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13.01 The Simpsons Guy (1)


  • TV Version Two-Parter
  • TV Version Two-Part Episode
Release: Mar 20, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Two-Parter and the uncut TV Version / Two-Part-Episode (US premiere)

Length of Part 1 of the two-part episode: 23:11 min NTSC

- 7 cuts
- Length difference: 132.9 sec (= 2:13 min)

The crossover episode as season premiere (13x01: "Simpsons Guy") gets its comparison after all. Originally a two-part episode, the crossover episode has been split up to a two-parter. Similar to episode 9x01, Fox edited the original version in order to have a two-parter with the regular length of each episode. The second part does not contain any differences by the way.

After Peter says that he is being serious about his jokes, the dialog actually continues in the original TV Version. Lois asks how he had managed to get a reaction that quickly and Peter explains he had taken a picture of Spider-Man for the managing editor. Then a cutaway of Peter presenting a picture of a woman who shows a lot of skin with Spider-Man being in the background.

16.7 sec


The cutaway with non-animated "disgusted people" is longer resp. booing people at the studio have been added here.
Peter explains he does not care about the audience's reaction because they had just applauded a piece of cake. The camera zooms out and ne gets to see the piece of cake Peter mentioned. And again, there is applause from the audience.

10.8 sec


At the policcec station, Chief Wiggum is cracking nuts and responding to an incoming call incompetently.
Then Peter and Homer enter the station. The latter explains the situation and says "Be careful, I think some of them might be cops!" Peter mentions his stolen vehicle and Wiggum critically points out he was not on the list of doners because after all, Eddie had had an accident recently (he jumped over a parking meter). For that reason, the request would end up in somewhere in the files and Wiggum explains it could take a while.
Eddie then gives him an excuse to leave ("Chief, that excuse to leave you asked for is here.") and both Wiggum and Eddie leave the station.

52.7 sec


Before Brian gets to the table, Chris takes Maggie's soother away. Maggie cries for a moment, then she takes it back which makes Chris cry. Out of pity, she gives him her replacement soother. Now, everybody is happy.

11.2 sec


After Stewie also tells Brian that dogs usually eat in the kitchen, Brian's experience of that is missing: Santa's Little Helper eats out of his bowl and Brian makes a condescending comment about it. From the background, Lois wants to know if he and Santa's Little Helper had become friends already.

22 sec


After Selma and Patty appear, another one of Brian's and Santa's Little Helper's escapes is missing: The latter runs into a clinic and Dr. Nick welcomes him. Dr. Nick had already been scared that "Doctor Dog" was not going to show. Santa's Little Helper cluelessly looks at the scalpel and keeps running. Brian and Chris follow him outside.

19.1 sec


Before the footage inside the burger bar, a further shot of Brian and Chris in front of the clinic is missing for continuity reasons - they are chasing the dog.
Then some alternate footage in the scene at the burger bar: A close-up of Santa's Little Helper while the shot from a further distance starts a little earier in the two-parter.

Two-Part Episode 0.4 sec longer

Censored Version (Two-Parter)Original Version (Two-Part Episode)