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  • Original Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Aug 29, 2014 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the uncut German DVD released by Dragon (Original Version) and the uncut US DVD released by Unearthed Films (Unrated Director's Cut).

The differences:

9 additional scenes in the Original Version = 1 minute and 16.5 seconds.
5 additional scenes in the Director's Cut = 2 minutes and 52 seconds.
3 alternative scenes = 59 seconds +Director's Cut.

This is a cheaply done slasher flick about a killer clown that spends many years on killing victim after victim. Since the police is unable to get a hold of him, two reporters try to hunt him down to end the bloodshed. Overall, the movie has no qualities whatsoever. The acting is lame and the story is uninteresting. The gore mostly looks silly, however, since it is handmade, some stilly looks quite drastic.
A short while ago an Unrated Director's Cut was released on DVD. Besides one more violent sequence there are a few more rather uninteresting additions to the plot. Also, the Director's Cut misses out on a few scenes that are included in the Original Version. All in all, the Director's Cut has - besides the "new ending" - not much to offer. The movie itself could not be saved, anyway.
0 min
Director's Cut: The black screen at the beginning of the movie is longer, followed by a new film logo.
20 sec

15 min
Original Version: Only the Original Version shows an exterior shot of a house. The camera fades to a porch where we can see a woman sitting around.
10 sec

19 min
Original Version: Dunkin asks Jennifer if she wants to have coffee with him. She does not, which disappoints Dunkin. The camera fades to Mark who walkrs through the room and notices a blood trail on the floor.
15 sec

19 min
Original Version: Mark opens the door and walks into the next room. There, he takes a picture.
13 sec

19 min
Original Version: Mark enters the kitchen.
8 sec

20 min
Original Version/Director's Cut: After Mark closed the oven with the severed head inside of it, both versions show a different sequence of him walking away in disgust. In the Original Version he additionally takes a picture of the table and the sink, both bloodbesmeared. The Director's Cut instead shows Dunkin's coffee invitation which was already shown in the Original Version.
No difference in time.

Original VersionDirector's Cut

21 min
Original Version: Mark takes another picture of the blood trail in the kitchen.
7 sec

26 min
Director's Cut: The killer pulls his victim's guts out and puts it in a bucket. Then he gets another organ out, happily looks at it and throws it in the bucket, too.
25 sec

30 min
Original Version: Mark and Jennifer discuss the murder a little longer. Mark says that it is very likely that the little girl escaped and that the killer thus is looking for her.
9 sec

31 min
Original Version: There is an additional shot of the killer wiping the makeup off his face.
3 sec

48 min
Director's Cut: Christine walks along the street while you can see that a car comes her way and stops next to her. She shortly talks to the driver and then Christine gets in. During the ride, Christine asks the man why he is looking at her like that and if he never saw a pretty woman before. He answers with yes, that it is no problem and that she can help him. She takes a few of her clothes off which makes the guy ask her whether or not she is a prostitute. Christine laughs and tells him to drive to a point where he can stop.
76 sec

50 min
Original Version/Director's Cut: You see Christine sitting in the guy's car, now parked. She looks at him with a seductive glimpse and starts stroking his legs. She asks him if he likes what he sees and he says he does so. He wants to make a move but Christine puts him in his place which he does not like. Then there is a cut to Mark and Jennifer who are making some researches for their momentary case. Cut back to Christine who gets out of the guys car, her legs covered in scratches. She walks away, crying. The Original Version instead shows the small man in the camper a little longer.
Original Version: 1 sec
Director's Cut: 60 sec

Original VersionDirector's Cut

74 min
Director's Cut: The conversation between Dunkin and Spaulding inside the car is a little longer.
12 sec

83 min
Original Version: A longer shot of Jennifer walking up and down outside.
2.5 sec

83 min
Original Version: Inside we can see Jennifer walking through the shot and calling for Mark.
9 sec

84 min
Original Version/Director's Cut: In the Original Version Christine winds a rope around her wrists a little longer in order to fool Jennifer. The Director's Cut instead shows a shot of the fake killer, sitting lifelessly at the table, his back turned to the camera. In the background you can see Christine sitting on the bed.
No difference in time.

Original VersionDirector's Cut

86 min
Director's Cut: Christine attacks Jennifer a little longer.
13 sec

89 min
Director's Cut: When the credits start, only the Director's Cut remembers Jeff Besler aka DJ Tron who passed away.
3 sec

92 min
Director's Cut: After the end credits, the Director's Cut shows an additional scene of Jennifer during an autograph session. Several fans wait in line to get their copy of Christine's book "100 Tears" signed. When another fan is at the front of the line to get his book autographed, she wants to know his name. He replies "Luther". Jennifer looks up and has to realize that he is the killer clown who survived.
45 sec