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Young Master, The

original title: Shi di chu ma


  • Old International Version
  • HK Theatrical Version (Part 2)
Release: Jun 16, 2010 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
This Jackie Chan movie, released in 1980, is not as good as "Snake In The Eagle's Shadow" or "Drunken Master". The humor sometimes doesn't work and sometimes it's just sore, the fight scenes aren't really worth being mentioned either. In opposite to that, the final fight (Whang In-sik vs. Jackie Chan) is really amazing. In a top 10 list of the best fights, this fight definetely would be in it. Besides the couple of scenes where one man is being tossed around several meters, there's absolutely perfect down-to-earth kung fu. No tricks, simply two men fighting each other for 15 min. Even though there are lots of screens in this comparison, one has to see it on the move.
Whang In-sik fights like a god and Jackie Chan is (in this movie) inferior. Nevertheless Chan finally makes it due to the fact that he can take more hits. A comparison with Rocky can be drawn, but in opposite to him, Jackie wins really plausible. The kicks, levers and punches are often real, it can't be faked like that.
Absolutely recommendable fight. Unfortenately, lots of scenes have been removed in the Old International Version (OIV).

The German Version, which has been used for this comparison, is equal to the Old International Version, which was released in lots of countries beyond Asia. The soundtrack is different as well. In the meantime, the HK Theatrical Version (HKTV) has been released in most countries all over the world. This version is uncut, but two plot scenes are missing. Those scenes are in the Old International Version (check out the other comparison).

Aspect ratio comparison:

69 cuts with a total running time of 16.44 min

OIV (VOX): 85.47 min PAL
HKTV (HK): 105.30 min NTSC = 101.17 min PAL

The remaining difference is due to lots of jump cuts (less than 10 frames each) and the fact that even the HK Theatrical Version isn't completely uncut. Furthermore the Old International Version contains some exclusive scenes.
The showdown

Extended shot of Jackie lifting the vase.
0.13 sec

Extended shot of the old man sitting on the ground. Then some foot work of the opponent.
8.14 sec

Again some foot work.
3.24 sec

Beginning of a shot: Jackie attacks.
4.23 sec

Some missing lever holds in the OIV.
24.15 sec

The lever holds continue.
37.07 sec

Foot work.
9.11 sec

Jackie on the ground.
4.14 sec

Jackie grabs his opponent's leg and endures the beating.
9.01 sec

Jackie lies whiningly on the ground. His coach tries to get him up and makes him fight again.
62.00 sec

Jackie flails but he's still inferior. Nevertheless he can take the beating.
48.15 sec

Jackie lies on the ground and can avoid being hit.
48.03 sec

Extended shot of Jackie being held by the guy with the glasses.
1.13 Sec

Extended shot of Jackie being hasled.
8.00 sec

Jackie is still being beaten up but he takes it. He just stands around and doesn't even care about the hardest kicks and punches. Whang In-sik is too exhausted to attack with goods moves. Actually, he just strikes at Jackie.
104.19 sec

Jackie hits Whang's arm with the fist, then with the head. In his anger, he also hits the groung because Whang has already rolled away.
17.18 sec

Whang keeps on tossing Jackie around, but he bears up. Then he goes freaking berserk. He chucks himself on the ground and runs around like a maniac. Finally, he faces his opponent and tosses him around.
57.20 sec

The scene, where Jackie pushes him on the ground, also appears in the OIV, but it's sligthly different.

Jackie breakes the other guy's neck. Then he drags him around and starts kicking him.
16.12 sec


The colleagues from the school and the coach on their way to the road.
30.18 sec

Extended shot of the triumphal march in town.
5.05 sec