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Police Story 2

original title: Ging chaat goo si juk jaap


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Japanese Extended Version
Release: Aug 14, 2010 - Author: Venom138 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
In Japan, the second part of the Police Story trilogy was released in a special version with 15 additional minutes. This version can only be found on a laser disc release which has been discontinued. The downsides of the LD are the wrong aspect ratio of 1:1,85 and the lack of English subtitles. Some scenes from the HK version are missing as well. Most of the time, the extensions do not provide additional violence but storyline and are mostly about a second long. I do not know what is discussed in these scenes because I do not know any of the two languages.

HK-DVD (Mega Star): 1:45:00 min (NTSC)
Japan-LD (Towa) : 2:00:57 min (NTSC)

Additional scenes: 15:33 min

The HK DVD unfortunately does not offer a time index. The time designations may therefore be a bit unprecise (and the cuts are very often really small)
1. min. In the recapitulation of the first part, the two versions differ: The HK version shows Jackie rolling over the ground, 2 guys try to beat him. He jumps on a car in which another one crashes. Jackie jumps at a man who then flies through the wind shield. Then the scene in the police station: Jackie is about to be handcuffed, he pushes the cop away, grabs a gun and takes uncle Bill hostage. The LD shows him getting a cake smashed into his face and the scene in which he pulls his girlfriend off of a autocycle. There is as good as no time difference, both version durate about 10 sec.

2. min. The trucks longer drive towards the camera, there is one additional shot out of the driver's cab. 4 sec.

3. min. After the office scene, the trucks are driving longer again, first 2 sec. , thenr 4 sec.

5. min. Uncle Bill makes a grimace before Jackie leaves the office1 sec.

6. min. Before one can see Jackie as traffic policeman, the reason for the jam can be seen: There has been an accident. 10 sec.

7. min. Jackie longer stands in the crossroads. 10 sec.

8. min. After the meeting with his arch enemy, Jackie continues with his duty. He puts on his sun glasses. Afterwards, the yard of the the police HQ can be seen. Jackie comes driving in on his motorcycle and talks to a colleague and his uncle. This is replacedby the talk between the gangsters in the car in the HK version. 60 sec.

10. min. After Jackie was hit by the water, the gnagsters' car stops and someone looks out of it and yells something at him. Jackei runs towards him, but the car drives away. His girlfriend comes out with a towel and dries him. The two go back inside the house. 50 sec.

12. min. Auntie longer talks to Jackies girlfriend. 8 sec.

18. min. The boat berths, the passengers get out of it.27 sec.

20. min. The talk is a bit longer when Jackie talks to the policemen about the bomb. 3 sec.

20. min. When the alert starts, the bell can be seen.2 sec.

21. min. A short sequence is missing in which the boss (probably) is talking to two of his men. 2 sec.

21. min. Shortly after the the former sequence, this can only be seen in the HK version: A shot of the policemen rebuking people. Some people flee. 5 sec.

25. min. After the call, the chat continues.r 13 sec.

27. min. On the airplane: Jackie presses luggage into its room, another passenger squeezes past him. 15 sec.

30. min. Uncle Bill makes a gesture behind Jackie's back. 5 sec.

48. min. After the talk with his superior, Jackie meets uncle bill and goes down a corridoor. They go towards a room in which 4 women and three men are, probably colleagues. Bill is introducing them to Jackie, they chat shortly and then leave again. 81 sec.

49. min. Jackie repeats his question whether someone was on the Ting Kok Road. 2 sec.

50. min. Der policeman's walk can be seen longer. 2 sec.

50. min. The bully is walking away longer. 2 sec.

53. min. In the bar: Jackie is taking a nip from his beer, after the guy stands up in order to make a call. The gangster can be seen on the phone. The shot of him looking at Jackie is postponed in the Japanese version to when Jackie puts down the bear. Two cuts = 7 sec.

55. min. After the guy left the car with his girlfriend, he removes the water from the sun shield. 7 sec.

57. min. In the interrogation room, the whole thing with the three girls takes longer. One scene is noteworthy: The interrogated is saying something. The HK version shows Jackie, whereas the speaker can be seen on the LD.53 sec.

59. min. After the camera zoomed in on the speaker, the LD shows the conrol room and the policemen preparing things for the shadowing. Alternatively in the HK version: The officers get out of a delivery truck. 15 sec.

59. min. The shadowed person goes down the stairs longer. He gets into a taxi. An officer calls another taxi and follows him. The HK version only features music from now on, in the Japanese version the other sound effect can be heard as well.80 sec.

