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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Feb 10, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Version, both taken from the US Blu-ray by Paramount.

- 20 differences, six of which feature alternative footage
- Difference in running time: 619,1 sec (= 10:19 min)


In the regular Jackass movies, Johnny Knoxville sometimes played the role of elderly Irving Zisman. One of the reasons for the heavy use of make-up was the fact that the surprise pranks did not work that well anymore because the guys were recognized more often due to their TV fame.

Bad Grandpa can be considered the fourth Jackass movie, and this time there even is a big storyline used as a framework for Irving's antics. After his wife's death, he has to spend time with his grandson Billy because he is supposed to look after him after the impending imprisonment of Billy's mother. Due to the old age of the character, the stunts are less hardcore and the gags are less disgusting than in the other Jackass movies.

There are definitely some great gags in the movie, but not every Jackass fan is going to like the concept. However, the movie definitely was successful: with $150 million it grossed more than ten times its budget.

The Unrated Version

The principle is well-known, but let us look back at what added scenes the previous unrated versions of Jackass movies offered. Jackass: The Movie showed more of the anus toy car and the electric testicles., Jackass: Number Two featured uncensored horse sperm drinking and leeches in the groin, whereas there was no really spectacular new footage for the unrated Jackass 3D.

Bad Grandpa can now be bought in a version that is even ten minutes longer, however, the already mentioned softer approach to the movie applies to the added material as well and the promised "outrageous footage" seems to rather consist of scenes that just did not make it into the movie. Only a few scenes like Irving's testicle hanging out in the strip club could have a censoring background, but there is enough of comparable footage in the Theatrical Version as well.

People who like the Theatrical Version will also like the longer cut, but it is not really necessary to watch the latter. For the first viewing, the Theatical Version might even be considered better because the extensions make the movie feel less fluid.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Theatrical Version Blu-ray / Unrated Version Blu-ray
06:16 / 06:16-06:21

Irving can be seen with his penis stuck in the dispenser.
Irving: "Please! It's not funny! It's not funny!"

4,5 sec

06:21 / 06:25-06:52

Irving talks to another pedestrian.
The man answers: "What you want?"
Irving: "I'm in a bad situation. I gotta get unstuck! Can you help? Jiggle my shoulders. Jiggle my shoulders. Ow! Ow!"
Pedestrian: "Nothing I can do."
Irving: "Jiggle my... Jiggle! Ow! Ow. Oh, my God. Oh, my God."
A woman films the whole thing with her cell phone from her car.

24,5 sec

06:53 / 07:24-09:32

There is a bit more back screen after the movie title and then a completely new scene: Irvin goes shopping for a suit. He talks about his sexual goals after his wife's death. He eventually tries to leave without paying but is caught because he just cannot walk fast enough.

Employee (Judy): "You looking for something?"
Irving: "Yes, ma'am, I'm looking for a suit."
Judy: "Okay."
Irving: "Wow, what's your name?"
Judy: "Judy."
Irving: "Judy... Nice to meet you. You are so beautiful."
Judy: "Thank you."
Irving: "Oh, my goodness. My wife just passed away."
Judy: "I'm sorry."
Irving: "That's all right. It wasn't the greatest marriage anyway, Judy. That's why I'm gonna take a little me time now, Judy. And have some fun."
Judy points out a suit: "Uh-huh. See?"
Irving: "By fun, I mean banging the gong. I might be too old to fry the rice, but I can still chop the suey, that's for sure. How long does it take to do alterations?"
Judy: "Um... Do you need a hurry?"
Irving: "Uh, the funeral's tomorrow."
Judy: "Oh. Do you need a tie?"
Irving: "Yes, ma'am. Yes, ma'am."
Judy: "Okay, what color the tie you likey?"
Irving: "Uh, I likey any color. You pick one out for me."
Judy: "Well... How about that one right there?"
Irving: "Uh... Which one? You mean this one?"
Judy: "Right there. Yes."
Irving: "That looks like it's green. Oh, that's very nice."
Judy: "Yeah. Okay?"
Irving: "How much is that shirt?"
Judy: "Sixty-five."
Irving: "That's a lot of scratch."
Judy: "Forty percent."
An employee further back repeats; "Forty percent."
Irving is with the cashier; "That's a lot of scratch. So, forty percent."
The employee, now behind the cash register; "Yeah."
Irving: "Is that a squirrel right there?"
When the employee looks away, Irving tries to walk away. The man instantly follows him and drags him back into the store.
Irving: "Oh, oh, oh, oh. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. You got me, you got me."
Employee: "Yup, I got you good."
Irving: "You got me."
Employee: "Yup, I got you over a felony."
Irving: "Oh, God."
Employee: "Have a seat."
Irving: "Yes, sir."
Employee: "Do not get up out of that chair."
Irving: "Yes, sir. I apologize."
Employee: "Get my shit off."
Irving: "Get your shit off?"
Employee: "Get my shirt off. Get my coat off. Get my pants off."
Irving : "I gotta take your pants off?"
Employee: "You better believe it."
Irving: "Well, that sounds a little weird."
Employee: "Go in here and get the damn pants off."
Irving: "You want me to take your pants off, that seems a little weird."
He is being led outside.

