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Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas, A


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Cut
Release: Mar 04, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
After they managed to escape from Guantanamo in 2008, Harold and Kumar returned to the screen in 2011. A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is the first movie of the series to be shot in 3D and - as you might guess - takes place during christmas time.

The Theatrical Version was rated R, whereas the Blu-Ray exclusive Extended Cut was released unrated. A comparison of the two versions suggests that it would probably have received the same rating.

EXTRA DOPE EDITION is the name of the extended version. However, additional or extended scenes relating to drugs cannot be found at all. The only notable difference are two short shots concerning religion and politics.

Comparison between the Theatrical Version, taken from the US DVD (R-Rated) and the Extended Cut from the US Blu-Ray (Unrated).

Running times:
R-Rated Theatrical Version: 81:18 min. NTSC (w/o ending credits)
Unrated Extended Cut: 87:54 min. NTSC (w/o ending credtis)

A total of 6 minutes and 36 seconds are missing in 13 shots.

1 additional scene: 48 seconds
12 extended scenes: 5 minutes 48 seconds
Extended Scene:
Kumar, having come home a bit earlier home, is met by his neighbor Adrian.

48 sec.

Adrian: "You're here a little early. You didn't go to the bathroom, did you?"
Kumar: "No, why?"
Homeless Guy: "I made a mess."
Adrian: "Ah, right. Don't talk abot it."
Kumar: "What the hell's going on?"
Adrian: "Hey relax. It' not what it looks like. Unless it looks like I rent your bathroom for homeless people to shit in. The it's exactly what it looks like."
Kumar: "The fuck?"
Homeless: "It ain't my fault. It's the coffe at the shelter. It's powerful, man."
Adrian: "Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Okay. next, please. Move."
Kumar: "No. Hey, no."
Adrian: "Hey relax. I was gonna split the profits with you which at a buck a dump, comes out to be 40 bucks."
Kumar: "I don't wa-- Seriously, 40 bucks?"
Adrian: "Yeah. Oh. That reminds me. Rremember that chick I met on the Internet?"
Kumar: "The one with the huge clit?"
Adrian: "No, not Clitzilla. I'm talking about Mary."
Kumar: "Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. The Virgin Mary."

Additional Scene:
On the way home, Harold and Todd stop at a fast food restaurant and talk.

59 sec.

Todd: "What are we doing here, Harry? You know what Dr. Oz says? Guys our age need to watch our cholestorol."
Harold: "Yeah, I know. I'm in for a really stressful weekend. I just needed some comfort food."
Todd: "Don't get to comfortable. Keep your game face on your father-in-law. Did you stock the fridge?"
Harold: "I did."
Todd: "Did you stock it with ethnic items that he might need?"
Harold: "I did."
Todd: "Did you pledge the banister?"
Harold: "Check."
Todd: "Did you get the potpourri balls that i mentioned?"
Harold: "Yes."
Todd: "Are you letting him have the master bedroom?"
Harold: "No."
Todd: "Harry. Unh! No, no, no. Might have S'ed the bed on that."
Harold: "You can curse in front of me. The Baby's not here."
Todd: "I know. Force of habit. Just--"
Clerk: "Here you go."
Todd: "Oh, thank you. That's a Mr. Pibb, Sprite, Diet Coke suicide?"
Clerk: "Correct. There you go."
Todd: "Thank you, kind sir."
Clerk: "Oh, by the way, you got shit all over your car."
Todd: "Thank you for the update. Don't appreciate the language. Everybody's got a potty mouth these days. It is a G-D shame. And they'll burn in H."

Extended Scene:
The scene in which Maria's father and the rest of the family come over for a surprise visit was extended with a short dialog.

6 sec.

Mr. Perez: "Then why the hell would you buy a faux tree?"
Harold: "It's an investment, really."

Extended Scene:
When Mr. Perez tells Harold the story of his mother being murderer by a gang of Koreans shortly after immigrating into the US, a short shot of a woman doing her nails was added.

3 sec.

The murder of Ms. Perez is missing as well. She gets stabbed several times and exaggerated CGI blood can be seen.

5 sec.

Extended Scene:
Kumar has Adrian drive him to Harold's house. He has not seen hin for two years, a short part of the dialog is missing.

13 sec.

Kumar: "Can we put on some Wu-Tang? "
Adrian: "What? No. No Wu-Tang, okay? Christmas music. I like Christmas music. Because you weren't brought up normal, doesn't mean you should ruin it for the rest of us."
Kumar: "You're Jewish."
Adrian: "I know, right?"

Kumar gets out of the car, Adrian analyses the situation.

11 sec.

Adrian: "Big House, lot of bathrooms, lot of poopies, lot of money. Daddy likes."

Extended Scene:
On the way to get a new christmas tree - since Kumar accidentally set the first one on fire - Kumar and Adrian talk in the car. A short part of the conversation is missing.

7 sec.

Adrian: "Heh. The last time you hit on a chick, you had to ask for her beeper number. Get it?"

Extended Scene:
On the first market, the two meet Latrell and his partner Lamar. Lamar reaches his hand out to Adrian, who pulls his hand back, looking disgusted.

4 sec.

After a short argument between Lamar and Adrian, Latrell defuses the situation by calling Lamar his 'Boy' and saying that he had gotten more careful since his last holydays.

5 sec.

Adrian: "Heh, heh. Word. Word. My boy here, same way. Cagey as shit. Right boy?"

Latrell and Lamar are professional christmas tree salesmen. Proudly Latrell presents their latest work.

