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Hatchet III

original title: Hatchet 3


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 01, 2013 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The monstrous swamp inhabitant Victor Crowley is back. Hatchet 3 completes the trilogy revolving around the seemingly immortal killer lusting for revenge, who always guarantees a tremendous bodycount when entering the stage. The third part stays true to the basic formula. It has Danielle Harris reprising her role, delivers some funny verbal duels (e.g. in a brief appearance by Sid Haig) and its crisp running time avoids too much waste material. Again, we have some scenes that should please the party gore hounds even though the carnage of Hatchet 2 is not matched. Still, the effects are quite drastic at times and that justifies a continuation of the release strategy that was handled with the predecessors earlier. That means that the uncensored version is marketed as an unrated version while it has its censored counterpart in the "MPAA R" version. The censorship here is relatively moderate compared to the cuts that the second part had to endure. Sometimes, even the removal of a few frames was enough to please the members of the MPAA and prompt them to apply their "R" rating (for pervasive strong bloody horror violence, and for language).

Comparison between the R-Rated DVD and the Unrated DVD (both by Dark Sky Films).

14 cuts = 26.52 seconds
0:03:13: A close-up of the gigantic chainsaw cutting its way through Victor's flesh.
2.32 sec.

0:03:22: Victor is cut up further.
2.04 sec.

0:03:28: And a little more.
2.12 sec.

0:26:46: A little earlier as Randy suffers from the defibrillator treatment. Blood gushes against his glasses. This cut is almost unnoticeable.
0.36 sec.

0:27:36: Longer shot of the split skull before the brain falls out.
0.56 sec.

0:48:53: A few frames more as Victor holds Hawe's skull with the attached spine.
0.2 sec.

0:51:06: The first of Schneiderman's arm stumps can be seen a little longer as blood exits it like a fountain.
1.56 sec.

0:51:14: The "R" version omits completely how Victor slowly rips off Schneiderman's second arm.
4.2 sec.

0:51:21: Victor steps over Schneiderman who bleeds out of both of his arm stumps.
1 sec.

1:08:07: The body of the Sheriff stumbles around a little bit as blood splashes out of his torso like we know it from Japan splatter movies.
5.76 sec.

1:09:59: Slightly longer shot of Dougherty's intestines.
0.76 sec.

1:13:11: Deputy Winslow can be seen in an additional shot. He bleeds a little.
2.64 sec.

1:13:43: Amanda's head is almost completely ripped off and blood gushes into the air. The "R" version is cut here.
0.64 sec.

1:13:45: Victor pulls Amanda's head further away from her body.
2.36 sec.