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Dog Day aka Canicule

The Light at the Edge of the World

The Mummy's Shroud

Silver Bullet

Dragon Blade

original title: Tian jiang xiong shi


  • International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Jun 23, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
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06:38 / 12:19-12:28

An eagle sits down on Sun's hand and Tache looks around throughtfully. Lady Cold Moon is shown earlier, too.

9.1 sec

07:49 / 13:39-13:51

During the introduction in the village we can see a few students during class. The teacher (Huo's wife Xiu Qing) is singing.

12 sec

07:52 / 13:54-14:03

Some more scenes depicting schoolday, just before we also see the kids clapping along in the international version.

8.4 sec

08:07 / 14:18-14:43

Huo picks up his crate and starts to sing a long. Xiu Qing introduces him to the other stutends and they immediately happily crowd up on Huo.

25 sec

Alternative Scene / Additional Material in the International Version
08:07-08:14 / 14:43-15:01

Subsequently the conversation inside starts differently.

In the international version you just see the two of them standing around in the room without any dialog.
In the original version Huo talks about the increased prices and asks for a raise for the soldiers. When he suggests 20 coins, Xiu Qing corrects it to 40.

Original Version 11.8 sec longer

International VersionOriginal Version

09:53 / 16:40-16:44

Yin Po asks where they take the right from to take their people prisoners.

3.7 sec

10:50 / 17:41-17:46

Somebody says that they are going to find the suspects and another one reacts sceptical.

4,6 sec

10:57 / 17:53-18:01

The man complains more extensive. An old man says that they cannot change anything and a thrid one objects-

8.7 sec

11:02 / 18:06-18:15

Huo talks to his colleagues a little longer. Even though he knows that they were screwed over, he still believes in justice.

8.3 sec

Alternative Scene / Additional Material in the International Version
11:09-11:12 / 18:22-18:30

The conversation finishes differently.

In the original version, Huo says that smuggling gold is complicated and that they need more information.
In the interational version, solely the man next to him agrees.

Original Version 4.9 sec longer

International VersionOriginal Version

11:42 / 19:00-19:07

Some more working.

6.8 sec

12:01 / 19:25-20:37

After a fade-transition, the original version shows a flashback to an earlier dispute.
One of the killed soldier's kid (young Huo) stabs general Huo in the stomach. Surprised by this action, the latter says that the kid is a brave fighter, yet wants to know whether or not he is able to help those that need help. Little Huo whimpers a little.

71.9 sec (= 1:22 min)

Alternative Scene / Re-Cut
12:08-12:19 / 20:44-20:48

The international version now uses shots of workers from 11:42 / 19:00-19:07 (not illustrated again).
The shot from the original version which would actually follow (workers throwing up the block of stones) was slightly postponed.

International Version 6.8 sec longer

12:21-12:22 / 20:50 bzw 20:51-20:52

Another shot of the workers and a shot of Huo are shown slightly earlier in the international version.

No difference in time.

13:13 / 21:42-22:01

Huo artistically derails ana attacker and then tries to reconcile. The guards then talk to him and during a distracted moment gets punched in the stomach.
Subsequently some more allies have a brawl.

18.4 sec

13:17 / 22:05-22:09

A few more guys fight and Huo fights the enemies off.

4 sec

13:24 / 22:16-22:22

Huo throws some more attackers around. Once, this is shown from above.

6.3 sec

13:37 / 22:36-22:37

Another shot of the army arriving.

1.3 sec

14:01 / 23:00-23:11

The commander voices his dislike and says that people say about Huo that he is a good sword fighter. However, against him he is nothing.

11.1 sec

14:05 / 23:15-23:38

Some more provocations from the commander and the servand immediately produces his sword. Te commander backpedals and somebody whispers „You know why they are here."

22.4 sec

Alternative Scene / Additional Material in the International Version
14:08-14:09 / 23:41-23:43

During the commander's monolog, the international version shortly cuts to Huo, while the original version constantly shows the commander.

Original Version 0.9 sec longer

International VersionOriginal Version

Alternative Scene / Additional Material in the International Version
14:13-14:16 / 23:47-23:50

When Huo walks off and the commander yells after him, the international versino shows the shot from behind a little longer. The original version shows Huo from the fron instead. He distorts his face.

International Version 0.3 sec longer

International VersionOriginal Version

15:36 / 25:10-25:15

A first shot of Lucius, who strokes Publius' head.

5.2 sec

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