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Cut and Run

original title: Inferno in diretta


  • Australian VHS
  • JK DVD
Release: May 01, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut Australian VHS by CBS/FOX (R 18+) and the uncut German DVD by CMV Laservision (JK rated)

In Columbia, there's a brutal drug war. When reporter Fran Hudson in Miami receives some information about a drug deal, she wants to make a story about it. When she arrives, she finds only finds a battlefield. But when she sees a photograph of a drug boss together with her boss's son, both believed to be dead, she sniffs a chance for another big story and, together with camera man Mark, heads towards Columbia. But once again Fran comes too late and finds the drug camp devastated by Indios, who killed all the drug dealers. However, there is one survivor, Ana. She tells them she knew Tommy, Fran's boss's son. They soon find out that Col. Horne, the drug boss Fran is after, is in control of an army of Indios with which he wants to bring the whole Columbian drug market under his control.

The Movie:
Cut and Run is a well done action-adventure by Italy's cult director Ruggero Deodato. This movie has more than just the excessive violence of his cannibal movies, it can be found here, too, but in nice small portions and nor for their own sake.
It also features a good cast: Lisa Blount (Great Balls of Fire), Leonard Mann (Copkiller), Richard Lynch (Rob Zombie's Halloween, Puppetmaster 3), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil's Rejects), Gabriele Tinti (Lisa andthe Devil), John Steiner (Salon Kitty, Caligula), Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses), Eriq La Salle (Emergency Room).
Additionally, it offers nice nature views, a brillant score by Claudio Simonetti and a thrilling story.

For the international release, some of the violence scenes have been made differently. In some countries, e.g. Germany, only a censored version was released while in other countries like Italy and Japan the fans were able to watch the whole movie. At some points the censorship wasn't done too good, though. When, for example, Fran and Mark enter the room of the drug dealer the walls are clean. When they leave they are blood-smeared.
The Australian VHS contains an almost identical version to the German VHS, but it has been cut even more.

Time designations refer to the cut version
Cut version = 83:49 min
Uncut version = 86:44 min
00:00 The VHS lacks the New World Logo.
21 sec

03:01 Cut Fassung: Quecho (Michael Berryman) throws a drug dealer in the water.
2,3 sec

Uncut version: He throws the drug dealer away, then there's a shot of him being impaled on a peg. The camera zooms pretty close.
2,3 sec

03:29 The women are being held down by the Indios longer. Then, pointed wooden sticks and bones are being stuck in their arms and legs. They tear their clothes off and rape them. A short part of the beginning of the next scene is missing as well.
23,7 sec

03:38 End of the shot after Quecho dispelled the Indios. The women can be seen.
3,6 sec

04:12 Cut version: Shot of the women, they are dressed.
2,8 sec

Uncut version: Dito, but here they are naked.
2,8 sec

04:22 Quecho gets into the water. The camera pans to the decapitated women.
15,2 sec

07:36 Film tear: End and beginning of two shots.
0,3 sec

11:38 Cut version: Fran and Mark enter the room of the drug dealers. The walls are clean and the female corpse on the ground is dressed.
3,9 sec

Uncut version: Here, the walls are blood-smeared and the corpse is naked.
3,9 sec

12:02 Cut version: The camera pans from Fran over two corpses to the trunk in which the baby is covered by a blanket.
7,4 sec

Uncut version: Camera pan from Fran to the trunk, in which the slashed baby corpse is lying (barely visible).
9,2 sec

12:12 Cut version: The pan over the corpses is different and the female corpse is dressed.
10,3 sec

Uncut version: Pan over the blood-smeared corpses.
16,5 sec

12:25 Cut version: Pan through the room over the corpses and back to Fran.
29 sec

Uncut version: Pan over the blood-smeared corpses to Fran.
22,5 sec

12:54 Cut version: Mark goes to Fran and talks to her. The room is clean.
20,8 sec

Uncut version: Mark goes to Fran, the walls are stained with blood.
25 sec

17:18 Film tear: End and beginning of two shots.
1 sec

27:42 Vlado relinquishes Ana to Manuel. He tells him to "fuck her" and then leaves the room.
21,4 sec

28:01 Manuel is lying on the motionless Ana and is having sex with her.
11,1 sec

34:52 Film tear: End and beginning of two shots.
0,8 sec

35:26 Cut version: When Quecho puts the guy the needle in the neck, the uncut version fades out earlier. Instead a shot of Ana and Tommy has been inserted in which they light up the barrels. When Quecho uses his machete he can be seen longer in the cut version.
11,9 sec

Uncut version: Blood is dripping out of the neck wound. After Quecho propped him against a tree and hit him with the machete the intestines falling out of the guy are missing.
15,6 sec

37:59 Cut version: Steve stands up and goes a bit forwards. The we see Manuel collapsing.
3,1 sec

Uncut version: Steve gets up (different shot) and hits Manuel with the Machete. Manuel loses his head and collapses.
5,1 sec

39:11 Cut version: Shot of the pain-distorted face of a drug dealer, whose head claps frontally down. The camera pans to his belly, out of which a machete is looming.
3,7 sec

Uncut version: We see the belly of the drug dealer, suddenly a machete stabs through it. Then the camera pans to his face.
4,9 sec

39:16 After Vlado turned around, he shoots a guy. Visible hit wounds.
2,1 sec

40:31 Cut version: Ana stumbles, cut to the ground, where she falls next to Manuel's corpse and starts screaming.
5,4 sec

Uncut version: Ana stumbles, but she falls next to Manuel's headless torso. Then she crawls some metres and finds his head. she starts screaming.
12,3 sec

42:46 Film tear in the DVD version: End of a shot.
0,7 sec

43:27 When Fran and Mark film the camp, different footage has been used in the two versions. Most distinctive difference are the three corpses.

Cut version: The first corpse is "intact", corpses number two and three are propped up against a tree.
39,1 sec

Uncut version: The first corpse is missing a leg and an arm is lying next to it. There is also a bird sitting on top of it. The second corpse is propped against a tree, a machete stuck in it's chest. The third corpse also has a bird on top of it. The bird picks it's open chest wound.
45,5 sec

44:06 Cut version: A corpse can be seen on the monitors.
1,2 sec

Uncut version: A bird is sitting on the corpse.
1,4 sec

47:15 Vlado begs Tommy to kill him, but he tries to free him from the trap first. Because this doesn't work he aims his pistol at him. Too late, Vlado starts to be torn apart.
15,4 sec

47:17 Tommy is running back, then one can see how Vlado is being torn apart. The cut version starts when Vlado can't be seen anymore.
4,2 sec

48:00 Two shots of Vlado's corpse, on which a bird is sitting, and cuts to Mark.
7 sec

52:07 Mark is picking the half-dead Ana up.
3,1 sec

52:11 Ana dies in Mark's arms.
15,5 sec

64:36 Film tear in the JK DVD: End of a shot
0,6 sec

69:12 Film tear: End and beginning of two shots.
1 sec

76:16 Short shot of Col. Horne's decapitation.
0,5 sec

76:33 Camera pan from Horne's neck stump to his severed head on the ground.
2 sec

82:07 When Karen shoots Quecho, the gory hits are missing.
1 sec