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  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 29, 2015 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
Well, what went wrong with the producers? The designed for summer hit movie KNIGHT & DAY bombed at the box office and no one knows even why. Was it up to the two leading roles? Tom Cruise lately hits more the headlines with his talk show visits and his marriage to Katie Holmes than with his latest movies. Also his membership to the Church of Scientology over and over set tongues wagging even though he is member since a quarter-century and never made a secret of his opinion. Cameron Diaz achieved her biggest successes as animated character Fiona in the SHREK sequels, her latest real movie hit CHARLIE’S ANGELS also dates back some years and none of them is getting younger again. May that was the reason because watching 2 aged 40 years on a pleasurable trip requires that the targeted audience is interested on both actors. This cannot be certified for the 12-30-year-olds. They just have other heroes whose posters decorate the Teen’s walls.

The movie by itself results in a neat, mindless popcorn cinema: A mindless story with not much need to tax one’s brain, a straight storyboard with Screwball elements so the actors are able to deliver some really amusing dialogs, many computer-aided effects and G-rated action en masse as well as modest hormone boosts with no sex and top performers behind the camera. Director James Mangold staged experienced this commissioned work, the storyboard of novice Patrick O'Neill makes all reasonable efforts, Mangold’s favorite cinematographer Phedon Papamichael created partly impressive frames and the soundtrack makes tap one’s toes. So the movie will be a hit on DVD and will again gain profits. And that’s quite right to my opinion because I had a pretty good time watching it.

Lately, as a matter of routine, an Extended Version has been produced and released for the home market – and it’s worth it. By now outside the US both versions, the Extended and the Theatrical Version have been released on BR and on DVD (whereas the Theatrical Version is only as digital copy on the DVD) but who really will waste a glimpse on the Theatrical Version, especially when it makes much more sense to watch the Extended Version in this case. So, an additional action sequence has been integrated, the character of June has got more background and some combat scenes have been extended by some tougher takes. The 7 minutes more running time aren’t exorbitant verbosely but rather enhance the already entertaining movie. Compared has been the Theatrical Version, on hand as US-DVD (PG-13) with the Extended Version - as already mentioned before available on BR and DVD outside the US.
0:38 Min.
Right from the start we have an additional scene in the Extended Cut. As a result of that scene the opening credits slightly differ. The first three fade-ins of the Theatrical Version have a black background and the movie starts right at the airport. The extended version on the other hand features a tracking shot on to a wrecking yard where June demounts a motor from a car. A guy comes along and the following dialog starts:
Guy: "Miss, I wanna go home." June: "Yeah, I'll be out of your hair in a minute. I got a flight to catch." She then heaves the motor out of the hood, smiles and says: "That's it. I got it!"
Total difference = ( 31 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

10:59 Min.
There is a fight in the plane where Roy knocks out the guy on his seat.
( 1 sec. )

11:15 Min.
There is an additional scene when the stewardess is knocked out, Roy wards off the offenders blow putting him down with an elbow check.
( 3 sec. )

11:24 Min.
There are some more frames of the knife sticking in the pillow.
( 6 SF )

11:33 Min.
There are two more additional short takes of the guy brandishing with the knife.
( 2 sec. )

21:56 Min.
The dialog between June and Rodney runs marginally longer. After Rodney’s invitation for dinner the theatrical version lacks in the following:
June: "Rodney, people, when they break up, they're not supposed to go out on dates."
Rodney: "So don’t call it a date, call it a fire inspection."
( 7 sec. )

21:59 Min.
After she has closed the door there is a short additional scene in the Extended Version where June hurries up the stairs soliloquizing: "Not telling anybody what I'm talking about"
( 4.5 sec. )

22:10 Min.
She just leaves with the car where the Theatrical Version directly shows the photographing agent. In the Extended Version instead June makes a slight detour into the garage, delivers the carburetor and checks the GTO. Once again we have several quoted monologs ("Everything’s alright, just a normal day.") followed by a short dialog with the garage owner about the squirt box. She then gets back into the car photographed by the agent.
Due to connection reasons the Theatrical Version shows a 2 second alternative take of the picture taking agent.
Total difference = ( 38 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

23:53 Min.
There is a little longer dialog between June and Fitzgerald. She asks him what kind of person Roy Miller is and Fitzgerald explains it to her. Until a week ago Roy has been the best agent of the world but then he just got out of his mind. With the question "Do you think it’s funny?" the Theatrical Version restarts.
( 49.5 sec. )

26:38 Min.
When Roy appears besides June on the car top she wonders: ("Who are you?") This happens in both versions with an alternative take whereas the Theatrical Version runs a little longer.
Theatrical Version +( 1 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

