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Night Killer

Silent Hill

New York Ripper, The




  • US Director's Cut
  • Uncensored Director's Cut
Release: Apr 27, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US Director's Cut by Kitty Media (not rated) and the uncut German DVD by I-ON New Media (Keine Jugendfreigabe (18)

The anime from 1998, which by now also has been followed by a sequel, was released in different versions on DVD in the US. The initially published "international" release by Media Blasters/Anime Works is about 47 minutes long, which means that 4 minutes are missing. The later released cut by Kitty Media, called Director's Cut, may be longer than the first one, but was still censored at 6 different points in the movie. Also, the OVA consisting of two parts was merged into a movie, resulting in the outro of the first part missing.
02:59 The title is displayed a bit differently in the two versions.
US Version = 11,9 sec.
German Version = 18,2 sec.

17:06 In the flashback a shot of Akai touching Sawa's breasts is longer in the German Version. The US shows a shot of the floor which could be seen earlier again instead.
US Version = 2,8 sec.
German Version = 2,8 sec.

US VersionGerman Version

17:11 A sex scene between the two was replaced by a close-up of Sawa's face (which could already be seen earlier as well).
US Version = 1 sec.
German Version = 1 sec.

US VersionGerman Version

25:17 The outro of the first episode and the Green Bunny logo at the beginning of episode 2 were removed.
112,9 sec.

25:23 Another part of the credits in episode 2 is missing.
4 sec.

25:32 Ditto.
4 sec.

43:25 The US Version shows Akai sucking Sawa's boob longer (by just playing it backwards and forwards). The German Version shows three short flashbacks of them having intercourse.
US Version = 1,5 sec.
German Version = 1,5 sec.

US VersionGerman Version

43:31 Another very short shot of the two is missing.
0,5 sec.

43:38 Dizto.
0,5 sec.

43:40 Two short shots are missing.
0,7 sec.

49:24 The outro is different in the two versions, as it is English in the US Version but Japanese in the German Version.
US Version = 104 sec.
German Version = 102 sec.