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My Best Friend's Girl


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 26, 2010 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version and the Unrated Version, both released by Lionsgate.

The story:

The story of Tank Turner needs getting used to. Tank is some kind of date doctor, but he's not very charming. Tank gets hired by men to date their girlfriends and treat them like crap to make them blue and to make them finally return forgivingly to their boyfriends. And Tank is really good at it. With the most dreadful sexist behavior and lowbrow lines, he torments them mercilessly. Unfortunately, he falls in love with his best friend's girl while doing his job.

The releases:

In the US, "My Best Friend's Girl" was rated R in theaters. The movie couldn't make the costs of $20 million at the US boxoffice and worldwide, it only made $41.595.142 (Quelle: On DVD, two versions have been released: the R-Rated Version (fullscreen) and the Unrated Version (widescreen).
Apparently, the well-known cast (Kate Hudson, Dane Cook, Alec Baldwin and Jason Biggs) couldn't help to reach a better a box-office result. In UK, 67 sec were removed to reach the BBFC 15 rating for theaters. The home releases got a BBFC 18 on DVD (Unrated) and BD (R-Rated & Unrated). For more details check out the IMDb.

The Unrated Version:

The Unrated Version is almost 11 min longer than the R-Rated Version and it mostly contains extended scenes plus some changes in the actual scenes, but there are also a couple of new scenes in it. One can't say that the Unrated Version is better but people who like stringing sexist and insulting lines together should get the Unrated Version.

Running time and differences:

Running time R-Rated Version (credits excluded): 1:34:56
Running time Unrated Version (credits excluded): 1:46:23

29 scenes where the Unrated Version is longer
10 scenes with alternate footage and where the Unrated Version is longer
1 scene with alternate footage without any difference in running time
= 687.53 sec / 11 min 27 sec
Zeitindex: R-Rated / Unrated

Different conversation in both versions after Tuck knocked at the door.


Tuck: "Here's were my head is at. We start with a blowjob. Which most girls find rewarding because I turn what is normally a chore into a tutoring session. You know, my own special Head Start program. Even got Chloraseptic spray. Do that really well, we move on to the nasty stuff. Do some artsy live streaming video. Totally tasteful. Don't worry, I'll get you paid. Easy. Wait, I', sorry. Is this a bad time?"
Rachel: Yeah."
Tuck: "I accept your rebuke of my advances. But for future reference, yould you give me a reason why?"
Rachel: How about 10?"
Then the camera goes back pretty fast and the number "10" is displayed.


Tuck: "I tried like a motherfucker to follow you up but this door, it does a little thing with the lock when you're inside. Anyway, here's what I'm thinking. We start with a blowjob. Yeah. I mean, obviously, you know? And most girls find it rewarding the way I do it because I turn what is normally a chore into, like, a training session. It's like my own special Head Start program. Even got Chloraseptic spray. Do that really well, we move on to the nasty stuff. Bring my buddies over, maybe take some "artsy" pictures, you know? Do some artsy live streaming video. Totally tasteful. Don't worry, I'll get you paid. Easy. That way you could get that can opener fixed lipo the back end, maybe refurbish the balcony. Wait, I', sorry. Is this a bad time?"
Rachel: Yeah."
Tuck: "Real quick, yes to bad timing or yes, you wanna go--?"
Rachel: "Fuck you!"
Tuck: "Exactly"
She shuts the door. Tuck waits and knocks again. Rachel opens and yells at him.
Rachel: Why won't you just die already?"
Tuck: "I accept your rebuke of my advances. But for future reference, yould you give me a reason why?"
Then the camera goes back pretty fast and the number "10" is displayed.

36.04 sec

To illuminate: now the 10 reasons are listed backwards via flashback, beginning with the number 10.



