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1.01 Pilot


  • AMC (US TV)
  • Uncensored Original Version
Release: Jul 05, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the censored US premiere broadcast on AMC from January 20th 2008 and the uncensored Original Version taken from the US DVD by Sony Pictures

3 instances of audio censoring
2 applications of a blur effect

Difference in running time: 598,1 sec (= 9:58 min)

The pilot for the great series about a high school teacher who becomes a meth cook is interesting for us due to two reasons.

On the one hand, it is about 10 minutes longer than all other episodes, at least in the original version. However, it was shortened for the international broadcasts to have the same length as the other episodes, as was the case with The Walking Dead, for example. These cuts concerned the plot of the episode. Additionally, there is also a lot of alternative or completely new footage. This altered version could be seen e.g. on the UK channel FX.

There is also an altered version of the original cut, which features a few censorings like blurred breasts and muted swearings. This version was shown on AMC, where the episodes always can be seen first. However, only one month later IFC showed the same episode "Uncut & Uncensored" to the US audience.

All DVD and Blu-ray editions of the series only feature the uncensored original version.

Taking all into consideration, this is what can be said about the pilot:

1. Original Version
a) Uncensored: 58 min NTSC/Blu-ray and 56 min PAL/DVD
b) Censored AMC Version: 57 min NTSC

2. International TV Version: 46 min PAL

All other episodes only exist in one cut version with a length of 46 min PAL / 48 min NTSC, however, broadcasts on AMC were censored similar to this one. We will not create special comparisons for those, but a detailed check on the 2nd and 3rd episodes of the first season proved that the bad F-word was always muted.

This comparison can therefore be seen as a good indicator for how far you can go on US TV. Violence and scenes of drug abuse (or creation) are completely ok, but the joke ends as soon as naked breasts or bad words come into the picture!

Running time designations are formatted like this:
FX broadcast (International TV Version) in PAL / US DVD in NTSC
Audio Censoring
20:43-20:47 / 21:08-21:12

The audio was simply muted in two instances here:

Walter: "Fuck you, Bogdan!"
Bogdan: "What?"
Walter: "I said fuck you!"

Pictures for orientation

Audio Censoring
22:28 / 22:52

Hank'S complaining was also censored: "What, do you work at the fucking Pottery Barn?"

Picture for orientation

25:54-25:57 / 26:21-26:24

Jesse's girlfriend's breasts were blurred when she throws his clothes out of the window.

no difference in time

AMC (US TV)Original version

25:59 / 26:26

The same happens when she can be seen closing the window in the background.

no difference in time

AMC (US-TV)Original Version

Audio Censoring
46:46 / 47:32

Another insult, this time by Emilio, was muted: "You ratasnitch motherfucker!"

Picture for orientation