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Beyond: Two Souls


European Version
Rating: PEGI 16
Region: Europe

US Version
Rating: ESRB: M (Mature, 17+)
Region: USA

Release: Oct 29, 2013 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana


Please note: This comparison contails spoiler!


Short Recap

At the end of September, it was announced that the last and exclusive major title for PlayStation 3 Beyond: Two Souls - would only be released as censored version in Europe. Unlike The Last of Us, Sony Computer Ent. Europe confirmed it quickly without even hiding it by smart phrasing. Among other things, it was stated that the alterations were necessary in order to reach a lower PEGI rating. According to Product Manager Ross Alexander, who posted a statement in the official PlayStation blog, Beyond: Two Souls would have gotten a PEGI 18 rating without these alterations and since the game was supposed to be available for a bigger clientele, the decision to censor the game for the PEGI 16 rating was made.

The Differences (no spoilers)

In the chapters "The Condenser" and "Dragon'Äs Hideout", two short scenes are softened now.

A final fight has been altered in a way that a scientist's neck can't be pounded with a pole. Furthermore, the camera pans away twice during a torture scene.

Anyone has to decide for themselves whether or not these alterations are still acceptable but it doesn't influence the gameplay in a negativ way.

The Versions

European Version

As usual for Sony Computer Ent. Europe, the actual game is the same in any European country. The only difference is the language, e.g. the German FSK Version and the Austrian PEGI Version are in German while the UK PEGI Version only contains the English audio track. Moreover, there's the multilingual Benelux PEGI Version for instance. The different European Versions can be made out by their BCES number.

But as already mentioned, the language(s) aside, there's no difference at all in the different European Version i.e. they're all censored in the same way.

US Version

Before its release, the rumor that erotic stuff would be censored in the US Version was spread but that turned out to be a hoax (as the comparison showed). This affects a "sex scene" (there is no actual sex in any version) and two shower scenes.

The French are lucky though because the US Version doesn't only contain the English audio track but the French one as well. The US Version is also available in Canada where the second language is French.


Compared are the censored European Version (PEGI 16) and the uncensored US Version (ESRB: M (Mature, 17+)).

Chapter The Condenser:

In this chapter, Jodie fights a scientist who was taken over by some kind of existence. Throughout the course of the fight, Jodie rams a pole in the scientist's neck.
In the European Version, the pole is shorter plus the neck isn't pounded. The pole simply hits the ground. The blood has been removed as well.

European VersionUS Version

In the further course of events, the European Version lacks the pole in the scientist's neck because it hit the ground earlier.

European VersionUS Version

When Jodie is lying on the ground after an attack, she's approached by the scientist. In the course of this, he catches fire and goes down as well. When he's crawling in Jodie's direction, the angle has been changed so that one can't watch her removing the pole from his skin anymore.

European VersionUS Version

The European Version also lacks scientist's neck wound.

European VersionUS Version

Chapter Dragon's Hideout:

When Ryan Clayton is being tortured, the camera (from Jodie's POV) pans away twice.
When Ryan's arm is being cut open, Jodie looks to the ground and her legs before it actually happens. When she looks up again, the screen turns black for second (Jodie closes her eyes) and the following images are blurry.

European VersionUS Version

When Jodie doesn't respond to the questions (it's up to the player), Ryan's torture continues. When the Asian General notices Ryan - there's no explicit footage in the US Version either because the General is standing in front of Ryan - Jodie looks away one more time in the European Version.

European VersionUS Version