sex scene between Max and Casey is missing.
13,5 sec.

The two stand up, Max pulls Casey's skirt up.
6 sec.

Max grabs Casey's hair in two different shots and pulls her head up.
2,5 sec.

A longer part of the sex scene is missing.
9 sec.

Audio effect removed
In the R-Rated, all of the sound effects of Casey's transformation have been erased.
No difference in time

Pictures of the scene:

Another part of the sex scene is missing.
4,5 sec.

For no obvious reason: A camera pan along Casey is missing.
2,5 sec.

Max looks down on himself and is being hit by two bullets.
6 sec.

The beginning of the shot is missing. Casey is walking towards Max through a big blood stain.
1,5 sec.

Casey injexts Max the Drug in a close-up.
4 sec.

Max is wriggling on the ground earlier, Casey says "It's destroying, but it doesn't mean."
9 sec.

Max longer tries to stand up, his bloody back can be seen.
2,5 sec.

Casey injects Max the drug longer, he writhes and stumbles away from her.
3 sec.

The beginning of the shot is missing. Casey is stabbing the syringe into her thigh.
1 sec.

The shot starts a bit earlier, Casey and her human shield are being hit.
A few frames

Shot of the firing shooter, Max is being hit but shoots some gangsters and lab assistants himself.
6,5 sec.

Casey slits open a lab assistants throat.
1 sec.

Max shoots more gangster, in the meantime a shooter fires at Casey with no visible effect. When she shoots back she hits him.
8,5 sec.

The shot gangster is hitting a table, Max is being hit again but continues to shoot at the other shooters who slowly retreat.
10 sec.

Adam is pressing Casey on the floor and is lying on top of her. The following shot also starts earlier because the R-Rated lacks the fade over.
19 sec.

The beginning of the camera pan showing a blood-stained corpse is missing.
1,5 sec.

The shot of Davies being hit is missing.
0,5 sec.

Adam brings the syringe to his temple longer.
2,5 sec.

Adam injects the syringe into his temple.
3 sec.

Adam pulls the drug out of his temple, Max wants to have more of it again. The follwoing shot of Adam also starts earlier.
8,5 sec.

Adam bites Doug in the neck in an additional shot.
1 sec.

Shot of Liza, Adam longer bites Doug.
2,5 sec.

Max' ..., motherfucker!" after "Not today..." was cut because an overdub probably was not possible since his lips are clearly visible in the shot.
0,5 sec.

Adam shoots Edmung in the head, he falls to the ground. Adam says "I get back to you, Edmund." and there is another shot of the dead.
7,5 sec.

The camera pan along the bloody corpse is longer.
10,5 sec.

Max drives down the docks longer, Liza can be seen a bit earlier at the woman's corpse.
2 sec.

The shot of Max and Adam is a bit longer, cut to the shot wound. The camera pans up at Adam.
6 sec.

Shot of the transformed Adam hitting Liza with his claw in the stomach. Cut to Ramon backing down.
3 sec.

Adam tears Max' chest open.
1 sec.