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Xenosaga Episode I

original title: Zenosāga Episōdo Wan Chikara e no Ishi


US Version
Rating: T
Region: USA

Japanese Version
Region: Japan

Release: Sep 24, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

Xenosaga is a futuristic RPG that takes place in space. It is about the sotry of several characters who have to travel through space to complete several quests and in the end find an artifact. The events frequently connect together and the heroes will frequently run into the villain Albedo. We do not want to get too deep into the story, yet it might be interesting to talk a bit about the game itself. The Original Version from Japan was quickly released in the USA along with an English dubbing which was actually one of the reasons that the game became popular. The voices of the voice actor were great, especially since Albedo had a very disturbing way of speaking. Unfortunately, the US Version was altered in a few scenes. As a result, the game was later re-released in Japan. When Episode II came out, the Japanese fans were also able to buy "Episode I: Reloaded" - entirely uncensored and with the English voice actors.
A big part of the plot is told through cinematics. When running into Albedo, a bloody self-mutilation and a sequence with what in the internet is called "Mind Rape". The so-called "Mind-Rape"-scene is sometimes connected to children, apparently due to the age of the character. However, other fans say that the sequence has nothing to to with sexuality since it does not revolve around a purely human being. Additionally, some of the characters look younger than they actually are. Anyway, the comparison clearly shows in which way the sequence was censored.
In this sequence, Momo is inside a hall where a lot of the previously killed cyborg siblings lie around. While looking around, Albedo enters the scene who already waited for her. Within this sequence, there are no "cuts". Instead, there are many smaller changes, either through altering the animation, or by chosing different angles. When walking towards Momo, Albedo is still holding a corpse in his arms. He breaks the corpse's arm and throws it to the ground. In the US Version you instead see Momo's eyes following the corpse being thrown on the ground, while the Japanese Version actually shows the throwing. The breaking of the arm was also taken out of the US Version, even though the monolog was not altered. There is no difference in runtime.
Censored VersionUncensored Version

This is the sequence with the most prominent alteration, even though the events are no less disturbing (especially thanks to Albedo's English voice which sounds very freaky during this scene). Albedo takes out a knife and thratens Momo with it, before he actually cuts his own arm and subsequently his head off. Momo anxiously watches the headless body putting his foot on its head. To prevent any confusion: the most bloody sequences were darkened in the Original Version, probably to prevent the undesirable CERO-Rating. At the end of the scene we can see different perspectives and Momo sits there with her mouth wide open. In the US Version there is no knife and Albedo rips his arm and head off with his bare hands. Again, we can see the headless Albedo, however, there is no sound when he squashes his skull. Momo looks paralyzed and in both versions in the end loses consciousness.
Censored VersionUncensored Version

After Momo unconsciously fell into Albedo's hands he takes her to his private rooms. Here he wants to get all the important information (Y-Data) out of her. For this, he uses his "penetrating" force. For the US Version, the entire sequence was revised. There, he only puts his glowing hand on her.
Censored VersionUncensored Version

Even when the game's heroes enter to save Momo, they have to watch Albedo "penetrating" her mind. He makes fun of the heroes and tells them that they're too late. Again, the US Version only shows Albedo putting his hand on Momo.
Censored VersionUncensored Version