128,5 sec

Alternative Footage
07:37-07:39 / 10:17-10:44

Some more talk during the memorial service. A man next to Irving pretends to be a sign language interpreter. The longshot starts a bit earlier:

Irving: "Thank you. I wished you could have seen the young Ellie, the woman I fell in love with. She was like a flash of bright light. A callipygian princess who drew people to her like a magnet. Some guests smirk.And for those of you who don't know what callipygian means, it means she has a nice bottom."
Some guests in the audience smirk.
Irving: "She did."

Unrated 25,8 sec longer

Alternative Footage
07:56-07:59 / 11:01-11:05

There is another take of Irving's daughter Kimmie entering. Only the Unrated shows the interpreter responding to Irving's "Baby!".

Unrated 0,9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
09:18-09:19 / 12:24-12:28

The more shots of Billy, he talks to an elderly woman: "I don't pee my bed anymore."
The Theatrical shows the following shot of Irving a bit earlier.

Unrated 2,4 sec longer

14:37 / 17:46-17:50

Irving insults Chuck some more: "Bye, A-S-S-H-O-L-E. Shitbird, dummy butt."

4,5 sec

14:59 / 18:12-19:46

Inside, Irving gives Billy a lesson in defending himself against someone with a knife. Some people have a look at the house at the same time and of course Irving scares them off.

Irving: "Hey, Billy, let me show you what you're going to do if somebody comes at you with a knife. Come here."
Man: "Have any of those baskets down here that you have outside?"
Irving: "I don't think so."
Man: "You don't think so. You don't know?"
Irving wimmelt ihn ab; "Don't interrupt, grandpa, I'm busy. So if a guy comes at you with a knife..."
Man: "You don't care about a sale?"
Irving: "Yeah, I care about a sale. But I'm trying to teach my grandson about knife fights. And you keep yapping. Jesus."
Man: "Good attitude to have."
Irving: "Yeah, keep walking, gramps. Okay, now, if a guy comes at you in a knife fight. Like, come at me, I'll show you what you do. That's all you gotta do. You take it and you stick it right in their thigh. And then they can't run after you."
Two women have noticed the lesson as well and Irving talks to them: "You young ladies in the market for a nice bed?"
Woman: "No."
Irving: "Seventy-five dollars."
Woman: "What's special about it?"
Irving: "It's got that special vibrating feature. You know what I'm saying? You want to see how it works?"
Woman: "No, thanks, honey."
Irving: "My wife and I only had it two weeks before she went in the hospital."
Woman: "Oh, I'm so sorry."
Irving: "That's okay, that's okay. It's barely been used. And she passed away."
Woman: "Oh, dear. That's very sad."
Irving: "Yeah. Well, it's not so sad, she was kind of a bitch, but..."
Woman 1: "Jeez!"
Woman 2: "My goodness!"
Irving, while both the women and the man from before leave: "Well, gotta call a spade a spade. Well, there goes the troublemaker. Well, what kind of attitude is that?"
Man: "Same type you have."
Irving: "Wow. Mr. and Mrs. Happy."

93,7 sec

15:30 / 20:16-20:43

Irving complains to another woman about Billy.

Irving: "Ma'am, will you buy that please?"
Woman: "No, thank you. I don't need it, I have one."
Irving: "Ma'am, how do you explain what a cockblock is to an eight-year-old? Can you help me explain that? 'Cause that's what's sitting there is a little cockblock."
Woman: "You're a good boy. Remember that."
Irving: "No, he's not. Don't listen to her."
Woman: "He's a good boy."
Irving: "If you like him so damn much, you take him."

26,3 sec

Alternative Footage
22:38-22:41 / 27:51-28:04

The Unrated changes to another perspective when Irving sits down on the vehicle and he stammers around a little as well; "Ow. Oh, man. Damn thing's broke. Come on."
Billy: "You put in 50 cents."

Unrated 9,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
23:11-23:13 / 28:34-28:59

The end of the scene is different. Already before the dialog in the off differs. The sentence from the Theatrical can be heard later in the Unrated. There is also a slow motion shot of Irving going through the window. Afterwards, a woman tries to calmp him down.

Exclusive dialog before the time designation.
Irving: "I shouldn't have even been on there."
Billy: "You ruined the store."
After the time designation:
Woman in front of the store: "Sir, would you please listen to me? I want you to sit down on a cushion until... I want the ambulance to check you out. Listen, it is not your fault. You are not over that weight limit. Do you understand?"
Irving: "What weight limit?"
Woman: "There's no weight limit on that thing."
Irving: "Hey, I don't have a weight limit either. If you know what I mean."

The last shot of Irving inside saying "Well, it's fixed!" can only be seen in the Theatrical because the sentence can be heard offscreen during the slow motion shot.

Unrated 22,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

25:32 / 31:17-31:46

The employees argue longer with Billy and Irving.