5 sec.

Latrell: "Here's one we did for Ja Rule. Ha-ha-ha."
Adrian: "Ooh. We'll take it."
Lamar: "Pow."

After they decided to buy a tree that was reserved for someoneelse and Lamar has convinced Kumar to pay three times the normal price, Adrian tries to make it a bit more.

5 sec.

Adrian: "Quadruple."
Kumar: "Stop."
Adrian: "Sold."

Extended Scene:
A commentary of the snow monster in the animation is missing.

4 sec.

Creature: "Prepare for the winter of your discontent!"

A short dialog is missing.

4 sec.

Harold: "My god. We're gonna die."
Kumar: "No way, dude. Nobody dies while Claymated. It's a fact."

Another dialog is missing.

9 sec.

Harold: "Oh, nobody dies while Claymated. I heard it's a fact."
Kumar: "Okay, fine. Theory debunked. Let's get out of here."

The snow monster talks a bit more. Harold and Kumar run for their lives and get hit by an arab taxi driver when they do not pay attention for a moment.

23 sec.

Creature: "What's the matter? Afraid you'll catch a cold?"
Harold: "If this guy makes one more lame pun, I'm gonna kill myself."
Kumar: "Oh, my clay back."
Cab Driver: "Whatch where you're going Sisterfucker!"
Kumar: "Sorry, brother!"
Harold: "Sorry!"

More chaos in the unrated version. Harold and Kumar try to get to safety. On the roofs of some houses on the other side of the street, a few houses defend themselves against the snow monster. An obviously arab gunman shoots someone who then falls into the hands of the monster.

21 sec.

Kumar: "Dude look, Union Square. Let's hide in that tree."
Harold: "This is a really--. This is a really beautiful tree."

The hiding place does not stay undiscovered for long. The snow monster surprises the protagonists, his last victim still can be seen between his teeth.

29 sec.

Creature: "Ice to see you."
Harold: "All right, that is it. Hey, snowman! Get yourself some mints because your breath is abomiable."
Kumar: "Ha-ha-ha. Not bad, Roldy."

The poor squirrel falls down longer before dying a cruel death.

2 sec.


7 sec.

Harold and Kumar experience some more shaking before the effect of the drugs stops.

13 sec.

Kumar: "It's coming!"
Goldstein: "Wake up! Wake up!"
Kumar: "We're gonna die. We're gonna die."
Harold: "What?"
Goldstein: "I told you not to aim for the face."

Extended Scene:
Rosenberg and Goldstein have invited the two for dinner. When they tell them about their christmas tree problem, Rosenberg notices that he does not understand the tree issue and starts swearing. Goldstein, who converted after having married a Christian woman, rebukes him.

15 sec.

Goldstein: "First of all, don't ever take the Lord's name in vain, not after how your people crucified my man. I can get heartburn without thinking I'm having a stroke. Miraculously, my mother is no longer a total bitch. Isnt't that right? Is Grandma a Bitch?"
Boy: "No."

Extended Scene:
After the show with Neil Patrick Harris the director still has some complaints.

15 sec.

Director: "You! Jonbenet, I'm talking to you, sweetie. Where'd you learn to dance, honey? A fucking mini-mall in Des Moines? This is the big time! I will punch you in your face!"

Neil Patrick Harris tries to calm everyone down, whereas the director does not even try to hide that he is into Harris.

9 sec.

Director: "And just remember, you're a dream, and I'm having a big wet dream about you. Okay? Ha, ha. Take fucking five!"

Extended Scene:
Neil Patrick Harris just got into heaven. The bar keepers seem to know him well and even Jesus, who sits between to beauties on a couch, notices him.

20 sec.

Bartender: "Yeah. There he is. NPH."
Neil Patrick Harris: "Where the hell am I?"
Bartender: "More like where the heaven are you? What can we get for you?"
Neil Patrick Harris: "Whiskey. Straight up. And a glass of rocks on the side. Thank you."
Jesus: "Hey, hey, look at that. NPH, Neil Patrick Harris. Would you guys be excited to meet him? Come on girls. I'll introduce you."

Neil Patrick Harris gets to the point instantly.

16 sec.

Neil Patrick Harris: "So, ladies, have you ever heard of something called the Kama Sutra?"
Jesus: "Come on, Neil. Don't play me like that. I mean, I'm Jesus Christ. I practically run this place."
Neil Patrick Harris: "Oh. For reals?"
Jesus: "Yeah, yeah, for real. I mean, my dad owns it but I'm kind of--"
Neil Patrick Harris: "Ha, ha. You're one of those."

Extended Scene:
The men of Katsov, Yuri and Gustav have shackled Harold und Kumar in a parking lot and pooured gasoline over them. The command to light them up is missing as well as Kumar's begging.

4 sec.

Gustay: "Yuri, light them up."
Kumar: "No, please don't light us up. Please! Please!"

Yuri is looking for a lighter longer.

2 sec.

Yuri and Gustav argue a bit longer.

16 sec.

Gustav: "What do you think we light the gasoline with?"
Yuri: "You know what, Gustav? I'm sick and tired of your fucking passive-aggressive bullshit."
Gustav: "You know what this is about?"
Yuri: "What? Tell me what is it about."
Gustav: "You can't take the fact that Sergei likes me better than you."

A few slaps are missing.

3 sec.

Extended Scene:
Adrian was also invited to the Christmas party and tries to make some money by renting the toilet to homeless people.

13 sec.