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Zero Tolerance


Censored Version
Rating: ELSPA 15+
Region: Europe

Uncensored Version
Rating: ESRB Teen, 13+
Region: USA

Release: May 21, 2013 - Author: Der_TOT_64 - Translator: Tony Montana
Zero Tolerance is one of the few good 3D Shooter for Sega Mega Drive. Released in 1994, the specialized press judged it differently while the user feedback was pretty good. A sequel to Zero Tolerance was planned. The name was Beyond Zero Tolerance but it's never been released for Mega Drive. The designers from Technopop cleared both titles for a non-commercial download for free which is kind of nice. Furthermore, Eidos intended to release an additional version called Zero Tolerance: City under Fire for PlayStation 2 und Xbox. Due to the controversy about the name Zero Tolerance, Zero Tolerance: City under Fire renamed in Urban Chaos.

From the technical POV at that time, there were some really terrific aspects in Zero Tolerance. For instance, it was possible to jump, duck or destroy level features like window glass or walls. Moreover, a coopertate modus was possible with a particalur so-called link cable. One could also choose between different characters with different strengths and weaknesses. More than 200,000 copies were sold.


One is a member of a special unit and has to stop the alien invasion on space station Europe-1. The gameplay is simple: one needs to take out any hostiles in any level / on any floor to receive a password which is also like a checkpoint.

Two version were released back then. In Brazil and the US, it was the Uncensored Version. Unfortunately, the European countries only got the Censored Version. And it didn't help at all because even the Censored Version was banned in Germany. The cartridge doesn't depend on the platform which means it's possible to play the US Version on a PAL gaming console without needing an adapter for import games.

Compared are the Uncensored US Version (V.R.C. MA-13+) and the Censored European Version (ELSPA 15+).

Please note: I put white circles in some of the screenshots to make the details easier to recognize. All screens have been made directly from the Mega Drive of course.
Altered Story

A story detail has been altered in the IM.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version
Hordes of alien and human killers, all with Horden von Außerirdischen und Androidenkämpfern, die an nichts
only one thought in their minds: to kill you.anderes denken als euch zu besiegen.
Translation Censored Version:
Hordes of alien and Androidenkämpfern, all with
only one thought in their minds: to defeat you.

Replaced Hostiles

In the European Version, all human hostiles have been replaced by aliens. The aliens also appear in the Uncensored Version but later on.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Equal with the screen above

Equal with the screen above

Blood / Splatter

In the Uncensored Version, the splattering blood is red when a hostile gets hit. In the Censored Version, it's green.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

Blood on the Ground and at Walls

The blood can also splatter against walls or on the ground.

Uncensored VersionCensored Version

The Weapon: Handgun

Due to the replaced human hostiles (they're aliens now), the so-called Handgun (just a regular gun) has been removed from the Censored Version. The only chance to use it is making the right call while choosing the character at the beginning of the game.
Major Wolf or Captain Ishii own the Handgun withh 6 shells from the beginning. For the other characters, it has been replaced by the Laser Aimed Gun. It has a higher vigorous effect than the Handgun. Usually, one doesn't get the Laser Aimed Gun before being back on earth.