Woman: "What's your name?"
Billy: "Billy."
Woman, to Irving: "You've had Billy for the school year?"
Irving: "No, no."
Woman: "And he's going back for the summer?"
Irving: "I just got him today."
Woman: "And you already want to send him back? You got him today!"
Irving: "Yeah, my wife passed."
Woman: "Aw! I'm sorry to hear it. Your grandmother? Did he love Grandma?"
Billy: "No."
Woman: "He didn't?"
Irving: "If you'd have met her, you'd have felt the same way."
Woman: "You think she died of a broken heart?"
Irving silently: "Heart attack. Well, I can tell you what she didn't die of. Fellatio."
The woman is shocked; "Oh, my."

28,9 sec

30:22 / 36:36-37:20

Another scene at the bingo. Irving celebrates his victory a bit too much.

Irving gets up and cheers; "Bingo! Ha ha! Bingo! Bingo!"
The responsible woman seems a bit annoyed when she talks into her microphone: "Can someone check that bingo for me, please?"
A woman says: "There's no N!"
Irving: "You hush. You hush."
Woman: "You don't tell me to hush. You hush, too. You hush."
Irving: "No, I won't. I'm a grown man. I can talk. I can talk. I can talk. Tattletales."
The first woman again: "The bingo is not possible because we have no N, so we will keep playing."
Irving: "Well, shit!".

43,5 sec

32:22 / 39:20-39:47

Irving gets pushed around in the supermarket trolley some more.

Billy: "Where are we going?"
Irving: "Just keep going straight. You getting tired?"
Billy: "Yeah. Are you an alcoholic?"
Irving: "No, I'm not an alcoholic."
Billy: "I wouldn't be surprised if you are."
Irving: "Just had a couple too many."
He takes another sip: "Onward! Onward!"

27,5 sec

46:07 / 53:32-54:14

Irving longer in the male strip club with his testicle hanging out. He dances at a guy at the bar and also uses the pole a little.

41,3 sec

53:45 / 61:52-62:22

Billy talks to another woman and Irving does his thing.

Irving makes a gesture.
Billy: "Excuse me, my grandpa would like to say something. He wants to know if you want to smell his finger."
Irving; "No, no. No, no, no. No, no. No, no."
Billy; "He wants to know if you're doing anything later."
Irving calls after the woman: "Takes an old hen to deliver the goods."
He whispers to Billy: "Is that a no?"
Billy (loud): "Is that a no?"
Irving: "Old chickens make good soup."

30,6 sec

57:56 / 66:33-67:12

Irving annoys the man who asked him to put the fake penguin back longer. He imitates a wrestling move.

Irving: "You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna get your doober. Oh. Oh. I got your doober. I got your doober. I ate your doober."
Man: "You shouldn't be fucking driving anyway. You're fucking 85 years old."
Irving: "I got his doober."
Man: "Thank God that wasn't a human being."
Irving: "I got his doober and he's mad."
Man: "Okay, I'm gonna fucking..."
Irving; "Oh! Atomic elbow! Atomic elbow! I did a little wrestling myself in my younger days."
Mann: "Are you fucking kidding me, bro?"
Irving: "What? Atomic elbow!"
Mann: "Are you kidding me?"
Irving: "I loved Abdullah the Butcher when I was younger."
Mann: "Are you fucking kidding me, man?"
Irving: "Why? It's an atomic elbow."

38,5 sec

59:57 / 69:13-69:43

Irving hits on the waitress and talks to Billy about the food.

Irving: "Angel."
Waitress: "Yes."
Irving: "Earplugs, Billy. Earplugs."
Billy does as he is told, then Irving continues: "What time do you get off?"
Waitress: "9:00 o'clock."
Irving: "All right."
Waitress: "All right."
Irving, while she leaves; "All right. Check out the rear bumpers on that one. Mmm. How's your food?"
Billy: "Good."
Irving: "How much butter you gonna put on that?"
Billy: "I'm eating this one."
Irving: "You eat it raw?"
Billy: "Yeah, why not?"
Irving: "Dear God."

29,9 sec

Alternative Footage
74:20-74:28 / 84:06-84:30

The two versions differ a little before Irving comes back. Chuck's dialogues have different topics.

Theatrical Version

Chuck criticizes Billy's eating habits while talking to a woman; "You got kids? Do they eat like that?"
Woman: "Yes, they do."


Chuck: "When someone disrespects me, I wanna be able to go, like, DT, take him out."
Rocker: "Yeah, no. We're not that."
Chuck: "DT, see that... Look at that that guy eyeballing me over there. Listen, if I start some shit right now, will you guys back me up? 'Cause this guy's been eyeballing me all..."
Rocker: "No, no, you're on your own. We're here having a party. That's all we are."
Chuck: "Yeah, damn."
Rocker: "That's what we're about, so..."

Unrated 16,8 sec longer

75:57 / 85:59-86:16

Chuck talks longer to the rockers.

Rocker: "You got me, all right? That boy ain't no 600 dollars."
Chuck: "I forfeit. I forfeit. You understand me? I give up. I surrender. Fine. Fine. You wanna guard that kid? You guard him."
Rocker: "He's got a guardian."

16,6 sec