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  • Dutch DVD
  • Uncut
Release: May 24, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123
This is a comparison between the Dutch DVD released by Shock and the US Blu-ray released by Synapse Films.

During a stormy night, several people meet inside Mrs Gret Hammond's mansion. The first person to come in is Willene who at first has to take care of Gert who had just puked on her toupet. The two girls Sahs and Roo stop for the hitchhiker Toydy, however, due to a fight over Sash's red butt they have a car accident. Meanwhile, Chandler and the male prostitute Bond are on their way to a belt factory which he inherited from his dead wife. The two of them spot the accident, recover the injured people and also run up at the house. Gert suggests that the guests should take of their wet clothes and leads all of them into her missing son's room which is full of sex toys. While the guests one by one try out the penis pump, the rubber doll or the vibartor, Gert secretly watches them and masturbates with a gherkin. But this is just the beginning of the wild night. Inside the house there are some dark secrets. In the cellar, Sash and Chandler find Gert's husband's remains, who was gnawed down to the bones by crickets. His remains were conserved in a bottling jar. Gert insists on the fact that nobody takes a look behind a closed door. However, Roo gets hold of the key and gives it to Toydy, who (in order to go through with the deal) has to ejaculate on her. After opening the door they find Gert's deformed son who has giant testicles. Everything gets even more chaotic when Bing shows up who had an accident with his truck. It was loaded with circus animals who now walk around the house. Especially Medusa - a sex-addicted gorilla that has a special relationship to Bing - scares the trapped people.

It is hard to describe "Thundercrack!" since it is wild and partially insane, due to all the elements that were combined with each other. The concept of the frame story follows the typical "Old dark House" scenario, however, the sex scenes (hetero and homo), bizarre dialogs ("Bond, I, uh... I find you very attractive. So attractive that I want to throw you out of this car!"), insane ideas (such as the sex-hungry gorilla) and plot twists make for a unique movie experience. While it was actually planned to be a short movie, it quickly became a 160 minute epos (including an intermission), thanks to George Kuchar's script.

For a long time, the movie was solely available in a suboptimal version. DVD releases from Denmark, Sweden or the Netherlands were based on a cut version that missed out on roughly 40 minutes. At least the Dutch DVD has a pretty awful quality, as a result one often has to guess what is actually happening. The audio quality is awful as well, which means that parts of the dialog are hard to understand. Melinda McDowell, the director's sister, plays Sash and owned the uncut version. For a long time, she was searching for a label that wanted to release the flick. Since 2009 there were announcements that Synapse Films would release "Thundercrack!" on DVD, yet it would take 7 more years until the Blu-ray and DVD were finally released. The wait was worth it, after all, the entire movie was restored and now looks better than ever. Additionally, there is a lot of bonus material on the Blu-ray and the Bonus DVD, such as the documentation "It Came from Kuchar", an audio commentary, an audio interview with the director, outtakes and several short films. The release itself is recommended and might be this year's most interesting flick for fans of the genres.

All cuts were done in hope to be able to promote the movie a little better. About 30 minutes worth of plot, sex and a 10 minute long intermission were taken out. At one point - when you can hear Simon Cassidy on the radio - the Dutch DVD offers alternative footage.

Minor framecuts with a runtime of under one second were not listed in the report.

Comparison of the image quality:

Dutch DVD:

US Blu-ray:


Dutch DVD: 120:22 min.
US Blu-ray: 159:29 min.

The opening scene is slightly longer.

US Version: 5 sec.


Toydy says that he is worried about a different sort of hunger. Then he says that god gave the birds food, yet he is not happy with worms.

After that, the car is shown a little earlier.

US Version: 36 sec.


Sash says that Ruta told her to help Toydy. After that, they talk about the fact that Sash's butt at the beginning of the ride was rose, yet due to all the sitting became white.

Sash is supposed to take her wet skirt off and Toydy introduces himself. Ruta says that his name sounds weird and whether he comes from Brooklyn. She says that she goes to the college there and that they don't usually apply to moral standards. Ruta provokes Toydy a bit by saying that he should get something out, yet Sash has enough. Ruta wants to tell why Sash's butt had been so red prior to the travel, yet he first should get his penis out. Sash does not like this at all.

Toydy gets his penis out and Ruta is enthusiastic. She wants to tell him why Sash's butt was so red, yet the latter grabs the wheel and the car starts to skid. They have an accident.

US Version: 3:10 min.


Because of Bond, Chandler flies off the handle. He does not like the Dodo tattoo on Bond's leg.

US Version: 56 sec.


