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Uncensored Volume 11 (NTSC / Region 1)

The Taking Of Deborah Logan

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

The Last House On The Left

Live Feed: Collectors Edition

Family Guy

10.05 Back to the Pilot


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Dec 26, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the DVD Version, the latter represented by the US DVD Set "Volume 11".

10 differences (among them 6x censored audio track, 2x alternate footage)
Length difference: 26.4 sec

The numbers are still confusing but at least one DVD set now contains an entire season instead of episodes from two seasons, as it used to be the case with previous DVD releases. As a result, "Volume 11" (US) / "Season 12" (UK) contains all the episode of Season 10. Compared to the TV Versions, the DVD Versions are uncensored and uncut.

Episode 5 ("Back to the Pilot") is more than 30 seconds longer and contains a few nice extended scenes. Nothing big but more footage of this amazing episode with some sort of recap to the Pilot can't hurt. Moreover, there are a lot of audio track alterations.

Only the DVD Version interrupts the first shot of Stewie from the Pilot by a cut to present Stewie. He says: "I recall this day. You know, I actually think this might be my first memory."

4.7 sec

Censored Audio Track

Brian swears slightly differently.

TV Version: "Geez."
DVD Version: "Jesus."

Screenshot for the sake of orientation


The exterior shot ends differently.

In the TV Version, one can hear "Pilot Brian" from th off: "Whoa, ass ahoy."
An interior shot follows. Brian and Stewie sppear at the window and take a look inside.

In the DVD Version, Stewie says: "Quick, Brian! Get down!"
They duck and a man comes running: "Hey, Peter, my thing went off. Your thermostat okay?"
Peter: "Yeah, it's all right."
A secone man arrives: "Hey, is my kid over here?"
Man 1: "Forget it. FaIse alarm."
Then from the off: "Whoa, ass ahoy."
Now an alternate angle of Brian and Stewie at the window plus the following shot of the Griffins from the Pilot begins earlier as well - Brian comes through the door first.

DVD Version 9.7 sec longer


Firstly, Stewie says: "You know, I'm only telling you this now, but I didn't even know we had a dog then."

4.2 sec

Censored Audio Track

Stewie uncensored: "They're setting up fucking cutaways."

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Censored Audio Track

The Kool Aid Guy uncensored: "You guys fucking did this! Talking about my guts? Fucking me up? Fuck you!"

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Censored Audio Track

Tom Tucker uncensored before he has to sayAl-Qaida: "Holy shit!"

Screenshot for the sake of orientation


Additional conversation between the tweo Brians after Stewie realized: "We've been here two minutes, and already you've destroyed America."
Brian 1: "I wasn't going to tell myseIf about 9/11."
Brian 2: "That's a lie. You had the idea a coupIe of seconds ago, and you were so excited about it that your tail is still wagging."

Both versions continue with "Okay, okay. I promise I won't say anything." by Brian 1. Due to alternate animations and caused by the extended scene, Brian is refering to a different statement in the DVD Version.

DVD Version 7.8 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Censored Audio Track

Stewie uncensored: "This is bullshit!"

Screenshot for the sake of orientation

Censored Audio Track

Uncensored: "Get the fuck back in your time machine!"

Screenshot for the sake of orientation