Tuck and Rachel in the car. A cell phone rings.
Tuck: "Is that your phone? Don't you answer? Or are you more interested in me right now?"
Then he recognizes that it's his phone which is ringing. He answers and explains to Rachel that he could also steer with his knee while he's on the phone. The scene where Rachel starts screaming is also in the R-Rated Version.
18.39 sec



Tuck: "I didn't know it was your sister. If I did, then I wouldn't have sex with her. Okay, but I was drunk, it was dark, and I thought it was you. Oh, she's pregnant too."


Tuck: "Sarah, are you pregnant? I'll just be a minute. You know what, you expect me to swallow that horseshit? Yeah, I'm predictable. Well, then fucking marry me. Didn't see that one coming, did you?"
Rachel: "What are you doing?"
Tuck: "How am I supposed to know it was your sister. Okay, but I was drunk, it was dark, and I thought it was you. Oh, she's pregnant too. Talk to her.
Tuck offers Rachel the cell but she rejects it.

14.11 sec

Before the number 6 is displayed, the waiter goes to Tuck and Rachel in the Unrated Version (shown in fast motion).
1.17 sec

After the shot of the eating dog in the kitchen, Tuck turns around to Rachel in the Unrated Version.
1.57 sec

The waiter serves the food (shown in fast motion).
2.27 sec




A shot of Tuck during lunch, he licks his food obscenely and sticks his fingers into it.


Rachel says she couldn't eat that. The waiter asks if everything was alright and finally says: "Perhaps I can interest you in some of our fabulous Famine Fiesta Fries?"
Tuck: "She could use a little more famine and a little less fried.
The waiter laughs, then Rachel again. She wants to spit out her food. After that a shot of Tuck while he's drinking out of the huge glass.

14.25 sec




At this point, the R-Rated Version contains parts of the scene from the Unrated Version (shown beforehand).
Waiter: "Perhaps I can interest you in some of our fabulous Famine Fiesta Fries?"
Tuck: "She could use a little more famine and a little less fried.
Rachel shakes her head.


Rachel starts talking about herself because Tank didn't ask her. She says she was a social worker and it was a very challenging and important job. Tuck interrupts and says he was in charge of the customers' satisfaction at Airmaster Air Filtration Systems. He explains that job was important because one couldn't live without air. The waiter arrives and wants to know what he could do for them.
Rachel: "Is this corned beef quesadilla, is that any good?
Waiter: "Do you mean unspoiled? For example, if you said, "Is this milk any good?" Your concern would not be with taste but rather your personal saftey.
Rachel looks shocked.

37.24 sec



Here the Unrated Version starts earlier.
Tuck and Rachel take a seat, the waiter arrives and introduces. He wants to know what they wanted to drink. Then Tuck orders which is alson in the R-Rated Version.
10.14 sec

Rachel gets in the car before the number 2 is displayed (shown in fast motion).
0.57 sec




Tuck pees at the cactus in the restaurant and leans against it. Then the scene from the Unrated Version (shown beforehand) which shows Rachel getting in the car.


Tuck presents his sound system in his car by turning up the volume. He gives her some ear plugs and starts talking to her. He yells the song wasn't vulgar. He explains it was about a guy being in love. Even though the lyrics are "Pop the pussy", it's just a metaphor for "I wanna hug you". "It's not about fucking, it's about taking a relationship to another level." Rachel removes the ear plugs and asks "What?". Then a shot of Tuck with his cell, standing in front of Rachel's house.

61.73 sec




Here the R-Rated contains the scene shown beforehand in the Unrated Version, but only partial. It ends with Tuck mentioning that it was a metaphor for "I wanna hug you". Then the number 0 pops up on the screen (missing in the Unrated Version).


Tuck on the phone in front of Rachel's house. He says scoring with her was pretty simple, then she comes out of the house. Tuck goes to her and she says she had an appointment at 7 pm. He comes up with the shabby excuse that he did some private tutoring around there. The flashback ends and the discussion from the beginning goes on. Tuck denies number 4 and 7. Now the scene with Tuck licking his food, his attempt to snap a tacco in Rachel's neckline, the glove compartment full of condoms and Tuck peeing at the cactus. After that both versions are synchronized again.

