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Nowhere to Hide

original title: Injeongsajeong bol geos eobsda


  • International Version
  • Korean DVD
Release: Aug 07, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: causa45 - external link: IMDB
The praised Korean film "Nowhere to Hide" has not been released beyond Korean borders in its original form, only in an 11 minutes cut version, the so called "Overseas version". The removed scenes are partly not unimportant for the plot, however, the way they have been cut out of the shorter version is rather inconspicuous. The only recommended release version is Korean DVD, thanks to additional content.

The pictures in this cut-report have a wrong aspect ratio.

Korea-DVD (Spectrum): 1:51:58 Min (NTSC)
HK-DVD/US-DVD: 1:40:28 Min (NTSC)

Removed Scenes: 11:22 minutes
0:00 Before the film even begins, the opening credits are missing in Korean font. 18 Sec

8:51 The two cops from the fast food restaurant walk longer over the road. You can see Woo, who walks towards his colleague. He lights a cigarette. Together with Kim, his colleague, he walks through the alleys until they arrive in front of the restaurant. Woo looks through the window. 47 Sec

12:54 The ride continues longer. You can see the road / the right road side from Kim's view. 25 Sec

16:54 The camera keeps riding around the car in an insidious way. First, Who yawns, then Kim. 47 Sec

32:23 After an one hour waiting time, a cop gets into Woo's and Kim's car. They figure out a plan. Suddenly, a car drives past them, the drivers get out of it and they go urinating in the rest room. The cop goes back to his three colleagues in the other car. They chat about old times and their families. They kind of have no private life as police men. 81 Sec

39:30 After the police car drives away, the cops meet on the roof. Nothing happens and they are shortly before leaving the scene, especially because there is no search warrant. The order from the chief: get done with it. Woo sneaks upon the door of the suspect, listens and runs away (believing that Sungmin is in the apartment). Before they start, everybody but Kim pee on the apartment's door before they begin. In the meantime, he is quoting a paragraph that prohibits this. 94 Sec

45:25 The camera ride continues. Woo and Sugmin's girlfriend sit towards each other. He drinks something and questions her about her boyfriend. She admits to know what he is doing. 82 Sec

52:05 One of Sugmins accomplices is able to flee from the two cop's grip. He runs away, but is eventually cought by several people and thrown to the ground. 32 Sec

53:15 One can see Kim's buddy being handcuffed. 3 Sec

54:08 After he shoots and runs around the corner, Woo falls into some garbage bags. He hurts himself his foot. A door is opened and an elderly woman swears excessively. It seems like she is confusing him with another person. He sees Sugmin, shoots and runs after him. The woman keeps talking a little bit longer and goes back indoor while sneezing. 39 Sec

55:29 After the Day 20 insertion, the camera rides through the police HQ. One big turmoil is going on. A briefing takes place on a large table. The chief repeats the importance of catching Chang Sugmin. 98 Sec

60:05 No Cut, but the set-in piece of music is dubbed in the Korean version.

65:33 After the conversation between Woo and Kim on the telephone: He stops moving and looks in the air. It has begun to snow. 25 Sec

66:13 The brother-in-law offers Woo more food. He refuses thankfully. 16 Sec

84:18 During the camera ride, you can see Sugmin's girlfriend reflecting in the window. The camera films the panorama view. 24 Sec

85:05 Sugmin's girlfriend waits for the bus at the station. The bus approaches, 4 people get out. 39 Sec

85:33 The camera shows the awaiting cops. 12 Sec