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The Omen Collection



Doom Asylum


  • US VHS
  • Uncut
Release: Feb 24, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US VHS by Academy and the US DVD by Code Red.

After winning his case, attorney Mike and his wife Judy are en route fast. In a tragic accident, Judy gets killed and Mike wakes up in the pathology with a heavily distorted face. Filled with rage about the pain and the loss of his wife, he kills the pathologist. 10 years later, Mike's and Judy's daughter Kiki wants to spent a nice afternoon at the hospital compound. The clinic is closed and the fallen apart building has become the rehearsal room for Tina's girlie punk band. It turns out that Mike is still living on the subfloor of the building and when he is not watching old Tod Slaughter movies, he kills the teenies one after another.

The revolutionary concept of a group of teens getting killed by crazy psychopath probably did not draw anybody from the woodwork back in the 80s. At leaast, Richard Friedman's contribution to the slasher genre takes place at an appealing location. Other than that, there are not many surprises though. The characters are completely and utterly stereotype. There is the cool guy with his cool girlfriend (playmate Patty Mullen but she does not show a lot here), the king of the nerds with his picture collection, "Sex and the City" star Kristin Davis as sexy bookworm (pretty reserved as well), psyched Afro-American who gets offed first and Ruth Collings (not reserved for a short moment) as annoying, over the edge punk. Killer Mike kind of looks like pizza face Freddy Krueger and his lines reach a similar level of coolness. The gore effects are rather solid for a small production like this one.

The monotony of teen decimation gets loosen every now and then by some quite funn ideas. An accidentally activated body press causes a macabre incident or a group of survivors say their prayers for their already deceased friends.

One could make a list of deficiencies regarding stuff like the film-in-film scenes with Tod Slaughter which only excist for one single reason: to length the movie a bit. The finale is rather unspectacular or the substancial flaws such as how did Mike survive in that abandoned building for 10 years and how likely is it that his daughter coincidentally shows up there but that is also part of the charme of the movie. Those who like low budget slasher flicks should give it a shot.

The movie is rather obscure and for a long time, it was only available as US VHS - which is cut. Code Red released it uncut on DVD for the very first time. Unfortunately, that DVD is already out of print.

Running time:

US VHS: 77:54 Min.
US DVD: 78:26 Min.

Dennis including the drilling machine longer.

DVD: 6 sec


The shot of the saw mutilating Jane's face is missing.

DVD: 3 sec


Jane again, then a cut to Mike.

DVD: 14 sec


The toe gets cut off.

DVD: 2 sec


Same here.

DVD: 8 sec


A further toe gets cut off.

DVD: 2 sec



DVD: 1 sec


Kiki stabs Mike in the eye.

DVD: 4 sec