16.88 sec

Tuck asks Dustin why he hadn't met Alexis yet even though she meant so much to him. Dustin replies he hadn't met her because he really cared about her. Then they start talking about the chick in the camp who let him play with her boobs when he was 15. Tuck mentions other girls he really cared about, then everyone goes his own way. Tuck tells Dustin condoms and "Jergens lotion" was under the bed.
45.11 sec

Alexis says they were a couple for 5 weeks and they hadn't had sex yet. Different angle in both versions.
No difference worth being mentioned


One more sentence of Tank in the Unrated Version. "Murder-suicide, but that's trending upward."
3.04 sec

Tank's extended conversation with Dustin.
"You want offensive locales? There's a place in Revere, they let you boil your own dolphin. Arlington, you can have a dominatrix waitress take a dump on your lap while she peppers your Cobb salad. I know a spot in P-town, you can get a meat loaf shaped like a cock."
12.91 sec

Extended shot of Tank talking to himself in the Unrated Version.
"Just start the car. Just start the car, baby. Just gotta start the car, get the fuck out of here. Why? Because, look. Your head's in the game, your balls are attached..."
9.91 sec

During the conversation, a shot of Dustin in the R-Rated Version. The Unrated Version remains with the shot of Tank (2 sec, no screen). Afterwards, the Unrated Version is extended.
Tank says: "You can't trust her. You know who you have to trust, Dusty. Each other."
4.97 sec

This part of the conversation is also extended. First a couple of frames more of Tuck, then Dustin who says: "You want me to move on? Give up. Want me to give up. That's your big plan? I should just give up? That doesn't quite work for me, okay? That doesn't quite work for me. I'm not some sort of misogynist that can just swap out women like they were batteries, okay?"
15.55 sec

In the R-Rated Version, Lizzy asks Dustin in and so he does (3.9 sec). In the Unrated Version, Dustin also touches his hair. Then Lizzy, she calls for Claire. Lizzy asks Dustin in (different angle).
Dustin: "I'm sorry, I was under the impression that we..."
Lizzy: "Us? No. Tank said you needed a lay-up. Are you calling me a lay-up?"
Dustin denies several times.
16.72 sec


Dustin: "Cool. I mean not cool. That's not cool."
4.14 sec

Extended shot of Dustin in the R-Rated Version (8 frames), then the R-Rated Version is done. The Unrated Version shows him getting stuck in a string at the bouquet.
6.67 sec

The shot of Dustin begins earlier, he starts to stutter.
3.14 sec

Claire: "How cute, he's trying to convince himself."
Lizzy: "You're a sweetheart and that's okay. I mean, Claire needs someone like you after the mess she's been through. Someone nice. Nice is nice."
16.88 sec

Earlier beginning of the scene with Dustin in the Unrated Version after he had been offered sth. to drink by Claire. He says: "Actually, as a matter of fact. You can."
7.77 sec

Shot of Claire in the R-Rated, she asks him: "You wanna breast-feed?" (1.43 sec)
Extended shot of Claire and Lizzy talking insistently to Dustin in the Unrated Version. He tries to say sth. but fails.
31.36 sec

Extended shot of Laney and Dustin in the elevator. Laney also offers him permission to suck her boobs for $5 per minute. When the door opens, Dustin leaves first, then Laney.
13.91 sec

After Professor Turner's sexy assistant left the office, one can only see Tank and his father swinging the lasso cowboy-like short-time. This scene is longer in the Unrated Version. Finally, the branding is illustrated.
8.76 sec

Extended shot of Tank and his dad checking out the chicks at the bar in the Unrated Version.
17.48 sec

The R-Rated Version ends when Alexis turns on the light. In the Unrated Version, a long scene with Alexis and Tank follows. Alexis drinks some water and gives the glass to Tank. He asks her for the man on the picture on the night table. She explains it was an old friend named Greg. Tank wants some details, so he asks if she got involved with him and why there wasn't a picture with both of them. Then Tank takes his cell phone because he wants to take a picture, but Alexis doesn't want him to because she's nude. Tank falls out of the bed and when Alexis turns off the light, a picture of her is being without her notice.
The scene when Alexis turns the light on for the second time is also in the R-Rated Version. As a result of that, it's a perfect match with the last scene shown in the R-Rated Version (Alexis turns on the light for the first time).
82.35 sec

