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Beyond the Door II (aka Shock)

original title: Schock


  • BBFC 18 VHS
  • German DVD
Release: Oct 30, 2010 - Author: Demerest - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Altogether 383.2 seconds are missing at a total of 4 cuts.
Running time of the cut version without end credits: 1:21:18 (PAL).
Running time of the uncut version without end credits: 1:27:59 (PAL).
The times refer to the uncut version.


Dora, her second husband Bruno who is a pilot and her son Marco whose father is Dora's first husband move to the old house of her family. Years ago her first husband, a junkie, had committed suicide there. Suddenly, Marco starts behaving very strange. He literally starts to sexually desire his mother. Soon Dora believes the ghost of her first husband has been reborn in their son. But who would believe her? And why would the ghost come to life now?


About three years before his death, Italian master of the macabre Mario Bava directed Shock (1977) a more than good scary movie and at the same time the last movie of his career. The Italian production does not use extreme effects as much as a professional cinematography and the carefully used sound effects which really add something to the great atmosphere. Another positive note are the performances of the main actors Daria Nicolodi, David Colin Jr. and John Steiner who deliver believable performances. Ivan Rassimov has a small part portraying a psychologist who gets little screen time and only has a few lines which are more or less irrelevant to the plot. Altogether Mario Bava managed to get a dignified farewell from the big screen and his death ended an era in the Italian film industry.


The rumor at that the UK-VHS released in 1985 by Stablecane Home Video contains a version which was cut in the scenes containing Ivan Rassimov can be negated after a comparison to the German DVD released by '84 Entertainment. Other plot scenes are effected which have probably been cut to tighten the plot.

This is a comparison between the cut VHS released by Stablecane Home Video (BBFC 18) and the uncut German DVD released by '84 Entertainment .
At the beginning, different logos are being shown.
time difference: 11.72 seconds
BBFC 18:

The title cards are different, as well.
no time difference
BBFC 18:

The other credits are in English on the BBFC 18-VHS, on the uncut DVD they are in Italian.
no time difference
BBFC 18:

Here, the BBFC 18-VHS shows an additional credit card that cannot be found on the uncut DVD.
no time difference
BBFC 18:

The camera slowly travels from the basement to the banister.
56.96 seconds

Marco and his mother are playing tag in the garden and at the end he lets himself fall in the grass. After that he lies on his mother and stares at her making strange noises. Dora, shortly before with an appalled facial expression, suggests to her son to go to the park. Marco loves the idea. A moment later they are watching a strange puppetry among other people. Dora suggests to move on. But Marco wants to stay because he finds the puppetry scary.
81.96 seconds

Dora sits down in front of the mirror and combs her hair. Behind her a door opens and alarms her. It is Marco shyly asking his mother if he can sleep in her bed tonight. Dora agrees and heartily hugs her son. The next scene contains an exterior shot of the house followed by a shot inside the room in which Marco and his mother are sleeping. After panning across the room the camera stops in front of Marco who opens his eyes, slowly gets out of bed and uses telekinesis to move the swing in the garden while standing at the window. After that, the boy quickly goes back to bed and looks at his mother concentrated. After Marco has shortly touched her pony he moves his now decayed hand gently over her neck and her face which brings her to ecstasy. In the following scene a shot of the running Marco has been cut, as well.
214.04 seconds

During her fever dream Dora gorily crushes the strange hand in her bed. The beginning of the shot of the two „light hands“ appearing and removing the blanket is missing, as well.
30.24 seconds

The end credits of the BBFC 18-VHS are in English, again, the end credits on the uncut DVD are in Italian.
no time difference
BBFC 18:

Errors in the master have not been taken into account for this report.