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Guns of Dragon (aka American Dragon)

original title: Hu Xue tu long zhi nong tian xian jing


  • BBFC 18
  • HK Version
Release: Nov 06, 2012 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut UK DVD and the Uncut German Free-TV broadcast on Pro7 (=Original HK Theatrical Version)

- 5 cuts
- Total cut length: 29,9 sec

Several small mastering mistakes (mostly in the TV broadcast) will not be mentioned in this comparison. This results in the rather small running time difference between the two versions.

This is a quite entertaining HK action movie which was directed by Tony Leung in 1993 and also features both some popular faces (for genre fans) and a few slow motion shootouts with lots of blood.
Unfortunately, no uncut release is known to exist worldwide, but strangely enough (as was the case for some other eastern movies) is was broadcast uncut on German Free-TV. The British DVD is easy to get, this is why it was used to serve as a comparison here. Most violence was not cut in this version, however, a few close-ups of bullet wounds were removed. The rape, which only gets hinted at briefly, was completely removed as well.
The version on the UK DVD is still worth watching, though of course less desirable than the uncut movie.

Thanks go to Mr. White for supplying the footage.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
British DVD in PAL / Pro7 Broadcast in PAL

The broadcast featured one additional company logo.

+ 7,7 sec


The TV broadcast displays the movie title after approx. 1,5 min. over a blue background. The UK DVD just shows a black screen at this point.

No difference in running time

05:34 / 05:41-05:44

Another gangster is going down in slow motion, he is spitting blood.

2,8 sec

05:40 / 05:50-05:54

The next guy is dropping to the ground in a close-up (and still in slow motion).

4,3 sec

20:11 / 20:21-20:42

Tai Fei wants to rape the woman but cannot get an erection. When she laughs at him, he uses his gun instead to penetrate her from behind. The woman screas, but in the background Prince Wong Ti enters the bar and tells Tai Fei to stop.

The UK version starts in the middle of a shot of Wong Ti.

20,5 sec

20:12 / 20:43-20:44

The beginning of the shot is missing: Tai Fei lets go of the woman before the zoom on his face.

1,7 sec

20:17 / 20:49-20:50

Close-up of the bullet impact in the genitals, the guy's gun falls down.

0,6 sec