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Dr Jekyll Versus the Werewolf

original title: Doctor Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo


  • US Version
  • German VHS
Release: Jan 27, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US DVD-R by Sinister Cinema and the German VHS by Action Video.

There are three versions of Dr Jekyll Versus the Werewolf (Dr Jekyll y el Hombre Lobo). The Spanish Version, the US Version and the German Version. The Spanish Version does not contain any nude scenes, the US Version features some nudity in the last 30 minutes, whereas the German Version adds some more nude scenes on top of that. As far as we know, the cut including all of the nude shots was only released in Germany.

The German VHS by Action Video lacks some shots, probably due to a bad master.

The US version does not mention the director in the opening credits.

German: 6 sec.


In the US version: Imre says that his family was murdered brutally. Then Justine mentions the castle.

US: 1:07 sec.


Justine's blouse is being opened in the German cut.



US: 8 sec.
German: 9 sec.


Alternative Footage.



US: 3 sec.
German: 3 sec.


Alternative Footage.



US: 4 sec.
German: 5 sec.


Alternative Footage. Justine awakes briefly in the US version, whereas Waldemar closes her blouse again the German version.



US: 22 sec.
German: 21 sec.


Waldemar pushes a few buttons, then a few workers can be seen trying to make the elevator work again.

US: 16 sec.


Waldemar tears the nurse's clothes off before he attacks her, at least in the German version.



US: 3 sec.
German: 8 sec.


She is still naked in the German version when Waldemar comes out of the elevator.



US: 13 sec.
German: 13 sec.


When he kills the pedestrian, Waldemar again undresses her before in the German version.




US: 23 sec.
German: 24 sec.


Exterior shot of the laboratory, then Dr Jekyll says that the blood count is similar to a wolf's.

US: 32 sec.


The German version does not contain the ending credits.

US: 59 sec.