When Hilary and Tank sit down at "Jesus Christ", the R-Rated Version contains a close-up of Hilary and then Tank, who gets menu.
In the Unrated Version, they sit down and Tank shows his t-shirt to her: "My cock + your pussy = good times".
6.17 sec


After prom, the Unrated Version contains a scene in front of Alexis' front door. They kiss each other, then Tank who mentions he was going to leave. Alexis is surprised and Tank says he got what he'd wanted: a real first date. Alexis asks him for a second date on her sister's marriage, Tank says yes and leaves. Alexis watches him leaving and goes into the house.
45.78 sec

During the conversation with Alexis, Dustin speaks longer in the Unrated Verison.
Dustin: "I mean, that's ridic... What? No, I don't mean "meet your parents" meet your parents. I just mean at the wedding, I'm sure I'll casually bump into them..."
8.9 sec

After Dustin asked her if she didn't want him to show up at the marriage, the scene continues in the Unrated Version. Alexis doesn't know what to say and Dustin says he could understand that.
12.81 sec

Now the 10 reasons again, this time chronologically.


In the R-Rated Version, Tank bends over to his neighbor and says: "White dress. Chick's seen more dick than you."

Extended tracking shot of the guests close to Tank in the Unrated Version. He turns around and yells: "White dress. Chick's seen more dick than this guy. Ridonculous."
5.17 sec




Tank talks to a woman at the buffet. He says there were lots of attractive women around there and points at a dancing girl. The woman says the dancing girl was Rachel's 15-year-old cousin. Then he compares her with the red sea and himself with Moses. The next scene, when he sneezes, is also in the R-Rated Version.
22 sec



Earlier beginning of the kitchen scene in the Unrated Version. Tank talks to one of the cook's mates, but it seems that A.J. says nothing but "today".
Tank: "When's the last time you shit in your pants?"
A.J.: "Today."
Tank: "I shit my pants yesterday."
A.J.: "Today."
Tank: "Just a little. But not a whole shit."
14.11 sec

Right after that, the Unrated Version is longer again. The R-Rated Version shows an extended shot of Ami and Tank (0.6 sec).
In the Unrated Version, they also talk.
Tank: "Let me just take a snapshot of you in my mind right now."
Ami: "Gross. Fuck, I can smell you from here, dude. How drunk are you right now?"
Tank: "I had massive amounts of alcohol. I'm embarrassed. But I'm sobering up now and I feel better"
12.58 sec

Extended shot of Dustin and Tank walking in the hall after Dustin fell. He has a mic and says: "I would like to share something with you about Mr. Tank Turner. Surely by now he's charmed his way into your hearts... Stop. Charmed his way into your hearts but I've got something to tell you. Tank turner is a fraud. Okay? Why don't you take a walk with me."
13.95 sec

R-Rated Version: distance shot of Dustin pushing Tank away (1.63 sec).
Unrated Version: Closer shot of Dustin pushing him away, then Tank trying to get Dustin's mic.
5.07 sec

Both versions are different here plus the Unrated Version is longer.


Alexis touches her forehead. At the same time, Dustin says: "I made a deal with the devil." Then Alexis who tells him to stop. From now on, both versions are synchronized again.


Dustin: "Your Mr. Perfect is actually Mr. Asshole-Dickhead-Shitface-Guy, okay?" Now two angles of Alexis touching her forehead.
Dustin continues: "Alexis, I love you so much. I did. And I just, I couldn't bear to lose you and so I made a deal with the devil. That's what I did. Which is pathetic. I'm a pathetic fool. But what does that make him?" Then Alexis, who tells him to stop.

25.96 sec