26:46 Min.
Two additional takes until Roy jumps onto the car top.
( 3 sec. )

26:46 Min.
The following jump is a) recorded different and b) much longer in the Extended Version:
Theatrical Version: In the Theatrical Version Roy directly ends up on the car and June looks frightened to the car top. ( 2 sec. )
Extended Version: Here Roy bounces against a delivery truck. June becomes frightened and sees Roy appearing in a convertible. He there starts another try and finally reaches June’s vehicle. (16 sec.)
Total difference = (14 sec.)
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

60:37 Min.
The cook is being murdered. A short dialog between June and the killer is missing: "You have killed him." - "No, you did.". Due to connection reasons there is alternative frame material in the Theatrical Version.
Total difference = ( 6 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

60:42 Min.
June is held over the frying oil by the killer. Again the Extended Version runs longer among others the killer is talking in metaphors of fawns and lions. And also due to connection reasons the Theatrical Version uses alternative frame materials.
Total difference = ( 16 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

60:49 Min.
June pelts the killer with a tin can and hits him right into his face.
( 2.5 sec. )

63:47 Min.
At the station Fitzgerald spots Roy at the track. There is an additional take where Fitzgerald says to his colleague: "Stay right here, I’ll be back soon."
( 4.5 sec. )

63:59 Min.
The change of scenery onto June in her hotel room is initially identical in both versions. The Theatrical Version indeed ends earlier with the take of her walking to the bathroom. In the Extended Version she draws a bath and then there is an insert back to the station where Roy eating ice cream meets Fitzgerald. Both bandy words and after Fitzgerald’s sentence "You know your girlfriend will die." both versions run again synchronic.
( 48.5 sec. )

64:12 Min.
Insert onto the hotel room where June takes a bath and then sets the table with some glasses. In this scene the dialog between Fitzgerald and Roy starts because the Extended Version again fades back to the station. Fitzgerald recommends Roy to turn himself in. On his question what might happen to Simon and June he assures that they will not be harmed at all. Cut back to the hotel where Roy leaves the elevator walking down the corridor. He shortly remains in front of June’s door but then walks by. With the take of June lightening the candles both versions again run synchronic.
( 31 sec. )

67:27 Min.
The meeting between Antonio’s delegates and Roy runs initially a little longer.
( 18 sec. )

The sentence: "You look different" exists in both versions, however in different takes. The Theatrical Version runs about 3 seconds longer at this point.
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

76:38 Min.
The wedding party takes much longer in the Extended Version and features alternative frame material. It starts right at the point where June waves to Rodney and only the Extended Version features a tearfully laudatory speech.
Total difference = ( 63.5 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

And when June finally stands up embracing April, this takes place in an alternative setting whereas the Extended Version runs 2 seconds longer.
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

78:06 Min.
June is at the garage. She’s only telling in the Extended Version that she intends to give the house to April as a present instead of the car. The take of the mechanic is in alternative settings due to connection reasons.
Total difference = ( 13 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

92:03 Min.
There is an additional front take of Roy and June during the wild chase. The subsequent back view therefore starts earlier in the Theatrical Version.
Total difference = ( 1.5 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

93:18 Min.
There are two more takes of Roy and June fleeing from the bulls. Roy yells at the bull who then takes another run.
( 1.5 sec. )

93:23 Min.
There is another back view.
( 2 sec. )

93:33 Min.
Roy and June turn into a side road in the Extended Version, whereas they turn into an arcade roofed alley in the Theatrical Version. This is due to connection reasons because there is a long additional scene in the Extended Version which is not even indicated in the Theatrical Version. But first here are the alternative frames:
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

Now to the additional sequence in the Extended Version: Roy and June stop in front of a truck blocking their way. With a glimpse back they see the bull pawing the ground. Behind the bull a car appears with Antonio’s men. The bull starts galloping and Roy can avoid collision with the bike. But now the Baddies car is behind and the bull in front of them. The bull galloping into their direction, Roy again acrobatically avoids collision and the bull now heading for the Baddies. Roy and June still driving through the alleys then turn into the arcade. With the subjective setting of the arcade both versions run again synchronic.
Total difference = ( 55 sec. )

93:41 Min.
An additional take when they enter the stadium
( 3.5 sec. )

93:43 Min.
There are more shots in the stadium. The matador plays with the vehicles.
( 4.5 sec. )

93:44 Min.
The escape from the stadium runs a little longer in the Extended Version featuring alternative frames.
Total difference = ( 3.5 sec. )
Extended Version:Theatrical Version:

94:29 Min.
June pops much longer at the haunters in the Extended Version and furthermore they have to reload the guns.
( 10.5 sec. )

101:46 Min.
There are some additional takes of the escape from the hospital.
( 6 sec. )