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original title: Shu dan long wei


  • BBFC 18 DVD
  • Australian VHS
Release: Sep 17, 2010 - Author: McClane - Translator: Dr. McNinja - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the uncut Australian VHS and the cut BBFC 18 DVD (Columbia Tristar). Regarding violence, the British DVD is completely uncut.
Furthermore, the British DVD features different opening credits. The difference starts with the scene in which Kit Li is screaming desperately. Here, the picture freezes in the British version; then, the English credits are faded-in in white writing on a red background. On the Australian VHS, the wreckage of the burning bus is shown again; then, Kit Li is dragged away by his colleagues. In the background, the narrator says "Explosives expert Kit Li loses his wife and son in an explosion. He quits the service. Two years later in Hong Kong"; the sentence is faded-in in Asian letters as well. Subsequently, one sees further shots of the burning bus. Credits are shown in Asian letters; the names of the actors are faded-in below in English. The scene which both versions share has the subtitle "Two Years Later" on the DVD. Besides, the film is called "Meltdown" in Great Britain and the US.

Run time of the opening credits of the British version: 1 min. 3 sec.
Run time of the opening credits of the HK version: 1 min. 9 sec.

Run time references are given according to the DVD. The scenes which are described in square brackets are not among the cuts; they come before or after the cut part. Difference: 8 cuts = 29 seconds
0:00:34 [Logo fade-in: Wong Jing's Workshop Limited] A baseball hits a hoop; below this are the subtitles: "City A in Asia". [Playing children in a schoolyard.] 5 sec.

0:06:07 [The bus explodes.] The explosion is shown in two more shots. [Another shot of the exploding bus.] 1 sec.

0:09:58 A timing change: The scenes in which Frankie runs down the stairs are actually in between the scenes of Kit's fall; on the British DVD, they are shown prior to that.

0:10:07 [Kit falls.] Flashback: Kit's family in the bus. Kit continues falling. In the background, one can hear Kit's son shout: "Stay with us, dad, stay with us!" [Kit continues falling.] 3 sec.

0:10:08 [Kit falls.] Flashback: Kit's wife shouts: "Be careful, Kit!" [Kit continues falling.] 2 sec.

0:13:44 [The dogs run after the car.] Reporter: "What a bloody asshole. Do you have the camera?" Cameraman: "Sure, right beside me. Do you think I'm stupid?" He looks right next to himself - where a snarling guard dog sits. One sees the car swerving about. [Frankie jumps into a chair.] 10 sec.

0:23:12 [Frankie goes to the lavatory, while his director talks insistently to him.] The peeing boy's penis is shown in a close-up view. Due to continuity editing, the following shot of the watching Frankie was cut, as well. [Frankie stands in front of the urinal.] 4 sec.

0:53:26 [Flashback: Kit's family cries for help.] Flashback: The bus explodes. [Kit watches.] 2 sec.

1:22:25 [The killer contorts her face in pain, as Joyce strikes her wound.] Flashback: An employee touches the killer's wounded shoulder. [Joyce and the killer jostling.] 2 sec.