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13.08 Our Idiot Brian


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Jan 13, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter taken from the US DVD set "Season 13 (Volume 14)"

Three differences, including one instance with censored audio and another one with alternate footage
Difference in running time: 3.9 sec

The next DVD set, which is available in the US since December 8, 2015 contains all the episodes of season 13. As was the case with previous box sets, some episodes are longer or uncensored compared to the than the original TV broadcasts but less than before. Several episodes are identical or nothing more than a beep was removed.

Episode 8 ("Our Idiot Brian") contains an additional scene at the beginning which refers to a school shooting. Contrary to other gags of the show, still within the scope resp. probably cut for time reasons. Besides beeping an F-bomb, there is an interestng animation at the end of the episode when Peter is at the hospital and gets the idea to sew on a second penis. Contrary to previous episodes, this scene is even pixelated in the DVD Version. At least, one gets to see it at all because it was only implied in the TV Version.

- In Episode 5, the comment "I fucking love Train!" in minute 3 is uncensored.
- In Episode 6, the comment "I wanna kill these fucking cops!" in minute 11 is uncensored.
- There are no differences in episode 7.

Patty explains more detailed: "(You should get someone super-smart to take it for you.) That's what all the star athletes do."
Meg: "Uh, I'm so sick of all the special treatment they get. Even during school shootings."
A cutaway follows. The principal distribues body armor in the library: "Kevlar vest. Kevlar vest."
A regular student shows and stops: "Hold on. Are you a starter? These are for starters only."
Student: "I will be a starter next year."
The teacher laughs: "Then next year you can have a vest."
Then Meg again: "Besides, even if I could get someone to take the SATs for me, that's cheating."

In the TV Version, Meg's reaction is slightly different: "Have someone take it for me? But that's cheating."

DVD Version 20.4 sec longer

Censored Audio Track

Uncensored comment: "Your mom is so fucking hot!"

Screenshot to illustrate the scene


When Peter mentions his "two wiener" surgery and one of them falls off while Peter is bobbing up and down, the scene is blurred in the DVD Version. But due to another angle, one at least gets to see it in the first place. In addition to that, the animation at the end is a little longer plus Peter unsuccessfully attempts to reattach the second one.

DVD Version 2.1 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version