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  • UK DVD
  • UK Blu-ray
Release: Mar 15, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut UK DVD by Metrodome / Prism Leisure nd the uncut UK Blu-ray by Arrow Video

- 3 cuts
- Length difference: 25.4 sec [in PAL]

Even nowadays, David Cronenberg's Rabid (1977) is still one of his most suspenseful films and after his Shivers, it defined his "body horror" subgenre for good. Unfortunately, early DVD releases in the UK were cut. The film was not censored though, the problem was the damaged master said releases were based on. VHS releases on the other hand do contain these missing scenes. But none of that does not matter anymore because with the Arrow Blu-ray, there is happy ending for any fan in the UK as well.

Time index refers to
UK DVD (in PAL) / UK Blu-ray
Alternate logo at the very beginning (not considered as length difference).

UK Blu-ray 10.5 sec longer

UK DVD (Metrodome / Prism Leisure)UK Blu-ray (Arrow Video)

10:09 / 10:46-10:48

Between the exterior shot and the shot of Rose, the UK DVD lacks a shot of the door.

2.4 sec

62:07 / 65:00-65:22

The parking lot scene is longer. The cop says bye and Hart gets in the car to Murray.
In addition to that, the first few frames of the subsequent shot of the building are missing...

20.9 sec

62:13 / 65:29-65:31

...and the shot is also a little longer.

2.1 sec

Subsequent to the end credits, the Blu-ray contains an additional restoration logo, followed by another Lionsgate logo - hence the additional length difference.
(Not considered as length difference.)

8.5 sec

Last but not least, a little screenshot comparison. Apart from the opening / end credits in 1.66:1, the UK DVD presents the movie in cropped 1.78:1. The aspect ratio on the Blu-ray is also 1.78:1 but there is more picture information from the start.

UK DVD (Metrodome / Prism Leisure)UK Blu-ray (Arrow Video)