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  • Japanese VHS
  • BBFC 15 DVD
Release: May 30, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the Japanese VHS released by Nikkatsu Video and the UK DVD released by Icon.

In the seventh (or sixth if you only count the Cushing Frankenstein movies) and last part of Hammer's Frankenstein series Frankenstein works in a sanatorium under a false name in order to go on with his experiments of creating new life. He gets help by a mute girl named Sarah, and Simon Helder who got into the sanatorium because of doing experiments with dead bodies. The latter is also a huge admirer of Frankenstein's work. After a few setbacks they are finally able to create the monster which soon turns against its creators.
After five parts plus one reboot it is quite surprising that Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell actually became a good movie. There are great moments with Peter Cushing and the overall scenario inside a sanatorium offers many possibilities that were used quite well. The monster might come across as looking a litte alien. While it is said that all parts of it originate from inmates of the sanatorium, it still seems to have made a short trip to the zoo. Still, the series got a good finale with this movie.

The amazing thing about the Japanese VHS is the fact that all violence stayed intact. For a long time, several worldwide releases were more or less cut, with the German DVD released by Anolis being the most complete version.

The differences between the Japanese VHS and the UK DVD are marginal. There are no cuts regarding the violence, however, during the operation there is a missing cut to Sarah as well as some alternative material during one scene.

Finally, the movie was released uncut on a great DVD/Blu-Ray combo box in the UK by Icon. This release is highly recommended. The scene of the cutting of the throat seems to originate from a different master, probably the Dutch Laserdisc which was searched for during the restoration of the movie.

On the UK DVD you can see Frankenstein giving the quill to the headmaster.

The Japanese Version instead shows a black screen every now and again. interestingly enough, the door is shonw a little earlier during the following sequence.

Japanese VHS: 3 sec.
UK DVD: 3 sec.


The Japanese VHS misses out on the cut to Sarah when Frankenstein opens Durendel's skull.

UK DVD: 3 sec.


For the sake of completeness: The Japanese VHS includes a small film tear during a change of a film reel.

The monster is shown a little earlier inside a cage.

UK DVD: 1 sec.