Chandler says that he finds Bond so attractive that he likes to throw him out of the car. Bond is wondering about this statement and Chandler admits that he is a little confused because he did not have sex for a long time. He also says that the sex with his dead wife was nothing but immature perversion. Bond wants to know more about it and says that Chandler has a pretty face.

US Version: 1:18 min.


Toydy asks Bond whether he could light a candle at his place. The latter allows it.

US Version: 12 sec.


Willene thanks and praises Gert's pioneering spirit.

US Version: 10 sec.


Chandler announces that one day he will give it to Bond.

The next scene starts earlier.

US Version: 14 sec.


Gert mounts the picture and looks through the peephole.

The next scene begins a little earlier.

US Version: 16 sec.


Another close-up shot of the image. After that, Chandler looks around in the room and spots the pornographic images and sex toys.

US Version: 56 sec.


Chandler slowly puts his penis in the pump and looks at the pictures on the wall.

US Version: 51 sec.


The masturbation with the penis pump goes on longer.

US Version: 33 sec.


Gert is shown longer and Ruta starts to undress. Gert masturbates while Ruta gets a vibrator out of the drawer. She lies down on the bed and pleasures herself with the vibrator.

Sash knocks at the door and says that Ruta should not shave her legs while still wearing the wet clothes.

Ruta puts on a dress and Sash helps her to close the zipper. Ruta gets out of the room.

US Version: 3:37 min.


Sash is shown a little longer. After that she looks around in the room. She spots the rubber sex doll and starts fumbling it.

US Version: 1:04 min.


During the sexscenes of Sash and Bond, the entire oral sex scene towards the beginning was cut out.

US Version: 56 sec.


Toydy is shown longer.

US Version: 5 sec.


Cut to Gert who masturbates.

US Version: 7 sec.


Willene is shown longer, followed by the cabinet being shown earlier.

US Version: 2 sec.


Chandler says that the dead husband is in the whine cellar, too, while Sash undresses. Sash says that she does not want to raise her hopes but „something else“.

US Version: 34 sec.


In the US version, Willene has a vision of her husband on the radio.

In the Dutch version she instead looks at pictures of him.

Dutch Version: 13 sec.
US Version: 4 sec.


Sash and Chandler hug longer after the sex. During the next scene, Gert is shown earlier.

US Version: 8 sec.


Framecut: Toydy says that Gert sounds like a pig when she farts, while he rubs pork fat on his penis.

US Version: 2 sec.


The oral sex scenes between Bond and Ruta goes on a little longer.

US Version: 40 sec.


Ruta licks the penis clean a little longer.

US Version: 16 sec.


Chandler asks Sash if she liked it. She says she did, yet he wonders why there is a tear in her eye. The situation reminds Sash of a hall of mirrors on the carnival.

US Version: 54 sec.


Sash begins to undress Chandler while he talks about the fact that Lou Phillip's body is made out of artificial parts only.

US Version: 20 sec.


Sash asks whether he talks about the belt of another firm. Chandler says that this would rather be a sort of ritual.

US Version: 14 sec.


The US version includes a roughly 10 minute long "intermission".

US Version: 10:06 min.


Toydy asks Bing what the entire gorilla situation is all about. Ruta meanwhile starts to fight with Sash and Chandler defends her. Bond is wondering how those two got together. Ruta now explains why Sash's butt was so red. In Tucson she was bored since there was nothing but cacti. Sash used a pair of steel tongs to rip the spikes out of a cactus and rode it for hours. Her red butt was the result of a chlorophyll-poisoning. Even after this revelation, Chandler is on her side.

Bing wonders whether this is a group therapy and who might be next. Toydy hopes that Gert will tell what is hidden behind the locked door. Ruta says that her secrets had already been exposed by Bond. He asks where Willene is. Bing should expose his soul next, yet Ruta rather would want to see something else of him exposed. The group pours in something to drink.

US Version: 5:07 min.


Willene talks about sister Geneva inserting an elephant's syringe in her while her husband masturbated watching it. Bond talks about the dangerous animals in the house, and Willene responds that for her, all men are dangerous animals.

US Version: 1:27 min.


Bond asks if this was better than the elephant syringe. Willene says it was, especially since less air was shot inside of her. Willene continues by saying that additionally, there were carbon tablets in the syringe. Bond asks if he should shoot some more of his cocktail into her and she really wants this.

Toydy sneaks up and watches the two having sex. Willene talks about her family.

US Version: 1:46 min.


Chandler opens the door and watches Toydy and Bond pleasuring each other.

US Version: 2:05 min.