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Uncensored Original Version (Region 1 / NTSC)

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter


April Fool's Day

Cannibal Apocalypse



  • European Export Version
  • Original Version
Release: Apr 13, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the European Export Version (UK-VHS by Medusa) and the uncut Original Version (German BD/DVD by NSM).

There are 7 differences with a total length of 45 seconds.

3 cuts = 15 seconds
4 alternate scenes = Export Version: 21 seconds / Original Version: 51 seconds = 30 seconds

Apparently, three different cuts of Warlock have been released in Europe, additionally to the uncensored US Original Version. That's the reason why the here compared version is named European Export Version, which is available on VHS in UK and NL for instance. The old German VHS is also based on the Export Version but plot scenes have been removed for some reason. The old US-VHS has also been checked. It also contains the uncensored Original Version, which intensifies the theory of an Export Version. Besides a few alternate scenes, the violent in the Export Version is milder as well. One can only assume why that is. It's possibly that the BBFC was contacted, advice for a particular rating requested and the appropiate alterations for that rating made before giving the "Final Cut" to the BBFC. Wouldn't be the first time. In cases like that, the BBFC database doesn't list any cuts or alterations because that had been taken care of already.
14 Min
After he bit off Cha's tongue, the Warlock turns around and spits the tongue in the hot pan. As compensation, the shot of Cha going down while the Warlock is looking down on him is longer in the Theatrical Version.
Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Extended Version: 6 sec

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

20 Min
In the Theatrical Version, the Warlock also cuts out the medium's eyes. But he doesn't show them to the audience while the eyes are looking in another direction. Subsequently, the Warlock leaves with his new compass.
10 sec

48 Min
Redferne keeps walking around in the attic. Suddenly, a bat surprises him. It flies so close to his face, it almost hits him. Therefore, he throws a knife at it and nails it to the log. He approaches and pulls out the knife. Then he kicks the dead body away and looks up to the window. In the Theatrical Version, he only looks up to the window (alternate shot).
Theatrical Version: 9 sec
Extended Version: 38 sec

53 Min
When Redferne falls off farmhouse, the shot of him hitting the ground has been removed.
2 sec

53 Min
Different shot of Redferne being dragged forwards by the Warlock.
Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Extended Version: 2 sec

Theatrical VersionExtended Version

65 Min
When Kassandra looks over Redfernes shoulders at the airport, the shot of the Warlock approaching has been removed.
3 sec

65 Min
Alternate shot of the Warlock.
Theatrical Version: 4 sec
Extended Version: 5 sec

Theatrical VersionExtended Version