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Hangover 2


  • BBFC 15 / UK Theatrical Version
  • German BD
Release: Jan 11, 2012 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
The sequel of the surprise hit The Hangover takes place in Bangkok. But apart from that, the new elements are incredibly rare. After feasting the night away, the guys have to deal with amnesia again. And again, one obscure incident after another is revealed during the process of reconstructing what happened the night before. Oh, yeah. One of the guys gets lost again and the others need to find him in time. If they don't, he's not going to make it to his - make an educated guess - wedding. All in all, the result is pretty disappointing. Anything is just bigger, fancier and there's more sex involved but it's just not as funny as the prequel because the gags aren't as good plus everything seems so familiar. This time, getting a better box office result was actually possible ($582 million worldwide, the first one "only" reached $468 million). But there's a reason that part 3 has already been announced to be differently because it's very unlikely that the same concept would work a third time.

After director Todd Phillips expressed his anger about the Unrated Version on Blu-ray and DVD, there won't be one for Hangover 2. But thanks to the Brits, there's still an opportunity to make a comparison. For its theatrical release, the board members of the BBFC made it clear that Hangover was going to be rated BBFC 18 if the images during the final credits remained unedited. The four images of interest were blurred and the movie got the more profitable BBFC 15.

New movie, old problem. Here, two images of Hangover 2 were considered too bold for a BBFC 15. So Warner made some changes again. Only this time, the image section has been altered to get rid of the delicate footage without making any cuts. That being done, Hangover 2 got the BBFC 15 for its theatrical release. This version has also been released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK.

Compared are the censored UK-DVD (BBFC 15) and the uncensored German Blu-ray (FSK 12) (both released by Warner Home Video).

2 zoomed images = no difference
1:34:41: A stripper is busy playing with a pearl necklace that sticks out of her genital area.
no difference

BBFC 15Uncensored

1:34:45: The image of the stripper "shooting" the ping pong ball out of her genital area has been altered as well. As a result, the actual "shot" is offscreen now.
no difference

BBFC 15Uncensored