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original title: Jian hua yan yu Jiang Nan


  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Oct 25, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the shortened French version and the original version (both included on the French DVD released by Metropolitan).

Just as in Germany and the UK, the version first released in France of this early Jackie Chan movie was heavily cut in terms of plot. Later, the entire original version was also released. The French version misses out on 17.5 minutes and even though some of the cuts are identical to other versions, the French version is a little different from the others. The introduction is a little shorter than in the German version and most of the scenes that were cut out are scenes with Chin-Chin. Interestingly enough they placed one of the flashback scenes differently so that the audience now thinks it belongs to Jackie's happy memory and not Chin-Chin's.
Due to a faulty master, there are a lot of framecuts in this movies. Thus, we only included missing sequences that are longer than 0.5 seconds, otherwise this report would've gotten too long.

Since a lot of the plot was cut out we don't recommend the French version. However, the new French DVD includes both versions so it is no mistake to buy the French DVD. Additionally, the French DVD has the best image quality worldwide (the Japanese DVD looks similar, while teh German and the American DVD are both not as good in terms of quality), but it also lacks English subtitles.

Time designations are given as follows:
French Version / Original Version
00:13 / 00:13-02:01

After the Metropolitan logo, the French version starts with the opening credits.
It misses out on the Fortune Star Logo as well as the first impressions of Jackie's father's birthday party: The two Tai masters arrive and we then find out that Jackie's father turned 60.

107.9 sec

Subsequently follow alternate credits: English vs. Original.

French VersionOriginal Version

01:07 / 02:55-13:01

The birthday party continues. Additionally we don't see Siao Lei (Jackie) deliberately annoying Chin-Chin in order to protect her from a confrontation with the Killer Bees Clan. After that scene he has to explain his behavior to his father, whom he also warns about the Killer Bees.

The employees congratulate their boss and then go to another part of the house where they want to drink some wine. Only Chin Chin decides to rather go to her room; the other girls hatefully comment on that. Chin Chin goes to Siao Lei who already waits for her on the huge meadow. However, he ignores her completely and tells her to get lost. She says that he shouldn't treat her like that, being the future mother of his child and all. Siao Lei slaps her in the face and denies being the father. Chin Chin cries and runs away. In the process, she looses her pearl necklace which Siao Lei picks up.

Siao Lei goes back to the party and runs all the people off. His father is mad about it and feels insulted by Siao Lei's behavior. The latter explains that he only did it to protect his father since the clan of the Killer Bees is on its way. He found a severed hand with the Bee's logo on it which he shows his father. The father asks what happened to Chin Chin and Siao Lei explains that he was able to make her leave despite her having a baby. His mother joins them and speaks in high terms of Siao Lei's sense of duty.

At the end, the first few shots of Chin-Chin inside the wood, including a flashback back to happier times of her relationship with Siao Lei were cut out. The French version continues during a shot from bird's eye perspective.

overall 606.6 sec (= 10:06 min)

09:30 / 21:25-21:26

A longer framecut: Siao Lei is shown on the floor a little earlier.

1.2 sec

18:00 / 29:56-32:32

After the movie zoomed to the music instrument in front of Chin-Chin, we see a dream sequence. Chin-Chin plays the instrument and Siao Lei comes to her delightedly. They walk through the house and look at Chan Chung who trains in the garden.
Chin-Chin wakes up from the dream and cries; Chan Chung comes home and consoles her. Chin-Chin wants to get as far away as possible right now to blow the cobwebs away.

However, ALMOST the entire scene was cut back in later in the French version. Only the conversation between Chin-Chin and Chan Chung was cut out entirely, thus we only show you images from this one and a half minute.

155.4 sec

21:25-23:30 / 35:57-35:58

When Siao Lei is lying in bed, the French version shows most of the scenes from the previous block (except for the scenes from when Chan Chung enters the room onwards).

During the transition to the following scene where the boss of the Killer Bees arrives, the French version misses out on a few frames.

French Version 123.6 sec longer

27:41 / 40:09-40:10

A longer framecut: The bad guy who stands next to the bed to get ready to attack Siao Lei is shown a little earlier and gets his hands up.

1.2 sec

41:40 / 54:11-57:28

When Siao Lei gets ready to go to the guys from the Dragon clan, the French version immediately cuts to the hiking sequence in the woods.
Originally, you see our hero having some drinks with the clan members, while they are able to bring him over to their side. Meanwhile, we see the old man who later on talks to them in the woods. He sits on the table right next to them. In between there's a short shot of Chin-Chin and Chan Chung.

197.4 sec

44:20 / 60:09-60:10

Framecut: The tracking shot towards teh Dragon Clan's leader begins a little earlier.

1.2 sec

53:42 / 69:32-69:33

Framecut: Chan Chung is shown a little longer. Then, we see Siao Lei a little earlier.

0.7 sec

63:05 / 78:56-80:55

One scene of Chan Chung's harem was cut out. A girls plays blind man's buff and when she puts down her blindfold she unintentionally runs ito Chan Chung. The latter calls for Chin-Chin and talks about her problems. In the end he promises to take care of her and his plan to marry her. Chin-Chin thinks about it for a while and then comes to the conclusion that she definitively wants to have someone to be the child's father.

118.2 sec

73:40 / 91:30-91:32

Framecut: Siao Lei is shown a little earlier carrying the bag on his shoulders.

1.5 sec

At the end of the movie we again show you a side-by-side comparison of the English and the original credits.

French VersionOriginal Version

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