60. min. An officer can be seen. 3 sec.

60. min. The shadowed waits until the doors of the subway close and then gets in in the last second. Alternatively on the HK DVD: Short shot of Jackie in the HQ. 25 sec.

60. min. The officer in the subway goes to his colleague and tells him something. 2 sec.

60. min. The subway stops, the people get in and out, as does the gangster. The officer follows him. Alternatively on the HK DVD: In the HQ: Jackie looks at a map (this scene is included later in the Japanese version). 27 sec.

60. min. The pursuit in the station takes longer. 10 sec.

60. min. The guy being followed goes down the stairs longer. He takes a taxi again an is being followed by an officer. The taxi stops and the policewoman drives on, telling the HQ via radio. (The map scene is inserted here.) Alternatively on the HK DVD: A short shot of Jackie in the HQ. Two cuts = 49 sec.

60. min. More people get out of the delivery truck. One of the officers gets to close to the guy they follow. He probably asks him for the way to be unsuspicious and then walks on. 24 sec.

60. min. Two officers are inside of the delivery truck. The gangsters open the gate and enter the area. 6 sec.

61. min. Long shot of the house in which the police has hidden themselves. Jackie comes walking towards it. 3 sec.

61. min. The house on the other side is being listened in to longer. 13 sec.

61. min. At night: A camera pan out of the red. Two officers drive along in a car. 11 sec.

61. min. After the car drove out of the driveway, the officer says something to Jackie and then via radio to the two in the car. They pretend to be a couple. One of the gangsters looks at it and then gets into the car. 25 sec.

61. min. The scene, in which something is being taken out of the suitcase, is long. 2 sec.

61. min. The gangsters drive into a roundabout and do a full circle before they stop. One of them gets out of the car, looks at it and gets into it again. The pursuers also stop and block the traffic doing so. 38 sec.

62. min. Jackie makes light signals with his flashlight. He receives an answer and then puts the light under the gate. 6 sec.

62. min. Jackie can be seen on the property longer. 3 sec.

62. min. The scene in the staircase is a bit longer, Jackie points his flash light upwards. 4 sec.

62. min. When he goes around, Jackie disturbs some pigeons. 28 sec.

64. min. After Jackie talked to the deaf-mute, two seconds in which he is looking around are missing. 2 sec.

64. min. Jackie is holding something and asks the deaf-mute something. 8 sec.

65. min. After the small explosions, the officers on the house are startled. 2 sec.

65. min. Jackie needs more time to get up. 1 sec.

65. min. The flight through the staircase takes a bit longer. 5 sec.

66. min. The phone call is significantly longer before the gangster hangs up. 19 sec.

67. min. One of the policemen goes to the car and is being talked to by the two guys. 11 sec.

68. min. The flowers are being handed over a bit longer. 6 sec.

68. min. The camera pans down a skyscraper, one can see a cop talking into his briefcase. 3 sec.

68. min. A man with a briefcase is being stopped, the secretary continues to open letters and the car scene is a bit longer. 8 sec.

68. min. Again, two businessmen are being held up. 2 sec.

68. min. The scene at the moving staircase with the officer stopping a suspect is longer. 2 sec.

69. min. The HQ and the CID men, which are looking for the right man, can be seen. 8 sec.

69. min. The secretary continues to open letters. 4 sec.

69. min. A short shot of the mall and the escalator is missing. 2 sec.

71. min. After the letter bomb exploded, more people come running. The boss is yelling something. 5 sec.

72. min. Jackie is fighting the fire longer. 3 sec.

74. min. A short shot in uncle Bill's office is missing. 2 sec.

81. min. The HK DVD lacks a short dialog between Jackie and the 4 gangsters. 7 sec.

85. min. After the call in the phone booth, the guy gets into the car and they drive away. 6 sec.

86. min. The chief and uncle Bill enter the office, sit down and talk to the people present. 30 sec.

87. min. Jackie looks at his tools in the elevator and buttons his jacket. He gets out of the elevator and meets his colleagues. He flees to his car, the officers follow him. 28 sec.

88. min. Jackie looks at a traffic sign. 7 sec.

88. min. Jackie takes longer when he drives to the gangsters' car. 2 sec.

91. min. Jackie is running down the street much longer. 10 sec.

94. min. After he freed his girlfriend, Jackie talks longer to the gangsters. 44 sec.

103. min. The outtakes during the ending credits are somewhat different and in another oder. The music is different as well.