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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice For All

original title: Gyakuten Saiban 2


Nintendo DS
Region: Worldwide

Game Boy Advance Version
Region: Japan

Release: May 16, 2013 - Author: DarkChojin - Translator: Tony Montana
Possibly no one would have ever expected that a Game Boy Advance game originally released in Japan in 2001 could make an entire genre famous in the western hemisphere. I'm talking about Capcom's GYAKUTEN SAIBAN, internationally better known as PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY, an unusual representative of the so-called "Visual Novel"-Genre from Japan that was unnoticed for some reason until then. The genre defines itself by a linear - similar to reading a book - point 'n' click adventure gameplay. Scattered by a little action or puzzle, the game certainly focuses on the presentation and the texts. Inspired by the good critics and sympathetic buzz marketing of the gamers, the feisty courtroom simulation got sold like hot cakes. As a result, there were times it was ridiculously hard to get a copy of the DS-Version internationally released in 2006 in the first place (that the Japanese Version from 2005 contained English screentextes as well be completely ignored here). Due to its huge success, further Visual Novels were localized to "risk" a Western release. Among them are many sequels of von Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (inclusing several spin-offs).

The comparison is focused on the first sequel GYAKUTEN SAIBAN 2 aka PHOENIX WRIGHT: JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Compared are the censored Nintendo DS-Version - representative for any International Version - and the uncensored Game Boy-Advance Original Version.
Hotel Gatewater: The Violet Room
The Censored Version lacks an interesting "Detail" in the background. It doesn't take much imagination to figure out why.

Original Version (GBA):Censored Version (NDS):


Juan Corrida:
Exclusively in the Version with Spanish textes, the homocide victim of episode 4 of Juan Corrida in Juan Rivera (loosely based on the Spanish matador Cayetano Rivera Ordˇ˝ez) has been renamed. The reason for that is simple: the Spanish word "Corrida" has an inconvenient secind meaning ("orgasm").

German Version:Spanish Version: